Here Comes Apple’s Real Thermonuclear War Against Google



A few years ago, everything was peaceful in the Valley of Silicon. The relationship between Apple and Google was cozy and friendly. The two rising and dominant superpowers pursued compatible, non-overlapping businesses, for the most part, and helped each other fight mutual competitors like Microsoft, Amazon and others. Google’s founders worshiped Steve Jobs. Eric Schmidt was on the Apple board.

But then Google recklessly chose to attack Apple head-on with Android.

The future of Apple’s most profitable businesses will run iOS, including iPods, iPhones, iPads and probably laptop and desktop systems of the future — not to mention TV. Google’s decision to compete head-on with Apple for multi-touch platforms ended the alliance.

Steve Jobs took it personally, and told biographer Walter Isaacson that he was “willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

But what did he mean by that?

Everyone assumes he meant lawsuits, which in fact Jobs mentioned in the context of this conflict. But that was merely the part already publicly disclosed. What Jobs did not reveal was the secret thermonuclear war to come.

I believe Apple is waging two wars against Google: One is a cold-war style proxy campaign via patent lawsuits.

But the other employs the nuclear option: The scorched-earth elimination of Google across all Apple platforms.

The Proxy Wars

In the context of Jobs’ thermonuclear war, he mentioned lawsuits. But you’ll notice that Apple isn’t suing Google itself.

Such a lawsuit would have little impact. Because Apple and Google are both American companies, a patent lawsuit against Google would mean the two companies would go to court in the US. This single case would drag on for years, while handset makers happily continued making Android devices knowing that deep-pocketed Google would, in a worst-case scenario, pay money or tweak Android in future versions to avoid specific infringements found by the courts.

Instead, Apple chose to fight via an endless series of proxy wars. So far, the company has gone after Android device makers Samsung, Motorola and HTC. Expect many more.

The message to Google’s hardware partners is: Go ahead and invest in the development of Android phones and tablets. But your investment may be squandered when we surprise you with lawsuits and other court actions in random countries at unpredictable times.

It’s called FUD, for “fear, uncertainty and doubt.” The calculation to make Android devices now includes the risk of lawsuits, injunctions, extra licensing fees to Apple and possible court orders to stop using Android.

So far, the proxy war hasn’t made a dent in the Android universe. But this is a long war, and the strategy could erode enthusiasm for Android by hardware makers in the long run.

The proxy war is Apple’s strategy for poisoning Google’s Android well. It’s war, but not thermonuclear war.

I believe the real thermonuclear option will be the near-total elimination of Google services on Apple platforms.

The Real Thermonuclear War

The real thermonuclear war will take place on the iOS platform itself, where I believe Apple will seek to replace the widespread use of Google services and apps with Apple ones.

Here are the bombs Apple has dropped or will drop in the near future:

Nuke #1: Siri to replace Google Search. Even Google’s Eric Schmidt has admitted recently that Siri is a threat to Google Search. And he’s right. In fact the ingrained habit of Googling things is already being replaced among some iPhone 4s users of just asking Siri for answers.

By default, some of those requests are handled by Wolfram-Alpha, and others by Google, the current default search engine for Siri. (You can request other search engines, and Siri will happily comply.)

Three things will turn the Siri hand-grenade into an atomic bomb: First, the use of Siri will become universal among iPhone users (right now, it’s just a fast-growing app for the minority of users with iPhone 4s phones).

Second, Apple will almost certainly roll Siri out to all platforms, enabling people with Macs and iPads to have their questions answered by Siri as an alternative to browser-based Google searches.

And third — and this is the big one — Apple will throw a switch, I believe, and make another search engine the default for Siri (and Safari).

Boom! No more Google Search.

Nuke #2: Find My Friends to replace Google Latitude

Location-based services like Latitude are pretty insignificant now, but important for the future of mobile social networking and location-based advertising and marketing. Apple has its Find My Friends app available as an option, but in the future I believe will bake it right into all platforms, and provide a strong disincentive to use Latitude.

Nuke #3: Yelp to replace Google Places

When Siri ranks restaurants for you, it uses Yelp, not Google Places. Had Apple’s and Google’s relationship remained strong, this probably wouldn’t have been the case.

Nuke #4: Apple’s maps to replace Google Maps

Apple recently bought a mapping company called C3. Apple had previously acquired mapping companies Placebase and Poly9. It seems pretty obvious that Apple intends to launch its own mapping service so it doesn’t have to keep using Google Maps, which is currently bundled on all iPhones and iPads.

Once Apple is ready to launch its own Maps-like service and application based on these three acquisitions, you can be sure they’ll drop Maps from iOS devices, and flip the switch on Siri’s default mapping service as well.

Nuke #5: iCloud to replace Google’s cloud

With iCloud so fully integrated with all of Apple’s devices and platforms, Apple users will be unlikely to have much need for Google’s many cloud services.

Nuke #6: iMessage to replace Google Gmail and Talk

iCloud integration on iOS devices will compel many current Gmail users to use Apple services for email. The same goes for Calendar and Contacts. The introduction of iCloud in iOS 5 makes synching with Gmail harder, and replacing Gmail easier.

After the bombs have been dropped and the dust has cleared, Google will find itself will barely any presence at all on Apple devices like Macs, iPads and iPhones. This represents literally hundreds of millions of users.

While Google will still have lots of users worldwide, they will suffer greatly from this because Apple users tend to be on the high end of the spectrum for ad targeting.

Steve Jobs threatened thermonuclear war. And I think Apple will deliver. But it will come not in the form of lawsuits, but on the near-total elimination of Google from Apple platforms.

  • Stevo

    This is all great and all… but Apple needs to market those teenagers… or the parents of teens that can’t afford the iPhone and are using “pay-as-you-go” cell services like Virgin Mobile and now, ATT has dropped prices on those phones as well… all smartphones. My son said he’d love to go to an iPHone, but even he, a college student and working part time and insists to pay his own cell bill, says Virgin Mobile, who offers only Android Phones, and at $27 a month for UNLIMITED DATA/TEXT and 300 Min is a NO BRAINER. His college friends/teammates are dropping like flies from their 2yr contracts to move to a lower priced plan. 

    I’ve been using Apple since the Apple II, and I love the Macintosh and Apple Products… but, not enough to pay $$$ out the gazoo just so I can have a digital woman talk to me, map my location, etc.  My goodness, how did we live before the iPhone?  

    Great article! 

  • Mike Corbett

    great idea, use secondary services on teh number 2 phone.

    Just not a good idea from Apple I think.

  • Anon

    How does replacing google apps on iphones affect android at all?

  • Yezu

    Ok… So Apple eliminates Google products from it’s environment.
    Cool. I’m all for that, Apple will return to it’s rightful place of having 2% of the market.

  • Jay

    That is APPLE, my man…it isn`t cheap, but is superior quality. I don’t wanna go cheap…or we are gonna end up whit SAMSUNGLG/MOTOROLA-like devices.
    They will earn enough money, some day,

  • Aravind G Naick

    I think the idea of Apple replacing all the Google’s product with similar ones is a bit of stretch. If the Android is doing well, that can only backfire for Apple.

  • MrMLK

    That’s true, because I don’t care about getting good results, I only care that they come from Google.

  • Wes

    it doesn’t affect android…it Apple cutting all ties with Google and not giving them their money anymore. That’s what it’s mainly about.

  • LeCorsaire

    I’d love to see Apple killing Google.  Google started it, and it deserves to be crushed.  Lesson for Google:  Don’t mess with Steve Jobs.

  • Excursioner

    ANDROID has become the new WINDOWS.

  • Yezu

    I beg to differ. Apple products are always GOOD quality, no doubt about that. But at the price they are selling their stuff never the BEST quality.
    iPad vs. Xoom, Mac Book vs. Sony VAIO and so on.

  • iMatt

    Actually, based on sales figures, the iPhone is the best selling phone of all time. 

  • iMatt

    iPad > Xoom 
    MacBook > VAIO

  • Pirmin

    the proxies fight back; just today Motorola succeeded in banning all Apple devices from Germany.

  • Mikehunt

    Seems to me he is dead…so ya, don’t mess with a dead man…wtf

  • Ernest

    Google Vs Apple…….cant wait to see what and how the impact will be on Africa where most Apple products seem to be very expensive for average income earning African families and thus most are even actually using the IDEOS Android with the Google thats only going for $100-$200 depending on the country.

  • jeanlouisnguyen

    I’ll start using another search engine and another maps application when something else will give me better features and more accurate information, internationally. Right now, I don’t see how Apple can match the huge database of information that’s on Google. Even Bing is sorely lacking and inaccurate outside the US. But it’s a long war indeed, and who knows what they’re working on.

  • Prasad Jachak

    This war is smilar like Windows and MAC. Iphone handset, Its apps are costly already. While google apps little bit low cost and doing same function like iphone apps. ITs the same war that take place 15-20 years ago between Mac and windows, In which Windows have won Because of its low cost.No doubt apple products are best. But also they are costly in which user prefers to stay away. Similar patent war has occurred with windows like happening with android. And bill gates got away with it. I hope apple learned something from Windows and Mac war and will not repeat those mistake.

  • jeanlouisnguyen

    Have you tried doing a local search query on Bing, outside the US? I’m sorry but when you compare search engines for data, I’d be hard pressed to come up with a better alternative.

  • LeCorsaire

    A dead Steve Jobs might still crush Google, you know?  And that would make Steve Jobs even more legendary. 

  • Ayoopdog

    I actually laughed out loud when I read your comment. +1

  • Gatesbuster

    I try iCloud and does not like it. I prefer Dropbox. Syncing contacts and calendar on multiple device works very well with google on macs. I am a gmail user and would not use the as it does not work with aliases as gmail do. I love my iPhone, Mac and iPads as long as they are compatible with the apps or services we are using. If apple starts to block google or yahoo, it will be a big mistake. Apple has the best music service delivery iTunes and this why they are so successful. Google is far superior for search, mail and mapping.

  • Gursewak S

    But now Apples making a come back. And Windows is losing ground. Even if iOS loses now, it’ll make it’s return and destroy Android.

  • Rick

    Apple being superior quality is just an illusion. They’re components are made in China just as much as anyone else’s, n then they charge twice as much.
    Who makes the processor in the iPhone? Oh Samsung does…

  • Lee

    I love competition and competition is great for all consumers. I want Microsoft to bring its new windows platform up to a level where it can join in on the war so we can all benefit with Apple, Google, Microsoft and who knows what future platform will arrive in the near future. I don’t want any single company to be on top because it would limit choice for consumers and stop companies from innovating to stay on top. I’m saddened by the actions of HP to stop WebOS because I was hoping for WebOS to become another major platform or at least another option for consumers.

  • nicknormal

    Nah just more dead.

  • Guest

    I don’t care so much about Apple “killing” Google or the Android. Android give Apple some much needed competition. What I would like to see are some decent competition for other Google offerings such as Search, Mail, and more recently, Google Reader. 

    Google does some things very well and for those things there doesn’t appear to be any real competition. Apple should invest in replacing external dependencies like Google. 

  • davidforbes

    Apple doesn’t need to replace Google as a search option for Siri — just the fact that it’s voice operated in both the question and answer means any Google ads, where they make all of their money, are completely bypassed. You’re not going to see a *visual* ad from Google even if you’re using Google for a Siri request. 

  • BlahBlahYapYap

    Ha ha ha ha ha……Extremely laughable. 26% of the iPhone is made by Samsung.
    Your paying a premium for a picture of a piece of bitten fruit. 

    Great consumer decision.


  • Alexandre Mello

    Very interesting your point of view. First, when I watched the keynote, I bought Siri would improve Google’s and Wolfram Alpha’s traffic, but now I think you’re right. I’m already planning to kill my Gmail account and use only iCloud as personal email. I won’t miss Google, in a near future.

  • Chris Todd-Howard

    What goes up, must come down…the tech industry is a roller coaster that never ends. However the rise and fall is like a 20-30 year difference…who knows what’ll happen in 30 years…

  • Michael

    So he’s more alive right now?

  • Beauty_Eye_5433

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  • Mark Fuller

    Who designed the processor? I believe that would be Apple.

  • cassandralite

    “Google recklessly chose to attack Apple head-on with Android.”  Gee, Mike, being an Apple fanboy is one thing.  But that’s just embarrassing.

    A world without Android phones is a world in which the price of iPhones escalates dramatically.  Why Apple continues to get a pass for what is de facto fair trading (having put all but a few indie retailers out of business) is beyond me.  It’s the coolest predatory company in history.  But there’s not a more ruthless company on this planet.  John D. Rockefeller himself would’ve taken off his hat in appreciation.

  • mortenprom

    So you are imagining a world where Apple and its users will become more and more cut of from the rest of the world… I think you are indeed correct in that assumption. But the users will not flock around Apple and its walled garden, because the development in Apple world will no longer keep up with the myriads of new ways Android will be used.
    Have we seen this before, yes… this is the Mac vs PC all over again. two, three years from now, that little Apple paradise will become one lonely boring paradise… sure it will be nice and calm and everything will work nicely together, but the innovation is downtown…

  • mark

    Samsung manufactures it (like any old manufacturer) but Apple designed it.

