10 Third-Party iPhone Apps That Apple Should Integrate With Siri


  • Ezekiel

    API for devs

  • Sean Peters

    Dude. Omnifocus. Your selections are all entertainment… some of have to work now and then. I really would like to be able to have Siri work with my Omnifocus projects.

  • alexheath

    I would say that numbers 4,6,7 and 8 fall under the entertainment category, but the rest really don’t. I do, however, agree that Omnifocus integration would be wicked sweet. :)

  • Martinbuckler

    Pandora and Netflix have very limited global saturation. Meaning US only (and Canada) so it would be a waste of resources to do this until they become as big as Siri. The same goes for some of the others, you need to think globally on this one.

    Nor am I sure that if they did integrate with a news app they would only do 1, more for political kinda issues. They now support 3 search options, google, bing and yahoo. I’d expect the same sort of choice from a news/Siri integration.

  • vanmacguy

    We all need to remember that Siri is in Beta. 

    Like touch integration started with iPhone and then eventually came to Lion, I suspect Apple has all kinds of plans for Siri integration. 

    It’s just going to take a while and we need to be patient.

  • RyanTV

    I think it would be cool to have it integrate with Shazam. You could ask “What is the song that is playing?”

  • Sirbach

    I would add support for TomTom and other GPS apps.

  • AlterThending

    Apple released their own movie trailer app so fandango would probably never happen

  • Jcdesimp

    I thought Wikipedia was already integrated with Siri, if I say “Wikipedia this” it opens the Wikipedia page for whatever I said (in place of “this”)

  • Craig

    I’d be happy if they just added back the functionality that was removed from the standalone version. OpenTable, anyone?

  • benWV

    You can ask Siri to look up something on Wikipedia and opens up to the website.

  • alexheath

    I realize that, but I was thinking more of an optimized experience — like Wolfram Alpha. 

  • socal

    A budget tracking software.

    “I spent $65 pumping gas” or “$100 at Red Lobster”

    I would love an easy way to track my spending.

  • Guest

    The Siri demo on YouTube shows Siri working with Open Table. This was a very young, mute, version of Siri but it already is a reality somewhere out there.

  • CharliK

    It isn’t Apple’s job to integrate said apps with Siri. It is the app developer’s job. When the APIs are opened up for it. which they likely will be, once Siri is actually ready for such things. Remember it is still a Beta at the moment. 

  • sancastelazo

    How about WhatsApp Messenger? It would be great if you could tell Siri to send text messages via WhatsApp!

  • MWinNYC

    Kayak, Kayak, Kayak!!!!  Wouldn’t it be great to have Siri look up flight information, and to actually book flights?  It would be awesome!

  • MWinNYC

    Kayak, Kayak, Kayak!!!!  Wouldn’t it be great to have Siri look up flight information, and to actually book flights?  It would be awesome!

  • cadsii

    how about a siri that can listen to a part of your song and match and throw lyrics in sync with it ?

  • Tempranos

    I love siri, so much easier to do calendars with it, and set alarms, reminders, excellent assistance, however I don’t see how it could be that much more functional to purchase things off amazon (has to go through a fair amount of credit card selection, confirmation, address selection, and confirmation again) when it could be done faster in the app itself, same for netflix. Movies I could see as likely though.

  • Patrick

    The previous version of Siri which was available on the iTunes App Store was integrated with kayak.

  • dreamsburnred

    Probably alot of legality issues

  • GQB

    All well and good, but the app I want integrated most is a native one… ‘Settings’.
    Turn on airplane mode.
    Turn off 3G.
    Lock screen orientation.
    Lower brightness.

    THAT would be useful.

  • Dan Markus

    That is exactly what I was going to say. Apple will just release API for Siri and then it is up to developers how they integrate their apps with Siri.

    But it will be a while before this happens. So don’t hold your breath!

  • Steven Echtman

    HearPlanet would be another great service for Siri integration.  Just sayin’

  • Wes

    Wikipedia? Really? Everyone who’s anyone knows that Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source. Yeah it’s got tons of info, but teachers look at you like you’re a tard when you cite it as a source. While some of these integrations would be great, not all of them are needed. You’ve gotta sort out the needs from the wants. These all seem like wants except for the Facebook/Twitter implementation.

  • CJ Miller

    A lot of this sounds pretty good to me, was thinking most of the stuff listed should be integrated myself actually lol…Hopefully it will come true some day

  • HenryMcNinja

    Sorry but when did Facebook and Twitter become a ‘need’? You imply Wikipedia is a bad idea but its a lot more useful than Facebook and Twitter. Also, Wikipedia is reliable /unless/ it hasn’t been verified. Everyone who’s anyone knows that. 

  • baby_Twitty

    1. Facebook ???

    That is just plain wrong… seriously.

    The moment Siri is linked up with someone as heinous as Facebook is the day Siri is doomed.

  • McCharley Okafor

    How do you mean legality issues?

  • I1thatbet

    1 is ‘social networking,’ which for most consumers is entertainment.  Ditto 2.  5 would be work-related for teenagers writing term papers, but for most adults it’s used to solve important questions and thereby determine who wins the wager, so it’s clearly entertainment related too.  9 is only work related if you’re a bookie, but most of us watch sports as entertainment, I’ll wager.  (Doublechecks wikipedia…yup.  Your round, Alex.)  As for 10…have you watched CNN lately?  

  • MWinNYC

    Integration with Spotlight would be great as well- “Find Mr. Smith’s e-mail r.e. . . . ”  I went to a workshop at the 5th Avenue store and the instructor hinted that such internal integration with native apps will most likely be coming in the future.

  • Jordan Clay

    Check out the Mint website/App.   IT will automatically track all that for you and set up a budget and alert you when you go over.   You don’t even have to manually do it.

  • Wes

    It’s some peoples job to have a Facebook/Twitter for their company, which is why I stated that this would be a need. Social Networking jobs are becoming more in demand and thus, since it would be someone job to update their status’, it would be a need.

  • twitter-10404232

    How about a few GPS Apps like TomTom & Magellan? The saftey factor alone should have had these Apps at the top of your list. 

  • MMmmm mmmmm

    Evernote… “Siri, please write this down for me…”

  • epgomez

    one thing i would to have is for siri to open an app by saying “open maps” or whatever app or play video of adele on youtube

  • Wayne

    Now that would be useful.

  • Jasmerrin

    I’d love integration with some kind of rating service, like Netflix or Flixter, but ideally for more than movies, that could be turned into a recommendation engine. “Any good movies playing this weekend?” “I think you’ll like these:”

    Would be good for music, books, etc as well.

  • Chris Matthieu N7ICE

    I would love for SIRI to be able to surf the web using speech recognition and text to speech like http://surfbytel.com/ does with a telephone.

  • totalapp

    great list, thanks for sharing.
     I think that guys from Mac should read it and make certain decisions))

  • Nathan Gerdau

    It would be great if Siri would work with Spotify!

  • runens

    I would love to have it integrated with runens: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app

    “how’s my run?”
    “you are doing very well Marcio, keep running!”

  • Henry J. Hicks

    Shazam! I would use Siri way more if it was integrated. 
    more interaction with Mail – Reading emails
    TV Guide
    Find my iPhone
    Google Translate

  • Edwardjohn
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