Protect Your iPad 2 From Stray Bowling Balls With G-Form Extreme Sleeve



Let’s face facts: worrying about someone dropping a twelve pound bowling ball on your new iPad 2 is probably as paranoid as, say, worrying about it being trampled by an elephant driven insane by the winter’s musth.

Still, if you must worry about such things, or other high impact calamities that could happen to your iPad — like a 747 smashing into it as it plummets out of the sky, or a narcoleptic parachuter face planting upon your tablet after sleeping through his ripcord count — it looks like you might want the G-Form Extreme Sleeve.

Made of something called “PORON® XRD™,” the G-Form works by turning rigid upon impact, protecting the iPad from being smashed into smithereens. As you can see, it works quite well, and it’s not even that expensive at $59.95.

  • sangony

    … and I was just worried last weekend on how to protect my iPad against the looming bowling ball apocalypse of 2012. Now I know.

  • Liqingcig

    ipad 2 Sleeves lives in Berlin with a charming girlfriend against whom he is currently enjoying a thirteen game cribbage winning streak

  • Mbody Spirit

    I am more amazed how nonchalantly an ipad purposefully gets destroyed while so many millions of people are saving their pennies in the hopes of buying an ipad (me included).  Still impressed with the case, though. @cultofmac:twitter

  • iHate_Is_Back

    You should be commended, it’s nice to see you’re so concerned for the millions of people saving up their pennies to buy an iPad and find the blatant destruction of an iPad so disturbing. Now if you were more concerned with the millions of people in Asia (and soon to be S. America) slaving away for shit money and abused to the point of suicide so that you and others can save 50 bucks at the store counter I would really be impressed. I guess the so called civilized developed world only has so much concern to meat out to the worlds masses especially it it means they have to spend a few more of their Benjamen’s at the til.

  • allsportprotection

    Yes its very useful to protect G-form Ipad.

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