  • Connor Mulcahey

    good point

  • Josef Ferguson

    “Google started it”?  What are you, twelve?

  • Goldie20

    I see Mike is publishing more tripe and the koolaid kids are drinking it right up. Keep pounding those keys Mike.

  • iDaBoss

    I wonder how Apple will compete with Google’s cloud services. Gmail is way ahead of the competition, especially for power users. I use Google Docs for personally use, and for collaboration at work. Google Reader is the most popular news reader right now. All of Google’s services are integrated, and accessible on any platform and device. iCloud is developing, but it seems to be more of a syncing service than a online platform competitor to Google services. 

  • iDaBoss


  • Austin Fulton

    Or even 15 years..

  • Austin Fulton

    they just better be good

  • Dan F

    Apple products are best? lol… They are costly because they spent lots of money on design and marketing, if u care about design, then apple is for you, if u want GOOD hardware/technology, then u will never buy any apple product, that simple.

  • Dan F

    oh god… ignorant kids, prob. born ’94 or higher.

  • Wolf

    Unfortunately that’s basically true, it represents the same standards – more open to users, easier to modify, no control over content or viruses and cheaper. 
    You even have to put better hardware so it works good, 1gb ram instead of 0,5gb is the same like in between notebooks that run windows and osx (on windows you also have to double the ram to get the same results).

  • Dan F

    Apple is dumb… they try to replace all google services? yeh, but they forget about one service none ever can replace or make better, because EVERYONE in the world is so used to it and using it. It is Google Search. If Apple thinks they can replace that then they are much more dumb than i thought. And Search is the one service which rbings back everyone to google at the end… and then let them use the other services of google… why? because it is much more comfortable.

  • rattyuk

    Notice that Google are earning a lot of money through advertising on handsets. And the scary thing for them is about 60% of it is coming from iPhones, not Android. If Apple cuts them out it will hurt Google’s bottom line. Fast.

  • RonBlatto

    I currently use Google Aps for my emerging small business.  Until iCloud gives me the option to create an email handle with the domain of my choice, I’ll never be able to fully leave google behind. cannot possible replace my company name and still have the same level of professionalism.

  • Iueae

    I think it is not easy to replace google. It takes time and google guys are not sleeping as well. They can use this time to get down its rivals :)

  • Guest

    Let’s look at the ipod.  Before that there was the Walkman and lots of personal music players. The core concept of a portable music player is not a stroke of genius nor new, the ipod at best was an improvement on an old concept. Let’s make a hard drive version of a music player, get some good marketing to drive hype? But there is the online music store called itunes, anyone remember Napster? 2001.  Itunes according to wiki came out in 2003.The concept of transferring music on the net from a platform was someone else’s idea.Then there is the iphone.  Lets make a telephone with a touch screen interface. Well again, could Alexander Graham Bell’s ancestors claim the phone was Graham’s idea and claim his intellectual property was stolen? This is how stupid this has become.Talking the iphone one step further, lets integrate the music player (improved walkman) and the phone (someone elses idea) into a single package and patent it.  Not a lot of new ideas here? Just improvements on old ideas.  Then there is the hand held apps on the iphone, again remember the personal organisers from the 80s.  Again not a new idea.Ios is an operating system. Again an Operating System is not Apple’s idea, it is a core concept of computer architectures. Could the universities and companies that developed the idea  of an operating system claim their ideas were stolen?The Apple product is a combination of a lot of other peoples original ideas along with some of Apples own ideas. If we were to apply the reciprocal rule,  Apple would not be allowed to make a phone,  a music player and the list goes on. Nor would anyone else, and that is the paradox of patents vs competition.

  • Wolf

    That’s a scary thought, but let’s hope it’s the reason Apple is so lawsuit crazy right now, they know what happened last time. It’s long past due that they stopped taking shit from everyone that’s making the same stuff and selling it cheaper.
    Next three years will be decisive and when the dust settles I believe it will be a world where iOS is iOSX vs GoogleDroid and Windows will be minimized or almost wiped out off existance for average user. 

  • Raed Alotaibi

    Have you read the numbers, android users are increasing much much faster, not to mention android treats its users like grown ups, while apple wants everything its way >> that really sucks!!

  • mbirth

    I just can’t imagine, that someone want’s to TALK to do a search (at least out in the public). Or write a search query in native language. (too much overhead) But as we all know, Apple users are not “someone”. :-P 

  • Not-a-fanboy

    … You do realize Android and iOS both run off Unix right? And Steve Jobs has just taken Unix and limited it so that you DON’T need that much ram because well…. iOS doesn’t have the features to use it!
    And re viruses… No one has hacked Android – to get a virus you have to install one and therefore be an idiot. The only way Apple gets around this is restricting what you’re allowed to do with your phone. Jailbroken iPhones are much more vulnerable than Android phones.

  • S. Mulji

    you seem to forget there’s still RIM’s Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Phone.  Even IF Android “loses”, these two companies are still influential in the mobile space. 

  • Wolf

    When you say it like that it sounds so…. sad :-) Somehow it was Apple that gave everyone a better personal music player and put a real OS in a phone with the best touchscreen on the planet. Somehow no one else was doing this before that. 
    Also when you look at PC history I don’t see so much innovation in the 90’s when Apple was ‘sleeping’ but I remember how great laptops looked like before iMac and iBook (and when I say great I mean like shit). Yeah, it’s really comforting to know that Samsung, Sony, HP and Windows will create rEvolutionary products and thanks to them I’ll be flying in my car (and that’s sarcasm).

  • S. Mulji

    I agree with what you say.  I’d hate to go back to point where one company has like 90% share.  The potential market for mobile devices is around 3 billion (depending which analysts you listen to).  That’s more than enough room for Microsoft, Google, Apple, & RIM to be very successful i& profitable for a long time.

  • Kieran Burke

    Isn’t the reason for Android to ensure that Google search maintains a predominant place on at least a portion of mobile phones? The guys at Mountiain View had to be terrified at the prospect of having Apple be the only show in town. Also, why does it have to be nuclear war, lets let the I can only win if you lose attitude go! These are two great American companies, God for bid they work together!

  • Howard Cheng

    i read the whole thing, and i fail to feel the “theromonuclear” aspect of the bombs. sure, apple is finding ways to one-by-one eliminate the reliance on google technologies. but that doesn’t really “destroy” google. it at most achieves the “self-feel-good” of pretending google doesn’t exist in the world. apple ios at most occupies only a percentage of the world mobile market. while apple is shedding its google fat, the majority of other google/android adopters are eating google deserts more and more. the latter half of the analysis doesn’t impressed me much, but the first part about adding FUD to handset manufacturer’s cost analysis i think is dead on (pun intended).

  • mortenprom

    Wondering how your perfect world looks like Mr. Wolf? Have Apple sued everyone to death and bought those companies they couldn’t sue? Are we all using iThings and wearing black turtlenecks?
    Do you think a world like that would see as much innovation as now, where there is healthy competition?

  • Gussy2000

    I think this grossly overestimates iUsers’ overall market share in all things computer and mobile.  Also, i-devices are so much more about status for most of the people who own them.  All the talk shows (and Oprah) all talk about i-products so the average consumer [read: sheep] just buy an iPhone or an iPad because of name recognition and because such devices are so much MORE heavily marketed.  I know tons of people at work and personally with i-devices who have virtually no idea of their full capabilities.  Those kinds of people likely make up MOST of i-device owners.  And it is people like that who TEND to dislike change [read: If they have always used Google Maps and Gmail, they will keep on using it].  Google has a good head start on Apple when it comes to to things like navigation and e-mail, and as of late have been upping the game with constant updates and improvements.

    All told Google has done too good a job of integrating itself into the lives of its users.  After all people still say “Google it” not “iPhone it”.

  • Shane Bryson

    Hmmm, I think Android handset return rates (around 18%) versus Apple (less than a percent) shows that those numbers are pretty skewed at best. 

  • PXLated

    It doesn’t appear you understand what Seri does or what it can become – It completely sidesteps generic search.

  • Shane Bryson

    You really don’t know much of anything, so it seems.

  • Shane Bryson

    Haha, idiot.

  • DeAno Jackson

    That’s because people will quite often switch out one Android device for another, because of different features another handset has.  Can’t really do that with iPhones because they’re all basically the same.

  • gadgetboy

    Yours is a cogent and plausible case, except for one thing: Apple notoriously SUCKS at web services, so replacing Gmail and it’s ilk will be a challenge.

    Sure, they do pretty well with the Apple Store and iTunes, but consumer-facing online services (iTools, MobileMe – even iCloud, so far) have been poorly managed.

    Even if Apple were to deliver competitive online services, Google provides them for free and Apple will surely continue to ask for a fee.

    I love Apple products but I’m not going to pay for unreliable mail and other online services from them.

  • Guest

    Maybe I need to re-think my plans of upgrading my Motorola Droid to iPhone 4S.  I pretty much use Google Cloud Services a lot.  iCloud in it’s present form does not come close to the ubiquitous capabilities that Google has at this point.  Not completely where I want it to be, but iCloud is far from what Google Cloud has.

  • Stefan

    This is very accurate, I totally agree. You are very smart to come up with such words, this is actually what is going to happen.

  • Stefan

    This is very accurate, I totally agree. You are very smart to come up with such words, this is actually what is going to happen.

  • be0wolf

    my thoughts on this: everybody to his liking and preferences, those who are happy with Apple: be happy, good for you, those happy with Google: the same. Competition is good, so why not some challengers in the field of Apple’s expertise and some in Google’s? We’ ve seen some good come out of it, the only thing none of us can really want is a monopolization, for the rest let’s just sit back and watch the titans clash.

  • LTMP

    Google was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  They were dependent on everybody’s platforms to make Google the easiest search option. 

    They didn’t create and buy all the other services just to be nice to their users, they did it to build an ecosystem to create stickiness.  They created Android so that they had a chance at survival if Apple started cutting them out, or charging to much for access.

    All of that is good strategy, and there isn’t anything wrong with it on the surface.

    Googles problem is that they made it easy for Oracle, MS and Apple to go after them by getting reckless with IP.

    They’ve also opened themselves up to lots of anti trust investigations through their acquisition and competitive strategies.

    These are the reasons that Googles share price has been stagnant.  They are in a very precarious position, and their margins are already suffering.

    Had they done the hard and costly work of creating a phone platform from scratch, they would have been much more secure, instead, the opted for quick and sloppy.  In doing so, they also pissed off their biggest ally.  

    It got them into the market fast, but it might have been a mistake in the long run.

  • LTMP

    “iPad vs. Xoom, Mac Book vs. Sony VAIO and so on.”

    Good examples.  You made his point for him.

  • Jeremy (plus)

    Ironic that they sue Android but rip all of Google’s ideas.

  • dude

    forget iPhone and all such iCrap.. go Google..

  • Gussy2000

    With the release of the iPhone 4s Apple stock went DOWN and they missed analyst’s forecasts (on financial performance/units sold) for the first time in like forever. Oh and both Samsung and HTC shipped more devices in the 3rd quarter than Apple did (yes the 4s did not come out until Q4 but either did the Samsung Galaxy S II).  What goes up, must come down indeed.

  • Andy Mayce

    I think it’s more because Android phones become obsolete more quickly than iPhones do…

  • Jeremy (plus)

    Apple doesnt really exist for people with a paycheck below a certain $ level. A large share of the iCustomers can only afford a single device every few years (thanks to mobile providers) so it’s virtually impossible their services would push Google’s services – free & available for all devices – off the market. 

  • be0wolf

    and let’s take these figures again and analyse the importance of Apple: a 100 million iPhones sold so far… That’s 1/30 of the whole market.
    Another interesting one: if you consider all the iPods sold so far (last keynote when the new iPhone 4S was presented) and how many songs were sold on iTunes, you get to about 53 songs per iPod… I think I have about 200 album CD’s in my cupboards, not just 5…

  • Gussy2000

    Destroy Android? Ha, not unless iOS is offered to handset makers for free.  Remember Google does not charge HTC and Samsung or LG and Motorola (which it now owns) for using the OS.  THIS is why its global market share is exploding.  Google has resources on top of resources and an excellent culture for growth and innovation.  Destroy Android.  As if.  Maybe if Apple had spent more time focusing on its direction and less time sueing competitors, an iPhone 5 with an LTE radio would have been released before Jobs’ death and the iPhone 4s would not be having battery life issues.  Apple has taken its eye off the ball and now has two strikes when before they only hit home runs.  I’m just sayin’.

  • LarryVandemeer

    Who gives a hoot what Apple does if most of the smartphones out there are running Android???… and so far it looks like Android is winning the thermonuclear war as the market share numbers show month after month after month… so Google in the end will have 80% and the other 3 (Apple MSFT and RIMM) will be scrambling for the 20%… Google wins Apple loses…

  • Gussy2000

    Well said.  Sigh, the ignorant are not only allowed to vote, they are allowed to post as well :)

  • Gussy2000

    Actually, and I’m no Apple Fanboy, if you build an Acer or Asus laptop of the same quality and specs of say an MacBook Air, you end up around the same price point.  Apple devices are usually partly metal, light, have excellent power management and run cool even with powerful INTEL processors and GPUs.  Apple is not the only one to make such devices but even when you buy one from another manufacturer, you will pay Apple-like prices.

