Throw Your MacBook Off a Balcony with the G-Form Extreme Sleeve



G-Form is a case manufacturer who enjoys taking 12 lb. bowling balls and dropping them onto delicate iPads in an effort to prove their cases can withstand some pretty extreme impact. Their latest trick is to take a perfectly good 13-inch MacBook Pro, slide it into a soft, floppy G-Form Extreme Sleeve, and drop it from a 20-foot balcony.

Of course, just like the iPad that fell victim to a falling bowling ball, the MacBook suffers no damage thanks to the sleeve’s rather impressive ability to absorb the impact.

If you’d like to throw your MacBook from your balcony, the G-Form Extreme Sleeve for MacBooks is now available to pre-order. The sleeves are available in black and yellow and start at $69.96 for the 11-inch MacBook Air, rising to $79.95 for the 13- and 15-inch notebooks.

  • BT Gilligan

    Impressive. I hope I never need this case..but nice to know it exists.

  • Jon Grumm

    It’s impressive, but I don’t think it would survive if he hadn’t dropped it so that it would land flat. A corner fall right on the zipper would likely end in a different result.

  • iphoneglance

    If i throw my Macbook of my balcony and anything happens to it, then i’m suing. Lol

  • Jay Floyd

    If anybody pulled one of these out in a conference room, I think I’d run. Love the pitchman, though.

  • The Grammar Police

    First sentence of the last paragraph says through instead of throw.

  • KillianBell

    Now amended. Thank you, officer.

  • Kevin Reavey

    you’d think with that kind of technology… they could afford a tripod… or a camera operator with a steadier hand :)