Need A Sturdy Case? Watch This iPad Survive A 1,300 Drop And Live! [Video]



The guys over at G-Form go to extreme lengths to show off the impressive capabilities of their gadget cases, like dropping a 12lb. bowling ball on the iPad, and throwing a perfectly good MacBook Pro off of a balcony.

The iPad becomes their victim again in this latest stunt, which is intended to show off the incredible strength of the company’s Extreme Edge and Extreme Portfolio cases, as they’re dropped from 1,300 feet.

As you can see from the video above, both the G-Form cases and the iPads they’re protecting are perfectly intact after the 1,300-foot drop, which is very impressive indeed. I’ve known the device to shatter in cheaper cases from just waist height, so this really does demonstrate the strength of the G-Form sleeves.

While I’m confident that no iPads were harmed during the making of this video, what concerns me is the possibility that one of the devices might stray off-course and take out a local resident innocently tending to their lawn.

[via TUAW]

  • Jordan Clay

    I was looking for a case I could go sky-diving with.  I HATE being w/o my iPad.

    All kidding aside $45 is pretty cheap for this kind of quality.  OtterBoxes cost more and I definitely would attempt this.  (not that I, personally, would w/ this case anyways)

  • csman

    Bubble wrap would work too! =)

  • ErinsDad

    Dear G-Form, please drop some iPads on NYC tomorrow. Preferably Park Ave @ 99th, across from Mount Sinai Hospital.  10:30AM, please.  Make mine a white 64G with Verizon 3G.  Can you please include a stylus?

  • Alan Christensen

    Landing in deep grass is one thing. Try it on pavement.