  • Steelers86x15

    Nuke #1: Siri is only iPhone based so why would it even come close to threatening google when you can google from any phone that has internet connection whereas with siri you can only use it on the new gen iphone or ipod.

    Nuke#2: Why not just call your friends?
    Nuke#3: Once again siri can only be used by Apple products unlike google.
    Nuke#4: And like Siri this mapping service will only be used by apple products were as google can be used by anything that has internet access.
    Nuke#5: My computer has 1TB of space and does the exact same thing iCloud does…I don’t see a point in iCloud other than to leach more money out of people.
    Nuke#6: Not everyone who uses Gmail is an apple fanatic and even if they are an Apple fanatic why would they need to even care about E-mail from apple when there is an app for Gmails services. 

  • Sammy17


  • pinz

    3gs phone is now “free”  how much cheaper were you looking for?

  • pinz

    really – I think it hit 422 the all time high in the week after the release

  • stueee123

    look at profits, and i think you’ll find apples biwinning.

  • stueee123

    iCloud is 100% free…and it seems to be working perfectly for me so far

  • Hoser Man

    No problem with me. I stopped using Google a long time ago when Bing came out. I still use a service called Scroogle which does the same as Google but without the ads and history. I don’t like Google’s interference in my online life.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Apple needs to do everything possible to crush Android OS by taking away all its profitability for Android smartphone vendors.  Turn Android into the next Windows netbook as it becomes the largest mobile OS loss leader for any manufacturer of Android smartphones.  It’s high time for Apple to pay back Google for its IP-stealing treachery.  The courts refuse to help Apple, so they’d better just devise a way to do it themselves.  Apple needs to build mobile devices that would be too costly for most Android vendors to manufacture at any price level.

  • McRCN

    Who gives a hoot, Google does.  Google will lose a ton of ad revenue.  

  • Jason Bossley

    How exactly would Apple replace Google Reader?  How about an e-mail service to rival g-mail?  Or a social network that could come close to Google Plus?  Apple users may not have the ability to use these products, but they will be sorely missed in my opinion.

  • McRCN

    You mean like Google buying Motorola?  What if other manufactures pull away from using Android in the future?

  • Tom

    I’m afraid you’re wrong. it’s cheap on contract plans. and everyone has a adequate smartphone. Even in Singapore, the demand for iphone is dwindling. Why Singapore? If you looked last year, there only existed a negligible Android population.

    And I do agree with Gussy2000. The average customer of iOS devices are totally newbs when it comes to tech. They have no idea what the hell is in that thing. They just have it, because someone else has it. 

    Of course, the same can be said for Android, after all, not the entire world’s population can be classified as having a certain level of tech know-how. But with iOS devices on the decline even here, it shows the direction in which this is going.

    Obviously removal of Google from Apple devices will hurt Google. But who’s to say users will fire up Siri all the time? Sure it’s default. But you look like a complete tard speaking to your phone, and repeating it over and over if it got it wrong (and trust me, it gets it wrong almost every single damn time for a non-US locale).

  • Sam Kula


  • gadgetboy

    Some folks have reported problems with iCloud overwriting or erasing files but I’ve generally heard positive reports so far.

    But only the first 5 gigs are free.

  • rfrost

    I say bring it on Apple. Create your AOL like walled garden and remove all the Google services that most of the world use – yeah you try and do it – and watch the masses go to Android where Google’s web service integration is way better.
    Apple does not understand web services – even their new foray into web services is a joke – nothing like Google at all. They are simply using the cloud as a reflector as they are too scared to adopt full web services – as that would lead to published APIs and interoperability with other non-Apple entities.
    Yeah go “thermonuclear” and blow yourself up.. as thats the way you are headed with your closed platform.

    Google was a webservice company first and mobile OS builder 2nd and the way the world is going is a mix of webservices and mobile. Apple is a hardware/ mobile manufacturer first and ‘web services’ second and they are years behind Google. 

    This story just made me laugh.. 

  • zepy3

    I want a refund on the time of my life I wasted reading this.

  • oscarfalcon

    If a company can only win because it feels entitled to a certain market, then the free market is doomed. Apple feels entitled and it probably should at the TOP TIER, sure thing, but being the only player in a game would have no spectators, that is people buying tickets, which users of a platform are. There is no technical and social reason why these two operating systems and environments shouldn’t co-exist, as the majority of well versed buyers have more than one system in  their household ( I do. ). Maybe this supposed mutually assured destruction will calm down the way the cold war did, although many years may pass before this happens.

  • Martin Hill

    Make that quarter of a billion iOS devices, significantly more than the 190 million Android devices sold.

    iTunes has 60-70% of the music download market and is number 1 music retailer in the world.

    Apple makes 52% of the income in the entire mobile market.

    Number 1 company on the stock exchange by market valuation.

    Number 1 retailer in the world by income per square foot.

    Apple sounds pretty important to me.

  • djrobsd

    what a joke this article sucks. 

  • WM

    Hey ya all… bookmark this article and read it later on.  The naysayers had their say with the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad and Apple Retail.  This article might not be spot on, but it’s pretty darn close.

  • Joshua Hernandez

    Regardless of Mike’s fanboyitis, solid points. Its will be interesting to see these come to fruition. 

  • Tycoex

    Total ignorance. Apple doesn’t make processors, nor do they design them.

    About the only thing that is directly designed by apple for their computers and mobile devices is the case.

  • freerange

    What nonsense! You act like google is some kind of saint with the best products in the world. If Apple produces better services, which is what they most likely will do, then people will be quite content with their offering and could care less about google. Google has dipped their toe into many various areas that haven’t panned out for them, and the only area where they are really successful is search. Further, your comment that “Apple is a hardware/ mobile manufacturer first…” is just plain ignorant. As is your comparison to AOL. Apple is a systems integrator, a platform play with a brilliant ecosystem, that carefully and intelligently blends their expertise in hardware, software and services into products that are brilliantly designed, that all work together to manage our digital lives,  and which meet the needs of the overwhelming majority of people.

  • freerange

    Since google services work on an iPhone your rationale is severely flawed.

  • freerange

    “But with iOS devices on the decline…” – what planet are you living on? Far from declining, they continue to increase both in volume and share. Without question, Android has seen phenomenal growth in the last two years, but Apple certainly hasn’t declined. Further, many of Android’s sales are in cheap handsets, not advanced high performance models. In fact the overwhelming majority of them are one or two OS versions behind. As to your comments about iOS users, also total nonsense. It is their great design and quality, combined with their ease of use, reliability and total ecosystem that make them desirable.

  • KKY

    your mom sucks

  • baby_Twitty

    You forgot one more weapon Apple can use (nuke #7). It is to eject each and every single mutha fucking evil Google apps from the AppStore.

  • Thief2525

    Nuclear war my ass. You made me laugh. No one gonna take over Google. You can monopolize your apple user as much as you can but the other half will still be using Google service. You will still end up with 2 kind of users. It’s things like whatapps that will takeover. You need a thing that can be use by both system, and I think Google has been doing this all the while. Bullshit thermal nuclear war.

  • CharliK

    Google Reader is really just a web based RSS program. Apple could put that into Mail like it is on the computer or make a Feed program. 

    And they already have their iCloud free email. 

  • CharliK

    Here’s my question. who gets the final call on the UI. Is it baked into Android like it is in iOS or does each OEM had their own elements. Or to put it another way, did Samsung have a choice over the yellow flower icon for the photo gallery or was it forced on them. 

    The answer to that could be why Samsung was sued and not Google

  • Daibidh

    Sorely missed?  Are you SURE?  I’m sure Yahoo and MySpace are sorely missed.  iCloud is positioning itself as a service platform for Apple and 3rd party developers.  Let’s be honest, none of Google’s products are all that unique.  Where they excel is a winning combination of features, performance, convenience, and price point.  That competitive approach isn’t exactly impossible to reproduce.  Sure, they’ve reached a critical mass on most of their services but so had Yahoo and MySpace.

    Apple enjoys unusually high consumer loyalty.  Hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide will try most anything Apple throws their way.  By and large, they’re also rapid adopters.  With Apple and other 3rd parties developing for iCloud, how long do you think it will be before someone, somewhere, comes up with a winning alternative to a Google product?  How long before ALL of Google’s services have been adequately and conveniently replaced on iCloud?

    Apple has had some false starts in the past with web services but do you really think the people who managed iTunes and lived through MobileMe haven’t learned a thing or two?  Apple’s martyred prophet has called for the humbling of Mountain View.  Cupertino has finally lifted its sights and has it in their crosshairs.  With iOS accounting for 2/3’s of all Google mobile traffic, that’s one powerful nuke being prepped for launch their way.  With an unimagined determination to fulfill Job’s dying wish, I will not be surprised if Apple succeeds this time in splendid fashion.  

  • cassandralite

    Right.  Except for Blackberry’s being in hospice, and the fact that Windows phones exist in the same way that flip phones exist. 

    In any event, I was reacting mostly to the slavish adoration of All Things Steve that seemed to inform Elgan’s’s post–the tone of “how dare Google come up with smartphone software”.

  • baby_Twitty

    u stupid fucck. Didn’t you read the recent reports that MOST mobile google searches are done on iOS devices?

     http://www.mobilemarketingwatc… could site more reports , but it is not news anymore.Once Apple get rid of Google from iOS, Google will lose a big chunk of the mobile search markets and revenue.

  • baby_Twitty

    You don’t read much tech news do you?
    don’t you know 2/3 of the mobile searches are done on iOS devices?If Apple get rid of Google on their iOS devices, Google lose a big chunk of revenue from the mobile market.

  • Chatterbox

    Wow you really missed the point, makes a lot of money iOS/apple products, in addition to androids which are made by other manufacturers.

    Apple will banish them from their ecosystem which will hurt them plenty and there 3rdnoarty manufactures will and have already started dropping them for other options like windows mobile which they are licensing from MIcrosoft with no fear of lawsuits.

    As for your points above they are just ridiculous.

  • Martin Hill

    That’s ood, I seem to notice people talking into their phones in public all the time…

  • baby_Twitty

    Apple’s iPhone accounted for 66% of Q2 smartphone profit among top vendors

    Who’s Bi-winning now??

  • David Clark

    I have already switched from Google Docs to, and have only not switched from Gmail to @me because I am lazy. Can’t wait to be done with Google. Especially after their recent disappointments with G+ and what-not!

  • Euro_MacHead

    Since when is Android a single company?
    I guess it’s irrelevant for you that blue pice of pie includes dozens of companies, and that Apple makes 52% of the entire cell phone industry profits?

    Marketshare of Android is totally irrelevant. Nobody cares. Well, no one except Fandroids.

    Who is wining now?


    Nonsense. The scorched earth victory will go to Google because their services are platform agnostic and don’t have to be activated from itunes.

    And the scorched earth patent war will go to Google because they can simply give their patents to every tom, dick, and harry who has ever made an Android and is willing to drag Apple into court. And who will run Apple while their executives are constantly running off to some foreign land to be deposed?

  • Kenneth Berger

    The real question is will Google switch to being evil (and not just with Apple) result in what was unthinkable, Apple teaming up with Microsoft.  Google in testimony to Congress admitted that more than 50% of mobil search is from an iOS device.  If as part of Apple bid to marginalize Google included switching to Bing, it could impact Google’s core business – the only place they actually make money.  This along with the options above would really hurt Google!

  • Jason Pruitt

    Ya know what? I’m on board. Replacing Gmail with my new iCloud address felt pretty good.

  • Szubeczak

    None of Google’s products are all that unique? Sounds like someone is upset that they don’t have Google Wallet. Stupid or not I’d say its a tiny bit unique.

  • LtWigglesworth

    Quarter 1 smartphone sales. Who’s winning now?

  • Euro_MacHead

    The phone was NOT invented by Bell but by the german inventor Philipp Reis some decades earlier.

    Bell was an IP thief and patent troll at best. (to use modern terms)

  • E

    I keep on seeing comments about Siri using Google to search. Siri uses whatever your default search engine is to search, and yes, you can specify any others. I have bing set as my default, and that is what it searches, not google

  • Daibidh

    Google Wallet is an awesome idea!  But isn’t it just a broader version of MasterCard PayPass.  I had a test card for PayPass 8 years ago.  Talk about convenience!  Just whip it out of your wallet, tap and go for most purchases.  With Google Wallet, just whip out your phone, unlock it, find and launch the wallet app, enter your pin, select your form of payment or transaction, swipe, then finally go.  Not sure how much more convenient that is to an actual wallet.  I also hope the NFC chip is readable (and usable) if the phone’s dead. Otherwise that could really suck if you run out of juice on the go.

    Google isn’t the only one developing contactless transaction systems either.  PayPass is reaching critical mass and there are other alternatives too.  Google may be getting all the press but they’re not exactly blazing a new trail across virgin territory.  They’re just being a bit more ambitious about their expectations.  If that’s what you mean by “unique,” fine.

    I’m a heavy Google user at this point.  Picasa, mail, search, youtube, maps, translate, voice, reader, news, books, blogger… I’m NOT a Google hater.  I’m just saying they’re not impervious to Apple.  But personally, I don’t care.  I’m not on any one side in this.  I go where the value is.  I am not married to any particular service, product, or brand.

  • baby_Twitty

    Competition is good.
    Copying is NOT cool.

  • baby_Twitty

    Soon people will be saying “Ask Siri about it.”

  • krulwich

    Clearly correct. But will Apple be forced to give users options of choice because of the outcomes of the Microsoft lawsuits? Will Apple be able to provide the same quality when for them it’s a side initiative and for Google it’s core?

  • baby_Twitty

    I know lots of people from Singapore. Iphone 4S and the iPads and iPods are  no.1 prefered choice by students and office workers there.

  • mlahero

    I’m sure that Apple would love for this to be the way things pan out…. but if it did then the only people who win are Apple. We, the consumers, would lose big time. Giving a company, with their own agenda (i.e. profit and intentions to keep making profit), the power to direct the industry itself as they see fit is counter productive and utter insanity.

    Fanboys (Apple fanboys, Fandroids whoever they are) need to get this fact drilled into their skulls; a company is no different to a stripper, they might make you feel good but they just want your money.

    “I think that stripper really liked me”………

    Yeah right.

  • PeterK

    “And re viruses… No one has hacked Android – to get a virus you have to install one and therefore be an idiot.”

    Others report that malware is rampant on Android. Interesting.

    Within 6 months this malware issue will prove one way or the other.

    We can wait.

  • PeterK

    “You can monopolize your apple user as much as you can but the other half will still be using Google service.”

    Bada Bing!

  • ferrouswheel

    Yup, just like Apple will have draconian rule over everything else you are allowed to do in your digital life. “No, you are not allowed Google apps”. “No, you are not allowed to buy content from anyone but us”. “No, you are not allowed to use apps that have rude pictures in them”.

    With corporations like these, and the fans who love them, who needs fascist governments?

  • PeterK

    “Nuke #1: Siri is only iPhone based so why would it even come close to threatening google when you can google from any phone that has internet connection whereas with siri you can only use it on the new gen iphone or iPod.”

    Reports indicate Siri will be supported by iPhone 4 very soon. Give Apple some time and let’s see what’s happenin’.

  • ferrouswheel

    Me and Steve Jobs agree on something: iCloud is a joke.

  • PeterK

    “A world without Android phones is a world in which the price of iPhones escalates dramatically.”

    huh? They’re selling very iPhone the can make. With 4% of unit sales, they’re making 52%, going onto 60% of all the profit.

    Why would Apple piss off their customers for unneeded extra billions? Unwise and Apple is anything, but unwise.

  • PeterK

    “A world without Android phones is a world in which the price of iPhones escalates dramatically.”

    huh? They’re selling very iPhone the can make. With 4% of unit sales, they’re making 52%, going onto 60% of all the profit.

    Why would Apple piss off their customers for unneeded extra billions? Unwise and Apple is anything, but unwise.

  • ferrouswheel

    Can we also pay back Apple for their “IP stealing treachery” too? They are equally as guilty as any other corporation. Or would that break the story of Apple being the sole innovator in the world of technology that you chose to believe?

  • marklouieadame

    Yup thats why they are scrambling to make the android profitable since 50% of their mobile profit is oming from ios.

  • ferrouswheel

    It seems like this is a frequent belief of Apple too. If you are not on our side you are not even allowed basic democratic rights or freedom. And even if you are, we’ll still severely control your digital life and sue the fuck out of anyone that we don’t like.

    Even cafes that use an apple for a logo and having nothing to do with Apple’s business.

  • marklouieadame

    Its always been free market its just controlled to minimize the piracy. Google just using open market matra but the truth is they are the closed system. Open ur eyes please

  • ferrouswheel

    Steve Jobs was a great fan of stealing great ideas… until people stole his “ideas”, then he had a tantrum and decided to waste the resources of humanity on litigation.

  • ferrouswheel

    Since you decided to not read the article your comment reveals your foolishness.

  • marklouieadame


  • marklouieadame


  • Yann29

    That s true i ve switched to android as i wanted to know why they are are so hyping it. You know what?? Most of the time i m now online with my ipad or mac at home. I m even not going to look at my mails when i m away as the os is so lame.

    The best about google are youtube and google+ everything else you can replace by different programs which are better

  • ferrouswheel

    You mean there is a vibrant community of manufacturers who are innovating, compared to a single behemoth who releases a single device whenever it suits them?

    I actually beg to differ though. I had an iPhone 3 and it quickly became obsolete has the iOS upgrades turned it in to a slow piece of junk.

  • baby_Twitty

    Even when dead, Steve Jobs is still earning respect the world over from his grave.
    Bet all you fandroid trolls can’t even get a single respect in your entire lives.

  • Yezu

    Well I haven’t seen an Acer even coming close MacBook quality :P However when talking about Sony, Samsung or Asus, that’s different. In most cases You can buy a same quality laptop 10%-15% cheaper. I even recently found a Samsung which beats most of the “middle shelf” MacBook’s with 65% of the price.

    And although I have yet to see a device that would top Apple’s power management, other manufacturers when reaching Apple’s MacBook price point usually surpass them in terms of specs.

  • Ben

    The Os is so’lame? Why, because of the widgets or all the choice regarding look, ui, keyboards and such things? Right, I just want icons. Many, many icons. That is what i call superb.

  • Shane

    It’s funny the first MAC I purchased was for the complete opposite reason. Apples hardware is good and reliable, and the design is innovative. I still have that mac and it runs windows 7 really nicely (6 years since I purchased it). 

    At one stage half of the MVP’s at MS were using macbook pros for that exact reason. And frankly I think they are still the most stable platform for running windows nativley, and out last just about any other brand out there. 

    Phones well, my android phone sits on my desk holding down paper, I like it but spend more time fiddling than I would like. My phone is a tool I use daily,  and the iphone just does everything I need to do and does those things well.  

  • Brett

    Yes, they both run on top of Unix, but Android apps run in a virtual machine,  iOS app are compiled to native code.

  • Gitritemusic

    Iphone should’ve been released on all major carriers on day one.

  • Steve Man

    Here you go SIRI at work I bet this guy loves it.

    Considering Google voice ben around a long time and MS voice even longer.
    saying that all Isheep fans will tell you Apple was first just like VIDEO calls on your mobile phone that predated the Iphone.

    Now saying all that Apple can do what they like and the Isheep will pay top dollar for it. 

  • alex

    yes, you are allowed do buy any other product. is that “fascist”? geez… would people think for 1 teeny-tiny second before opening their mouths?

  • alex

    i mean “to”, not “do”. sorry for the typo.

  • hagzag

    Very ambitious but if any one can pull this off it’s apple !

  • mortenprom

    Way to go flameboy :)

  • famebook

    You’ve just successfully listed all the reasons people might be put off buying Apple in the future. All Google has to do to retaliate is to finally introduce some sex appeal into its brand and products. (

  • Bousch

    Funny to read this heated debate. Most people just don’t care about all this nonsense and just use what their friends are using.

  • Clinton

    Such anger in all this. I’m just Average Joe using a phone. Not really all that interested in 95% of the features on it, nor most of the categories in the article. What an absolute waste of time and money this stuff is. 

  • Michael

    I don’t even like Android, thanks for forming conclusions. I was just asking the opposite of what the guy above me said. How is that trolling?

  • Aaron

    The draconian rule of Apple is better than having Android apps filled with spyware and malware.

  • freerange

    Well aren’t you the rocket scientist. The fact of the matter is that even if apple decides to do its own map app you will still be able to access google maps through the Internet, or through Google’s own downloadable apps. Duh! Same with gmail, google docs, etc. You will also still be able to set your search preference to google if you so chose. No matter what apps or functions from Apple are added, or what they do to change any google default / preferred settings you will still be able to access everything google through the internet in addition to google built apps. (Apple won’t be able to just not offer them as an independent choice as we saw with Google Talk.) If you are looking to this issue as to your phone purchase decision, you are missing the point. So what is it you don’t understand?

  • Aaron

    Microsoft is already doing exactly this: Did you know they have agreements with 10 Android vendors to pay Microsoft royalties on EVERY Android phone out there? Google has obviously taken the approach of “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” when it comes to even Microsoft’s IP.

  • Aaron

    [citation needed]

  • Aaron

    You mean “iPhone 3G”? Yeah, 2 years after it came out, iOS 4 made it slow. By then, it was time for an upgrade anyway. 

    What’s interesting about the manufacturers that are innovating new Android phones is that they’re releasing them at a breakneck pace, not caring about upgrade capability. Samsung alone has introduced over 20 Android-based phones this year. How can anyone have the “latest and greatest”? Moreover, how many of those Samsung phones can be upgraded to the latest version of Android without rooting the device? Only a small fraction.

    By flooding the market with Android phones, of course they’re going to get more marketshare. However, that comes at the expense of happy customers who just want the “latest and greatest”.

  • Aaron

    Copying ? Competition

    Google is a big enough company, staffed with only PhD-level graduates or higher, to come up with their own creative ideas. Unfortunately, they chose to copy Microsoft’s patents (that’s why Microsoft has agreements with 10 Android phone manufacturers for per-phone royalties) and Apple’s IP.

  • Aaron

    That’s why you buy your own domain, silly. This has nothing to do with Apple or Google.

  • Aaron

    You’re obviously drinking it too by visiting this site. Mike thanks you for your ad revenue.

  • Juan Ignacio

    I disagree quite a lot. 

  • ferrouswheel

    Time for an upgrade? It was working perfectly fine.

    An upgrade that breaks the hardware isn’t an upgrade, it’s strategised obsolescence.

    But Apple never knew how to build complex software ecosystems or respected their customers. That’s why they always limit the user to do things in the ways they’ve prescribed.

  • Juan Ignacio

    I disagree quite a lot. While Apple may remove a lot of Google product from iOS (why wouldn’t Apple remove Google Maps after buy 3 mapping companies?) but I don’t think this has anything to do with Android War. Steve Jobs said Android was “a stolen product”, that he didn’t mind the competition, he was pissed of by the iOS being ripped off. I think what Apple will do is to try to make Android either stop or to stop stealing ideas from iOS and removing Google products from iOS won’t help on this.

  • ferrouswheel

    “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

  • ferrouswheel

    Except Apple and its fans are trying to claim we’re not allowed Android devices because they should be sued into oblivion.

    I’m happy for people to have a preference for Apple devices. I’m not happy when Apple and its fans try to tell me I’m not allowed a touchscreen phone because Apple somehow owns that idea… even though they were never the first to release such a phone.

  • ferrouswheel

    What makes you think Apple will support that? Apple has shown, from historical behaviour, that they are the sole deciders of what you are allowed to use your devices for. They’ll kick Google apps as soon as they reckon they can get away with it.

  • Murali Behara

    folks in information (so called)  technology find it fascinating to steal impressive sounding english words from science. really? thermonuclear?

  • Helge

    I do not think that removing Google services is the thermonuclear option.

    Actually Apple’s market share is much to small to be any danger here. Heck even Microsoft’s defaulting to doesn’t hurt Google to much. So I don’t think they have much teeth here.

    Also cutting out Google services will only hurt Apple’s users with a crappier experience. Don’t know if that is such a wise move either.

    So I would bet on more FUD style lawsuits to come. It doesn’t hurt the own customers, is independent of market share and has a huge psychological potential on Google hardware partners.

  • Yazoo

    How about some concrete examples? You are talking out of your ass.

  • Yazoo

    What? The only reason Android got any traction was because they give it away for free. It’s a fragmented platform. That being said there is room for both business models. The idea that if people don’t agree with you the are sheeple is a joke & you sound like a complete moron. As if Android users are somehow more tech savvy. It’s the same BS argument used for Windows. The truth is MOST people are not tech savvy. They want something that works, they are NOT going to hack into it. They could care less about how “open” that it’s fans think it is. They want an easy to use, high quality, secure product that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance on their part. They have lives to live & technology is just a tool that is supposed to enhance that. They don’t want something they have to constantly tinker with. Open doesn’t mean the same piece of hardware with a different logo slapped on the front. I guess it’s okay for Google to push it’s services on Android devices but when apple does it they are taking away choices. Apple makes money from hardware sales. Google makes money from advertising services & selling your information to whoever will pay. What is to stop Google from cutting off other service providers to push their own anti-privacy riddled services?

  • techgeek01

    Those 6 points are really not to get back at google, but to lock down iOS even more.

    Only problem is, the garden’s wall is getting much higher.  Inside the garden may be really nice, but how well does it react to the rest of the world?

    You can live in paradise, but what if majority of people you interact with, don’t live in “paradise”?

    The advantage that Google and Microsoft has is marketshare.  Meaning more people USE it.  By doing those things above, they are locking down iOS.  meaning the wall is getting higher.  Yes, “paradise” may be really amazing, but how well is it going to work with non “paradise” things?  When walls get higher, it’s going to make it more difficult to work with stuff outside.

    Yes, it will hurt Google in the short-term, but severely hurt Apple in the long term.

    I want to use Google Books (eBooks?) it’s cross platform. I can (literally) use it on everything.  Not so with iBooks.  same thing with iMessage, same thing with Siri, same thing about everything up there.

    With Google’s products (and somewhat same with microsoft’s) I can use it on countless of devices.  Apple’s? literally only Apple’s.

    If I say “Google it”, (and now “bing it”), about everybody can do it.  But “Siri it”? very small percentage of the population.

    Yes, it can make’s Apple experience so much more better (than it’s now) but the thing is, you’re only going to have that experience if you use ALL apple products. Otherwise, if you have some apple products and some non apple products, it’s going to make the experience more fragmented.  you can’t do this on that, you can’t do that on this.

    Apple will never have the marketshare like Google or Microsoft. Apple can “get back” at Google (and I guess Microsoft?) but that “getting back” will hurt them more than it will hurt the others.

  • Yazoo

    I think you have you companies switched. Apple has over 30 years of hardware building experience, platform building experience, UI experience, customer service experience, Customer support experience, supply chain experience, retail experience, software design experience, the list goes on & on. Google falls short in most if not all of these categories and they aren’t going to can all that overnight.
    “An upgrade that breaks the hardware isn’t an upgrade, it’s strategised obsolescence.”
    Most of Apple’s devices have been upgradeable going back three years. You can’t say that about Android devices. In fact dropping so many different phones into the market place causes confusion amongst consumers. I’ll bet plenty of people that are buying an Android device today are already buying an outdated device that will never be upgraded & they will not know that until it is too late. That always makes customers happy.

  • Yazoo

    1988 where Apple saw computing in the future:

  • Yazoo

    What innovation? Name something.

  • Yazoo

    And the reason they did this was expediency. It would have taken them a lot longer to get a product to market. So they went the theft route. I guess stealing IP is okay to some of these people.

  • Apple

    Microsoft strategy all over again and we all know how that turner out, good luck!

  • Yazoo

    Apple 1988 (looks familiar):

  • baby_Twitty

    wasn’t replying to you.
    was replying to that guy above u.

  • Mile L.

    Google is fast becoming the next Microsoft… A company based on the theft of Apple’s hard work.

    It won’t work this time since everyone knows about the disaster that Windows became and the mess that Android is already in. So all computing professionals are standing strong against the Evil Google.

  • Yazoo

    Many of them have been installed directly from Google’s own Android market. Yeah, you’re right it’s the users fault for trusting a company’s software download site for being reasonably safe. iOS is based on OSX which is certified UNIX. Android is based on LINUX which is unix-like.

  • Mile L.

    Incorrect, it would be a long time before Google could catch up with Apple at this point, Apple is growing far faster, sales of iOS are 2 to 1 over Android don’t forget.

    Yes, Google is trying to lower the uneducated people’s expectations into using their Advertising based devices, but all people who do research on smart phones, MP3 players, tablets and internet tvs get Apple products each time. So it really shows Apple has the better, more open system.

  • Mile L.

    Yes, and you are exactly Google’s target market, whereas Apple focuses on people who like to better society.

    Android is more of a phone, not really a smartphone.

  • Mile L.

    But Apple has never cared much about money, their focus has always been all about building and supporting the best products the world can create.

  • Dave Lauer

    Your numbers are wrong, they’re not even close to true. In fact, it’s the exact opposite – Android is selling twice as much as Apple:

  • Dave Lauer

    @Mile L. What’s wrong with you? Do you think before you post something?

  • Dave Lauer

    @Mile L. Every time I read a comment of yours I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall. What world do you live in?

  • Mile L.

    What? Your commet made no sense… you can’t release a GSM phone on Verizon or Sprint for example, plus there would have been no way Apple could build enough units. The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world, over 350,000 people working day and night to make them, it’s STILL not enough. So learn to think of “scale” and the tech behind the iPhone. The iPhone is the most complex device humans have ever made in a large scale, so it’s not like baking 4,000,000 loafs of bread over the weekend…

  • Tejasrichard

    This is so far from correct, it isn’t even funny. Samsung alone is selling more android handsets than Apple is ios. You are behind the times, friend. Just like apple.

  • Tejasrichard

    There is absolutely nothing iphone can do that android can’t.

  • Cebastian Rosing

    excuse me? 2 to 1 in Apple’s favor? Isn’t Android currently sitting on over 50% of all smartphone sales? Apple being around 20? or something?


  • Kaizaad Kermani

    dont matter to the rest of the world i know like 4 ppl in my entire circle who have any apple products .

  • Tejasrichard

    If apple is not all about money, why did SJ stop all charity donations when he back to apple? All that money they have made…40% profit they take per device, rather than 10-20%, which is industry average, all of it went straight in their pockets. Don’t be naive.

  • CJ

    yeah bunch of nerds getting antsy

  • Tejasrichard

    Amount of profits reflect over-pricing, not dominance. Apple make 40% profit on each handset, rather than the 10-20% most manufacturers make. They could charge you far less than they are, and still make boat-loads of money.

  • Mile L.

    Android is the same mess like Linux or Windows, nobody controls any UI so that’s why customers dislike them and have moved over to Apple devices.

    You’re locked into the Samsung OS if you get a Samsung device. At least with Apple you have a lot more freedom since Apple is always giving free updates, where with Android, you are basically locked into the OS it came with for the entire life of the device.

  • Geshirk

    ” . . sales of iOS are 2 to 1 over Android don’t forget . .”
    You need to read and interpret not just give a knee jerk reaction to inaccurate news headlines you have read recently.
    iOS is the key – on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
    Kicking Android OS’s butt big time

  • Geshirk

    You need some gray matter

  • Mile L.

    Apple is already twice as strong as Google, so not sure what you mean. No, Apple doesn’t have a monopoly, and never will, they are more for openness not top down control like Google… Yes, and you can already use any App on an iOS device as you can on a Google device, it’s just that Apple helps developers and pays them far more, so most people will always write for Apple first since that’s where the better devices are, plus more marketshare.

  • Cebastian Rosing

    Those numbers aren’t true. Stock Android webbroser is identified as Safari-browser, just like on iPhone. It would seem like it’s quite a big percentage of the Android devices out there is identified that way. So, there’s no way telling that 2/3 of alle searches from mobiles are from an iOS device.

  • Geshirk

    ” . . Giving a company, with their own agenda (i.e. profit and intentions to keep making profit), the power to direct the industry itself as they see fit is counter productive and utter insanity. .  “
    and yet you undoubtably are a Windows user and buy MS products.
    Plug in your brain

  • PaulSorensen

    “Steve Jobs took it personally”

    I think that what it was that  SJ took personally is the main inaccuracy in this article.  I don’t think that Steve Jobs had a problem with the fact that these two companies would start competing more directly.

    When Android was initially being developed it looked like a blackberry:

    As the iPhone moved towards release, Google knew that they needed to change direction and make devices that where touch-based, full-screen devices. And they were ready pretty quickly after the iPhone came out. All because Eric Schmidt was on the board and saw iPhone prototypes.

    Isaacson’s book makes it clear that Steve Jobs believes that this was essentially stealing competitive information. And that’s what he took personaly.

  • Mile L.

    But why shouldn’t Android be sued into oblivion for stealing Apple’s ideas? Your comment makes no sense. Of course Apple is doing the right thing. If Google wants to build a unique smartphone, they are perfectly able to legally do so…

    But to try and cheat / plagiarize isn’t fair to the company that did the hard work. Don’t you see that?

    The iPhone has over 200 patents, so as long as Google doesn’t use them or pays Apple $1 each per unit, then they can be allowed, but for now we all must come together and stop shipments of some Android phones so customers aren’t duped into getting an Android when they thought they were getting the “real product”, the iPhone.

  • Hatchettjack

    The only thing i can think of as to the reason you apple fanbois actually think google will disappear you retirements must be contingent on apples stock price!

  • Euro_MacHead

    There are more than iOS devices than Android ones. If you start to compare Operating Systems, Android has lost from the start. iOS works on the massively popular iPod Touch, Juggernaut iPhone, Godzilla iPad and the Apple hobby AppleTV. More than 250 Million iOS devices vs 190 Million Android devices. iOS DOES dominate. By a wide margin. There are more Apps in iOS, more web usage via iOS, more sold Apps per user on iOS. iOS wipes the floor with Android. 

  • baby_Twitty

    SO YOU ARE SAYING Eric Schmidt lied during the recent anti-trust testifying??

  • Mile L.

    It’s because Apple controls the smartphone, tablet, music, mobile game, tv and pc markets. They set all the directions, companies like Google & Microsoft can only “copy” their ideas… thus Apple is always having to fight off the copycats.

    Just think what would happen to a person that mistakenly bought an Android? their life would be diminished because it’s a poorly made product, but if they had bought an iPhone, their life would greatly expand and be much happier with their purchase and overall experience.

  • Mile L.

    But he/she is saying the Android is a poor OS, and we all agree with that, so what is your point? You can do all that on your iPhone, so you’re just ignorant about iPhones.

  • Mile L.

    But Steve never stole any ideas don’t forget. He always worked out financial agreements for rough ideas companies were working on. Apple rarely litigates, only in extreme examples where they have been clearly wronged.

  • Mile L.

    No, Apple designed the A4 & A5 processor, so you need to check facts before you post. Apple has engineered and build 100’s of chips over the years… Apple builds the entire the product, and yes the case too… so you got 1 thing right!

  • znmeb

    Latitude is useless. I have an Android phone and I’ve never used it. I’m guessing Google will roll it into Google+ as soon as their engineers can make it happen. Yelp is also useless on an Android.

  • Mile L.

    Yes, the percentage of Android users that rarely use them is astounding. Most seem to be ending up in drawers or pawn shops since the interface is too wonky. Of those who do use it, it’s mainly just as a phone, not as a smartphone since again, the UI and Apps are crummy. It kinda reminds me back when people still used Windows.

  • LarryVandemeer

    Unlike you who has no clue about Android, I’m a previous owner of iPhone3GS and find my Android many times faster easier and better to use in every respect, while you are stuck in a yesteryear dial up 3G iphone4Sux for the next 2 years. By the way, Apple with iOS5 copied notifications, cloud, OTA and iPhone still sucks.

  • Mile L.

    so you are saying you live in an uneducated area of the world?

  • Mile L.

    Yes, I see things exactly as they are… and where our world is heading… Glad I was specifically able to help you understand.

  • LarryVandemeer

    Actually, from Q2 to Q3 Apple’s share of profits DECLINED from 57% to 52% while Android’s INCREASED from 25% to 39% (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony)… I consider it huge news that an open source FREE OS can have an increase of 14% in its share of profits, but Apple who gets 2-4x the margins, DECLINED 5%….

  • Joo Joo

    excuse me? iOS = iPad iPhone iPod touch, not to mention apple TV

  • LarryVandemeer

    Where from Apple copied Android notifications and cloud and OTA services??? sheesh….

  • Mile L.

    What do you mean? I have 35 years in this industry, so I’m just explaining how everything is currently operating. Glad you enjoyed hearing today’s reality.

  • Joo Joo

    He said in his book that : I will spend every penny of Apple’s 40 billion cash in the bank to right this thing

  • LarryVandemeer

    Pleeease….iCloud has had more outages in just 1 month than Google’s cloud services had in 5 years… LMFAO… too funny….

  • EricmaxdMaui

    It would be a waste of time to not allow google access to anything. It would be fairly obvious to all, it is a low-down dirty thing to do and bad PR.

  • LarryVandemeer

    If Apple ejected all the Google services you mentioned there will be an exodus of million upon millions from the iPhone….

  • Mile L.

    But you are talking about “throw away” phone devices, not long lasting smartphones like what Apple is building. Plus you totally forgot to include huge sales of iPod Touches, iPads, AppleTVs. So learn to use the correct data. Apple is selling iOS devices 2 to 1 over Android is the point.

    Once Android gets to 325 million devices, let us know :)

  • Joo Joo

    Please read SJ biography, siriously

  • LarryVandemeer

    Those numbers are garbage. The stock browser on Android  is identified as Safari so those Safari numbers include Android…

  • Mile L.

    Not any more, the iPhone 4S quickly overtook the Samsung models, you simply forgot to equate for the wait period when the new iPhone was rumored to come out, so you are using 1 quarter old data. So quit trying to skew the data. Plus you forgot to include all the iOS iPod Touches, iPads and AppleTVs, so it appears you are a liar.

  • LarryVandemeer

    For brain dead people, just icons is all they can handle…

  • Joo Joo

    Activated from iTunes? Simply give their patents? trolololol

  • Dudeatworld

    “But then Google recklessly chose to attack Apple head-on with Android”

    Cough cough.. fanboy cough

  • Mile L.

    Exactly, it’s fun to watch how desperate the Android fanbois have become after customers decided they are too wonky to use and are nothing on the level of quality of an iPhone.

    Developers have completely given up on Android, which says it all. Android buyers have no money, so Androids are the next Zunes, everyone in the industry clearly sees that.

  • Joo Joo

    They are closed-source, not dictator. They will make great products to let users choose it as default, not simply delete/remove google’s apps

  • Alex Fred

    Unfortunately if Apple is forced to turn its attention purely to this “Google threat” then it leaves plenty of room for Microsoft to gain greater strength in the desktop and laptop field. Apple will be forced to fight on two fronts if your predictions are correct. It must attack Google, an ever growing corporation spreading into every area of the computing field from hardware, software, touchscreen, lap tops (with the new Chrome Book), social networking (with the introduction of Google+), e-mail, maps, etc. and of course the age old giant, Microsoft. Even Apple users rely on Google for so many things and I don’t think Apple simply introducing something new will take anything away from Google. I own an Acer running on Microsoft 7, but I use Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer, G-mail, rather than Outlook, and Google search, rather than Bing. You even mentioned in your article that Siri’s default search engine is Google. Sure, you could change that, but why? And even if Apple introduces a search engine, won’t it just become like Microsoft’s Bing? Google’s main weapon is its search engine. Apple can’t fight on that field. By 2015, there will be more Android based OS smart phones than iPhones. Soon after, there will be more Android based tablets than Ipads. Samsung, HTC, etc. can’t even use MAC OS X on any of their products. Android is the only thing they can carry unless Microsoft allows the use of their smartphone OS, which we all know isn’t a threat. Whatever Apple does, it won’t be a big deal except for those already over infatuated with Apple products.

  • Mile L.

    What? The Android doesn’t have a built in iPod… it doesn’t have high resolution screens, it doesn’t have Siri, it doesn’t have long battery life or high resale value, it doesn’t have AirPlay, for a longer list of why Android isn’t what you want, go here:

    apple. com /iphone/features/
    apple. com /ipodtouch/features/
    apple. com /ipad/features/
    apple. com /appletv/features/

    Android is more for the uneducated buyer…

  • Joo Joo

    Unlike you who think he has a lot of clue about Android, I’m a previous owner of 3GS, Sony X10, Arc,Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Nexus S and finally iPhone 4, the conclusion is iPhone 4 is way more smoother and it just works. Its not about the battle of processor or 4G or RAM, its about the user experience. Seriously, when you want to make comparison between two platforms, use at least 4-5 different model of them before commenting.

  • Mile L.

    Charity went through his wife, so learn to do research before providing false information. This will get you started:

    wikipedia. org /wiki/Laurene_Powell_Jobs

    no, Apple has never cared about money, so it’s obvious it didn’t go into their pockets! they have $81 Billion in CASH, so the company is saving up, like any good citizen… very little is anyone’s pockets.

    Yes, making 40% margins is just good business and really shows what building the best products can do for the world.

    Steve Jobs made a total of $11 (before tax) in the 11 years he was at Apple… sorry, but he was certainly not money minded… he was a buddhist don’t forget. Money never mattered to him…

  • Joo Joo

    Recently i read that Apple stole the GUI idea from Xerox. Then, microsoft steal that GUI idea again from Apple. Then, apple sued microsoft

  • Daibidh


    I had no idea Apple was planning on barring Google products… nor was I aware Google has become irreplaceable.

    I don’t use iCloud. There’s nothing on it yet. If it becomes just another MobileMe, I agree. Google can laugh. If apple’s recent investments in the field are any indication, I suspect iCloud isn’t intended to languish like all previous attempts at Apple cloud services before it.

    I admit I’m being optistic in light of past failures. Some here are being pessemistic in light of some very recent and interesting investments both in technology and personel. Only time will who’s right. :-)

  • Mile L.

    But Apple provides more “value” for your money, so you left that out of your equation.

    That’s why most educated people choose the Apple made device. If there was “over pricing” a product would languish on the shelves, but with all iOS devices Apple can’t build enough since they are the cream of “value” for money spent.

    Other manufacturers make 20-30% less, since they are providing 20-30% less “value” to the purchaser… Look at people who got stuck with Androids for the perfect example… did you fail your college econ courses or something?

    Apple is NOT IN IT FOR THE MONEY… how many times do people need to be told that… they are only about making the world a better place, the money they have is just a “side effect” of making the very best.

  • Daniel Barbour

    So, folks using Apple products will use Apple software, and folks using Google products will use Google software. I don’t see a huge problem here, Android will only continue to grow, and Apple can’t stop that.

  • CharliK

    Good to know but not really the question. I wasn’t asking about updates or lack there of. 

    A question was asked about why isn’t Google being sued over Samsung’s alleged trade dress violations. I countered “who picks the UI”. Based on what you said, it is Samsung. So they picked the flower etc. They get sued over it as copying since it is a non obvious choice (like say a camera lens for the ‘take a photo’ app/command)

  • CharliK

    Actually in terms of tablets Apple does have a monopoly. Which is totally legal if they used legal means to get there and don’t use that power for illegal means. 

    Apple has done nothing to push sales of the iPad outside of standard tactics of making it available and a decent product. Folks wanted it, they bought it. The lawsuits to protect their trade dress are both totally legal and required as part of having a trademark. Nothing anti-trust there. Apple hasn’t changed the leasing conditions for businesses or schools to say that they can’t use any non Apple products or must use iPads or set up any deals for cutting say schools discounts on iPads for their students if they sign a pact to change out their computers all for iMacs and never buy anything else for the next 50 years. Those types of games would be anti trust and illegal use of a monopoly

  • boo hoo

    lol… look outside “the greatest country in the world” and you would know Apple dont mean that much…. you could tak about a “bomb” if apple were to get their tools on the pc, android platforms. so what aaple has thier own tools  .. who cares? 

  • CharliK

    They wouldn’t do it unless they have some other reason besides “it’s google”. Too much bad PR

    Make a rule that all apps much be upgraded to iOS 4 and find a google app that isn’t then they might nuke it just like non google apps. Or one that is violating the rules on IAP and they would kick it over that (again that it is Google would never be mentioned). 

    Sure there will be blogs etc that try to play the “it’s google” card but Apple would have the ability to turn it and say “no we removed that app that happened to be by Google and these other 100 for the same out of date software issue [or whatever]. If they fix this, we are happy to return the apps to the store for our users to enjoy”

  • prof_peabody

    What a lot of right-wing perverted nonsense.  

    Apple (currently the most successful company in the world), is successful for precisely one reason:  because (unlike everyone else), they chose to focus on everything *except* “profit and maximising profit.”  

    Your argument is essentially that they should *stop* doing this (with an added gross reference to your love of strippers thrown in for good measure).  

    I feel dirty and stupid just reading your comments.

  • prof_peabody

    ” … why did SJ stop all charity donations when he (went) back to apple?”  this is a false statement.  You read too many rumours perhaps. 

  • CharliK

    They allow you to buy content from other sources, just not inside the app. As for the rude pictures,  you can get all you want via mobile safari. 

    Also,  until the day that Apple is our only electronics maker, our cable company, ISP and cell company, you can hardly call them fascists. Because if you don’t like their rules,  you are free to go somewhere else. 

  • LtWigglesworth

    I think any company “NOT IN IT FOR THE MONEY” is heading for a crash. Did you fail you’re college econ courses or something?  Of course Apple is in it of the money, and they are ruthless about it. 
    They began with a good design, but rather than accepting healthy competition and fostering innovation through that, they have chosen to use flimsy design patents to litigate to remove products that  threaten them. Just recently they lost a design patent case to a minuscule Spanish company, because they are not suing to address patent infringement, but to deter competition.
    They are in it for the money, not to improve the world. They aren’t the Gates foundation ( an example of how a businessman can truly change the world), they are a ruthless technology company. Just like the others

  • prof_peabody

    Android does *not* “run on Unix” or anything even remotely similar.  Android runs over a *kernel* that is basically Linux.  Linux is not Unix, it’s not even “based on Unix,” and it’s just a kernel.  

    iOS on the other hand, is a scaled down, (non-certified), Unix encompassing a full Unix kernel and most of the services and directories.

  • Mile L.

    And nobody is trying to stop that, it’s just Google users are generally the working class, so they are being corralled into a “advertising based model”, while Apple users have more free will, and don’t allow advertising.

    Take your pick… a spam based device like Android, or a perfectionist device like the iPhone. Both cost the same, so it’s really comes down to the education level of the buyer.

  • CharliK

    I disagree. I think that Apple understands web services just fine. But they also understand that most folks don’t need more than just a way to back up their contacts, sync up calendars they make on the road with the one at home or in the office etc. Especially for free without getting ads slammed at out. 

    And like it or not but Apple designed for the 95, not the 5. Us Creative Pros have had to get used to this when we lost Shake, when FCP was transformed into more of a FCPExpress with plug in power to make it Pro and so on. Most CPs got it and understood that Apple is about making money and money is in the masses not in spending lots of money to support a small group that only buys new stuff maybe every 5 years. But there also some very vocal naysayers who scream that they are the ones that ‘made’ Apple and they should still be the focus on the little grannies etc

    And remember that this article is Mike’s opinion. It is not fact and certainly could be proven to be 100% wrong and Apple isn’t thinking any such things. 

  • Mile L.

    Yes, everyone knows the iPhone / Apple approach is preferred… but there still seems to be a couple “amiga level users”, that don’t know when to accept the Android has died.

  • CharliK

    So you know the opinions of millions and million of iPhone users. Did you do a survey or are you just psychic. 

    IF, and it is a heavy IF, Apple choose to remove google from anything you might find that the exodus is actually nil. A lot of it would depend on what they replaced it with, how well it worked and how they timed the replacement and the drop. 

    For example, a lot of folks say that iOS has Google Maps. That isn’t totally true. It has Maps with the info coming from google’s database. But the UI is totally made by Apple. Apple could replace Google’s database with someone else and so long as the info was correct no one would have a clue they weren’t using “google maps”. And they won’t care because they want correct info, where it is coming from is secondary

  • CharliK

    don’t make the mistake of believing that Apple is going to “improve” iCloud beyond what it is right now in terms of services. Because you are likely to be mistaken. 

    they probably do intend for it to be another Mobile Me but with the costly to maintain and much lesser used parts removed so they can make it free for the 95. They are unlikely to make Apple Plus, Apple Blogs etc 

  • techgeek01

    Don’t allow advertising”…. Um iAds…..?

    Uh.  I guess you fail to realize by “locking down” the OS, Apple will essentially be able to get hell a lot information about you. (and that information WON’T go to Google) Thus allowing them to further tailor iAds.

    The only difference is, Apple’s magazine has advertisements for Mercedes, Hugo Boss, Bang & Olufsen, etc… and Google’s has ads for Ford, Levi’s, Yamaha, etc…

    same core concept, but one’s “classier” than another.  That’s the difference.

  • Mile L.

    But it’s unlikely Apple will ever focus too much effort on Google’s wrong doings, they are simply working on stopping the hardware “copycats”, so we all should applude Apple for keeping our country strong from Asian ripoff artists like Samsung.

    Well, Microsoft is no longer a player in cell phones or any mobile devices, they have already given up and are now closing down that portion of their operations.

    No, it’s unlikely Android could ever catch up with Apple’s iOS at this point, Apple’s reputation is just too positive and Android has pretty much died out on every platform except the the “2 for 1” deals sold to people in uneducated areas.

    Ever since Developers gave up on Android about a year ago, the writing became clear. Apple will end up with 72% of the mobile and television market, Android, Linux, MS will fight it out for the rest.

  • Mile L.

    but remember that Windows & Android are considered dead ends by developers, so why would Apple spend effort to move tools to those platforms? Apple is only focused on building the best hardware & software, they really don’t care about the 2nd tier, so I’m not sure what your point is… “who cares”, is right… this is about setting future direction, not looking back into the past like MS & Google so love to do…

  • Anonymous

    Mike L. –  nice trolling d00d

  • Mile L.

    But iAds have been shunned by the Apple Community, so not sure of your point. Fact is Apple products don’t have ads, the whole banishment of Flash was to clean up the iOS, it worked, now everyone loves a Flash free environment.

    No, iOS isn’t locked down… you can download it for free right here:

    opensource . apple . com

    Yes, some advertisers will still display Ads, but the Apple Community controls the equation, so advertisers have to step carefully or be banished.

    Yes, I’ll agree with the classier classification, that’s to be expected on a finer quality device, but in a perfect world all ads will be banned like on the AppleTV.

  • Anon

    Hope Google gets smacked. Getting too big for its boots.

  • Dorje Sylas

    What people are also missing is the threat to Google isn’t that Siri does/doesn’t use their search system. It’s the fact that Siri doesn’t see the Google Ads! That’s where it kicks google in the nut bunnies. Siri puts an interface on the Google search that doesn’t allow for any Advertisement display. These means Google’s primary source of income is negated by Siri, which is not good for Google. It would be like if everyone started using as their search Engine.

    Siri = NO ADs = No revenue = Bad for Google


    Siri = No Google = Bad for Google

    No Ads, no revenue, Google doesn’t like.

  • css

    do you actually judge people’s ‘education level’ and ‘class’ based on the phone they carry?

  • Yacko

    Well, an angry buddhist. A further note on money, Apple pays US taxes at an approx 25% rate, so Apple is a good corporate citizen  and not an exempted deadbeat like some.

  • Yacko

    For the most part, the amount of iPhone “overprice” does not affect the user, but is gouged out, by consent, directly from the carrier.

  • techgeek01

    “everyone loves a Flash free environment.”

    I can’t begin to tell how many people I know who said they wished that their iPad was flash capable. (actually most DON’T know that until they hit a flash website)

    Apple products don’t have ads. Please explain. They have iAds.  And apparently where the MOST money in mobile ads are made are on iOS devices.  So, if Apple products don’t have ads, then how in the hell is the iOS platform the most profitable in the Ad world?And the point with that?  I can get the exact same thing for Android as well.iOS is locked down.  Android is not.can you run iOS on any device? NO.can you run Android on any device? YES.Can you install applications outside of the app store on iOS?  NO. can you install applications outside of the app store on Android? YES.Can you modify/tweak iOS? NO.can you modify/tweak Android? YES. 


  • techgeek01

    Nice trolling my friend.  ;)

  • G S

    Don’t call Mike L a nerd.  That is insulting to nerds.  He’s a troll.

  • Mile L.

    No, Apple was always based on an “eastern” business philosophy, not the “western” one you are mistakenly attributing them to…

    So money, while important, was never the aim, but not even in their top 5 of corporate aspirations… so it’s quite clear you know nothing about Apple.

    Money is seen as just a “tool” to better the world, it wasn’t the goal, never will be, it’s just a nice benefit for their customers to share.

    Yes, Gates was ruthless and now feels guilty, but Apple never went in that direction. They simply followed the teachings of Buddha. So you might want to do research before you post to the internet again.

  • Joe N.

    Yeah, weird.  You’d think more people would realize that Android, even though it has the largest market share and is growing faster than any other OS, is actually dead.

  • Mile L.

    Yes, Google is a mess, it’s Deja Vu of Microsoft all over again, at least Apple keeps things open and only uses established standards & formats.

  • G S

    You do not need to launch the Google Wallet app to use it. Just whip out your phone, wake it up and tap it to the terminal. Done.

    Expect whatever next version of the iphone (and possibly ipods) to include the same NFC RFID functionality next year.

  • Mile L.

    Not sure what trolling means, but sounds like a nice complement, so thanks!

  • mlahero

    Oh grow up. Maximising profit is the goal of business, it secures the future of the company and keeps shareholders happy. If you really think that Apple create products for the sake of the art and for the future of technology then you really are naiive, they make massive amounts of profit. Their edge is that they have excellent designers and huge cult status.

    And no my argument is not that at all, Apple should do whatever they feel is necessary to keep up good business.

    My point is that a monopoly is no good for anyone.

  • mlahero

    Thanks for stereotyping anyone who badmouths Apple as a Windows user.

  • Mile L.

    Yes, you can clearly see within the data “what phone” a person uses has exceedingly high correlation values in determining social class, income and education levels.

    We also see that in computing since a Mac user is going to be more educated, have more income and be more technically inclined.

    It’s fascinating to see the layers of data.

  • Stephen Minton

    thank you, Grandpa. I think it’s time for your nap.

  • Mile L.

    But you are referring to kids who like to play games, not professionals. Flash simply doesn’t work on mobile devices unless you don’t care about video quality or battery life. Flash requires a 120V outlet, so that’s why Apple went ahead and phased it out of mobile computing.

    Ah, Apple doesn’t have ads in their products is the point. Yes, they have some hidden ways to get ads from 3rd parties, but when you use Apple equipment you are basically free of spam and pop-ups since the Apple community doesn’t allow for that type of behavior.

    Yes, but the iOS has 500,000 high quality Apps, most which are fee. Android only has about 12,000 high  quality Apps the rest are of poor quality since the APIs are unfinished and there are multiple screen sizes in the Android world, so everything turns out wonky.

    You’ll move up to an iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch or AppleTV at some point, so don’t always get so jealous.

  • techgeek01

    If Apple is not in there for the money, why are they are charging a premium for their devices?

    It’s saying that Ferrari isn’t in the car business to make money.

    Apple is like Ferrari. YOU’RE PAYING FOR THE NAME.  That’s it.

    People are WILLING to pay apple prices, because of the name.There is a non-apple laptop out there that is identical, if not surpasses a MacBook Pro. spec’s are identical. And guess what? It’s $1000 CHEAPER. than the MacBook Pro. This non MBP is equal (if not better) than this MBP. which is a better value? the non MBP, for a long shot.All your high end androids are EQUAL value wise, if not exceed that of your iPhone.But, I guess some people don’t want to admit that with Apple, you’re only paying for the name.  ;)Prime example is with iTunes. about 99% of the time you can get the exact same music FOR CHEAPER than iTunes on Amazon.  Matter of fact, I picked up an album of Amazon (download) for $12.  How much did Apple have the exact same album for?  $25.To upgrade an iMac memory to 16GB it will cost you $800. 4GB is $200.  How much does it cost to get the memory from another source?  $110 for ….. 16GB  almost /half/ the price it costs you to get 4GB memory for you iMac, if you went through Apple directly.
    Music is cheaper from amazon (and can be significantly cheaper)
    for the amount Apple charges you for 4GB memory, you could (literally) upgrade two of your iMacs to 16GB each.To get a MBP that is equal to this $1300 non MBP, its going to cost you $1000 MORE.If you want a 32GB iPhone, it’s gonna cost you $100 more than the 16GB…. with an android phone you can just add 16GB of more storage for under $15 bucks and 32GB for less than $35.So what was this again?  Apple provides more “value” for your money?Brand name.  People people are WILLING to pay for the name. That’s why all the Brand name companies are doing so well.  Because they are enough people out there who willing to pay for the name.That’s why there are idiots who pay $300 for jeans with holes in. “But they are Calvin Kleins!”  That’s why $800 sunglasses sell, when they look like crap.  “But they are Prada’s!You are absolutely not getting a Value with Apple.  You’re paying for brand name.oh yes, apple may have (cheap prices) but it’s to lure you in.Yes, the iPad make look like a pretty damn good value at $500, but is it? For $500 I can get a tablet with double the storage capacity, better hardware, ports (costs $70 to get these ports, via accessories), and free software. (to get equivalent software in the iPad world, it’s going to be like $50) Oh, lets through in additional 32GB for $35. Okay, how much will it cost in the iPad world to get something equivalent?  $700 for the tablet, $70 for the ports and $50 for the software. $820 that will cost you.  To get that non iPad? $535.Yes, it may seem to be a better value, but once you add it up, it isn’t.Value and Apple, don’t go together.  Brand name and Apple.  Because people are WILLING to pay those prices for Apple because it’s a Brand name.

  • mlahero


  • mlahero


  • Mile L.

    yes, the UI isn’t covered under the Android terms, so the onus falls back to Samsung for making counterfeits of Apple’s UI & HW.

  • techgeek01

    “Flash simply dosen’t work on mobile devices unless you don’t care about video quality or battery life.”

    I have a flash capable tablet.  Flash works amazing well. Video quality is suburb and there is (literally) no effect on battery life. And I know others who say the exact same thing.

    are we talking ads in apps or in the browser?
    because in the apps, Apple is doing exactly that google is doing.  But in the browser, yes that Mostly google, but that’s not flash there, so you will still get ads.  So have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Never owned an iPhone, never owned an iPad, never owned an iPod touch, never owned an Apple TV.  Never plan on getting any.  Why pick up one of those, when there are much better choices out there? Only apple product I have is a mac, but that will be (shortly) replaced by a PC.  There are (simply) far better devices out there than you can get in the Apple world.

    Why get a Ferrari when I can get a Brabus? (brabus is a tuner for mercedes)  Yes, the Brabus dosen’t have the looks of a ferrari, or the name, but fuck, you put a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc… against a Braus, they are destroyed.  They cannot compete against a Brabus.

    That’s Apple.  Apple is Ferrari. Drop dead beautiful products, but pitted against some (if not a lot) of these other products, they are flat out destroyed.

    Hence why I’m getting out of the mac world and staying out of the Apple world.  I don’t want a Ferrari.  I want a Brabus.  I want the best possible device, not the best designer brand device. 

  • Mile L.

    Yes, a “monopoly” requires 80%+ marketshare for an entire “market segment”, then includes “abuse” of that share. the iPad has about 1% of Book, Magazine and Big Chief tablet sales, so they are fine for the next 20 years.

    So I agree Apple won’t face any monopoly accusations for decades to come. They may have 85% of electronic tablet sales, but including everything else that is a traditional “tablet” brings their percentage way down in the eyes of the law.

  • fredphoesh

    I hope apple’s arrogance, paranoia and evil greed sees them falling in a major way.

  • mlahero

    I just wish they were more like in the early 2000s, I miss the powerbook days.

  • Refute This

    Thank you Mile L, for your well-reasoned comments and for speaking the truth against uneducated losers and Apple haters. Please keep it up. You should start your own blog.

  • LtWigglesworth

    Please, provide actual links to the data. otherwise what you have said is unfounded bigotry.  There also appears to be an extremely high correlation (R^2 =1) between being Mile L and being a troll. 

  • Marcus Schoen

    Android: Music: Google Music Player, Amazon Music Player
    Screens: Clear Black Amled, Super Amoled, Super Amoled +, Super Amoled HD, Super Amoled Advanced, etc.

    Siri: You get me there, but Google has integrated Dictation, along with voice search of internal features and web search

    Battery: Just look at phones like SGSII, Droid Razr, They pack massive batteries AND 4G

    Airplay: Android Beam, ZumoCast, and some other thing on Motorola phones

    Android is perfectly fine the way it is.

    Listening to you is more for the uneducated buyer…

  • Darrin Lim

    Problem with Nuke #3… Yelp is dominant in the US only, everywhere else Apple has to rely on Google Places.

  • Cherokee Charlie

    Apple.. just doing what they hated Microsoft for.. oh well- the same fate awaits.

  • Wraptures

    Google abdicated an economic proposition for developers, basically as they make all their money from advertising and only seek eyeballs and other ways to tie your interests and buying habits to their economic machinery. This is why Apps under iOS are of a higher caliber and larger number: the good developers are interested in making money, paying mortgages, and growing a business rather than some evangelical crusade on behalf of nebulous rallying cries of “open source”. Android users apparently think $ .99 is too much to pay for an App and seem to favor free (or stolen) goods. Look at the schlockware piling up at the Android Marketplace and you can understand how larger installed base means little to most of the world. Most surveys of mobile users show almost zero loyalty to Droid while iOS is up in the 90% range and huge numbers are just waiting for the carrier service contract to end so they can migrate to any of the Apple gear.

  • Wraptures

    Apparently you haven’t paid attention to just how “Blackberry” the Android smartphones looked before Jobs showed Schmidt the iPhone.
    Hijinx ensued!

    BTW Schmidt was never shown the real machine that Apple polished for years and that allowed their big picture thinking to get boiled down to a phone sized factor: iPad. Google is a Johnny-come-lately to the electronic device market who thought they could waltz over patent law and bull their way to hugeness on the backs of others. I’ve played with prototype touchscreen machines like the iPad back in the early 1990’s. The G-men have to buy near-miss patents to cover their *ss.

  • Wraptures

    Foolish mortal,
    Android can do anything an iOS device? LoL!

    How about shop at the iTunes store?
    Android users are locked out of the most vibrant and high-quality software being made right.

    O… And it’s dirt cheap @ $.99 an App…. Unless this is simply too much for an G-centric user is wiling to spend.

  • Wraptures

    Profit is feedback from the field: you know, kudos for a job well done. Contrary to many biz-religious types Profit not the end goal of a company. Profit allows a company to keep investing in goods/services/gear to address the needs of the market.

  • Wraptures

    … And those who drink “open source” Google kook-aid deserve the malware they inadvertently ingest.

  • Atienne

    Not sure about # 1. 

    If this was the case, why didn’t apple enable SIRI on the “4”. Yes they will sell more “4s”, but those of us who decide that SIRI wasn’t enough to justify the upgrade would be contributing to the google nuke by using it instead of google.

  • Wraptures

    I was there and have seen the decades of work exploring what and how electronic devices can and should be used. Apple patented it’s trail and is entirely correct to thwart the Google attempt to climb over other people’s good and hard work for dominance in a field they have only recently become aware of and entering.

    Patents give a temporary monopoly, but eventually society gets to use all of it. When my sone can drive he’ll have high-touch interfaces for everything from drudges to cars: hooray for everyone. Both Soviet-era isolation and medieval Guilds were out-foxes by systems that embrace change.
    It’s up to e newer companies, just entering this area, to come up with the new and improved way. We like Apple’s simplicity, but that came from years of tinkering. Judges are pointing out there are many ways to design an electronic device and Apple has secured theirs via patents.

  • Matthewyes

    Over in England we don’t have any places database in siri… And I wouldn’t put it past Apple to push Yelp to expand or just buy them out and expand everywhere.

  • Mile L.

    But Apple would never act like Microsoft, so your comment didn’t make any sense… Apple has a strong, ethical backbone don’t forget.

  • Mile L.

    Thanks! I shine a bright light towards people who try an maintain the status quo. Apple isn’t perfect, but it’s the best run company with the best built products we’ll see in our lifetimes.

  • Mile L.

    I doubt Apple would ever become arrogant, paranoid or greedy… that’s just not how they operate. They focus on making great products and then see if people want the best.

  • Kimo


  • Lansky

    Ok, you’ve got waaay too much time on your hands…

  • Mile L.

    “Hunch” is just one of the firms doing this level of research, you can get up to speed here:

    http://blog.hunch. com /?p=47384

    why are you so against facts anyway?

    geekologie. com /image.php?path=/2011/08/17/iphone-vs-droid-full.jpg

  • Mile L.

    Android is a long way from having more marketshare than iOS, especially since iOS continues to grow faster. iOS is at 325 million, Android is at 220 million, and many people give up on Android within the first 30 days.

    So yes, it’s sad that Android became so panned in the marketplace, but Google gave it a good try, they just didn’t have the software skills to build an OS, they only understand search.

  • Mile L.

    Yes, correct answer. Android ended up like Linux… good for a couple of geeks, but hated by the end using public. Satisfaction rates for Android are only 38%, while iPhone routinely are in the low 80’s.

    Someday everyone will own an iPhone, but until then, Android users will continue to suffer but not understand why.

  • Scylos

    I trully hope you’re paid well buddy. Mate, I loled hard.

    Typed on my Macbook.

  • Mile L.

    But nothing you mentioned is built into the Android, they are just tinker toy options you can fiddle around with.

    Nobody to wants to deal with such a half baked product, that’s why the iPhone remains more popular. About 40% more popular according to users time after time. Think about it.

    Android is more for tinkerers, people who like to change the oil in their cars and place no value on their “time”.

  • Mile L.

    But Apple creates products they like, not for what they think customers would like. That’s why they do no market research, pay no dividends, and never concerned about money.

    In the “western world”, business is about maximising profit, but Apple uses the “eastern business approach”, where social consciousness plays a leading role while maximising product quality is the primary goal.Apple is not a monopoly, so it appears you know little about business. Apple is “vertically integrated”, they follow the AT&T business model of the 1900’s don’t forget. So again, not sure where you think they have any monopoly.

  • Mark

    Android is open source and allows for so much more freedom than any Apple product. Technology should empower us with more options, not lock us down in walled gardens where we can’t modify our software and open up our hardware. Apple serves up over marketed products to users who simply haven’t the faintest idea as to what is behind the fancy packaging — which, while it may contain quality products, are founded on wrongs and ills for society. 

    There’s something to be said for ethical products.

  • Roger Ramshit

    What are you talking about. MS was hated for taking other people ideas and then commoditising by using the huge revenue from their OS/Office monopoly. This is similar to what Google is doing with their huge revenues from their search/Adsense monopoly…using it to commoditise other people work.
    Like or disklike Apple but they have never been about commoditisng hardware. I fail to see how analogy fits.

  • Wallaceb

    Dumb post is dumb. Anything that limits user choice range = bad.

  • Roger Ramshit

    MS and Google and Facebook all have the same paranoia, arrogance and evil greed. This is an industry (in fact a capitalist) paradigm not just fitting of Apple.

  • techgeek01

    Agreed.  They are great devices, but Apple is keeping them (severely) behind. They are not let out for their full potential.  What they are doing is selling a Model T ford.  Your choices are Black, Black, Black, Black, Black or Black.

    the “Openness” of Android allows Android to become a for better product than what Apple is putting out.  Why?  Freedom.  It allows for trials and such.  3D smartphones?  dual display smartphones?  Smartphones with keyboards?  smartphones with 5.3 inch displays?  Hey, a smartphone with two displays may sound stupid, but it could be a really hot product.

    Matter of fact I think the Asus Eee Pad transformer is one of those products. “who needs a tablet with a “laptop” dock?  if you wanted that, you can get a laptop!”  I personally see the Transformer setting the future for tablets and laptops.  I see tablets and laptops fuse into a Transformer like device. You have a tablet.  Then when you need, lets say more power, juice, etc… you could stick it into the dock, and vola, you have a laptop like device!  So, instead of needing to carry around two devices, you just need one.  Plus, this will allow for touch, stylus and keyboard input. you essentially have one device that can do all. 

    I know for a fact that would have /never/ been born in the Apple world.
    And the same can be said with the tinkering.  Yes, it may sound silly and stupid now, but later, everybody may be using it.Apple makes great products, but it’s Android who is bring the ideas to the forefront. 

  • techgeek01

    Apple has a strong, ethical backbone……?

    Foxconn anyone….?

  • mlahero

    Maybe you should read my comment again. I am saying that if Apple were to gain monopoly that would be a bad thing for all of us, I am not saying they have a monopoly right here right now.

  • techgeek01

    iOS is growing faster?  Um, last I heard iOS is activating 330,000 devices (last I checked) and Android is activating 550,000 devices (last I checked, and it may actually be well past 600,000 devices) The rate Android is going, they should be past 1 million by the end of the year, a day.

    iOS is growing no where near that rate.

    Many people give up on Android within the first 30 days.  That is funny, 100% of the Android users I know still have their android device, 1 year, 15 months, etc… after they bought it and are still happy with it.

    they just don’t have the software skills to build OS.  Funny how in the world is Android the #1 smartphone OS? and growing at a rate far faster than Apple?  Also, why are individual Android smartphone manufactures beginning to boot Apple out of top spot? And why does Android still have a HUGE impact in countries where the iPhone is on all carriers.  And lastly, why did iOS 5 take soo many ideas from Android….?

    Google MUST be doing something right.  Not apple. 

  • techgeek01

    what are you smoking, cause I would love to have some of it.

    Um.  Google Music player is Googles iPod.  Its in the OS.

    Screen.  Um just like iPhone’s screen.

    Voice Actions and maps, built in.

    battery, um…. same as screen.

    Android beam, built in…..

    Tinker options?  They are more practical than some of the stuff Apple puts out.

    Google Maps? You can toss your GPS (literally) out of the window.
    Google Wallet? not a gimmic.
    Face Unlock? not a gimmic.
    Android beam? not a gimmic.
    Google’s cloud services? not a gimmic.  If you know how to use it (very easy to learn) and know how to set it up properly (very easy, again) it blows icloud out of the water.

    Here is the thing.  If you properly set up your phone (aka tinker), your Android phone is not a smartphone, but a computer.  It completely blows the iPhone out of the water.  Only difference is, Apple has designer logos slapped all over their things to make it appear that it’s better than anything out there.

  • TechWetWorks

    First Apple’s patents are overly broad and in many cases should have never been given. Secondly in quite a few instances Apple wasn’t the first and thus shouldn’t be given credit or patents.

    Google isn’t climbing over other peoples work. You do realize more then one company, person, etc. can develop the same idea, pratice, design at the same time especially since it is overly generic.

    You are misguided in your alegiance to Apple over another company. You are also wrong with regards to some judges decisions and how it affects some companies that use android. In fact one of the reasons Apple doesn’t go after Google is because Google has its own patents and as a result would nullify both companies from producing anything useful or productive. Stop spreading FUD and ignorance just because you feel some allegiance/connection to Apple. That last statement applies to the author of the article in thinking that reducing consumers options is a hood thing when it is clearly not. Also the author is wrong in that all consumers should have the choice to choose what map program or message client that they like rather then being forced to use only Apples product.

  • Dan Markus

    The post says Apple will switch the “default” not limit the range. If you still want to use Google, Siri/Safari will let you… but the default search engine will be different.

  • Mile L.

    Exactly! That’s why people prefer the iPhone since you aren’t limited.

  • Mile L.

    Incorrect, Android is far more locked down than iOS. The problem nobody mentions is when you get stuck with an Android, you won’t get major OS updates until you buy a new phone. Whereas Apple gives you free, no cost major updates for the life of the phone.

    You can modify or upgrade your Apple iPhone far more than an Android, so it’s clear you are bitter Apple makes the more flexible product.

    No, Apple does very little marketing, they let word of mouth sell their products. Again why are you so bitter that Apple builds the most popular smartphone? It’s all about quality, and for some reason you are against people who want the best…

    You’ll move up to an iPhone at some point, but for now, relax…

  • sameandnot

    I would say that at least an equal percentage of Apple users “know what is behind the fancy packaging” as do users of Google and Microsoft platforms.  Your argument is lame and baseless.  Also, the people who can modify the software still do so.  I have opened up my 3GS on several occasions, to change the battery or to repair the logic board.

    What Apple has done, on the other hand, is keep the Mac and iOS relatively free from malware and viruses.  Surely there are some, but the control Apple exerts over their devices, machines and app store effectively protect the large majority of users from these very real, very costly threats to personal security and banking.

  • Mile L.

    Foxconn has far less suicides per capita than similar US manufacturers, so what is your point? Yes, we all agree Apple is the most ethical US company, so we both agree with that.

  • Manny

    Lol. I bet the writer of this is another one of those iCrap fanboys. Take what apple gives you with restriction ‘cus its not entirely your product mindset.

  • Don M.

    Mike L., your copy reads as if it was written by a humorless automated drone spewing Apple ad copy, not by an “educated” person. Are you an app?
    You need to get laid.
    Just an observation.
    You may continue.

  • fredphoesh

    LOL that is hilarious, I assume you are joking, right?

    Apple used to pitch themselves as the alternative, fighting against the big ibm machine. Now they have become this dark, secretive and paranoid monster, litigating and suffocating creativity with their desire to dominate.

    To plug and apple device into a computer, you need their proprietary cable, their quicktime software, their itunes software, and then you cannot simply drag and drop, copy and paste your media etc… you are being controlled.

    Google has open source code which is used by many hundreds of companies, at no cost. They can customise it the way they want, and some companies have even encouraged hacking of their products.

    Until a few weeks ago, google had LABS which was where google employees came up with great ideas and PUBLICISED them before they went to market. That is 100 percent opposite from anything apple has ever done. Sharing ideas is absolutely not something apple would ever do.

    I am afraid apple products have become about snob appeal, status symbols, and like most status symbols, they are more about style than content. Now mr jobs is gone, perhaps the products will have to sell on their own merit rather than the rantings of a top notch salesman…. and apple will start to appeal less to the gullible masses.

  • fredphoesh

    LOL that is hilarious, I assume you are joking, right?

    Apple used to pitch themselves as the alternative, fighting against the big ibm machine. Now they have become this dark, secretive and paranoid monster, litigating and suffocating creativity with their desire to dominate.
    To plug and apple device into a computer, you need their proprietary cable, their quicktime software, their itunes software, and then you cannot simply drag and drop, copy and paste your media etc… you are being controlled.
    Google has open source code which is used by many hundreds of companies, at no cost. They can customise it the way they want, and some companies have even encouraged hacking of their products.
    Until a few weeks ago, google had LABS which was where google employees came up with great ideas and PUBLICISED them before they went to market. That is 100 percent opposite from anything apple has ever done. Sharing ideas is absolutely not something apple would ever do.
    I am afraid apple products have become about snob appeal, status symbols, and like most status symbols, they are more about style than content. Now mr jobs is gone, perhaps the products will have to sell on their own merit rather than the rantings of a top notch salesman…. and apple will start to appeal less to the gullible masses.
    Store all your stuff online and send huge files via Dropbox… for free. Click here to get Dropbox so I can get an extra free 250mb.
    Thanks! Mark.

  • Kref86

    This post is so bullshit. Google bought Android in 2005 with plan to develop a phone 2 years before Apple ever announced the iPhone. So please shut the fuck up with ” But then Google recklessly chose to attack Apple head-on with Android.” Google didn’t start shit, Fanboy.

  • jnjnjn3

    The posting as it is now doesn’t mention iPhone was first. So what sentence did you reply on?

  • jnjnjn3

    Its a bit obvious, but you’re right I guess with Nuke #1 – #6.


  • madhatter61

    If you can’t be nice in your language, just go away.  your post is most offensive.

  • techgeek01

    I have friends who want to have keyboards on their devices.  I have friends who want phones with 4 inch or larger displays.  I have friends who hook up their phone quite frequently to TV’s and need a HDMI port on their phones.  I have friends who take tons of photos and need a microSD slot in their phone.  I have friends who need a LTE, for super fast download speeds on their Phones. I have friends who need to use their phone as a mass storage device.  I have friends who need to watch flash content on their phones.  I have friends who need to be able to sync photos, music, documents to the cloud and be able to access all those things (without downloading). I have friends who want to be able to call and text anybody in the U.S. for free.  I have friends who want to use their phone to pay for things.  I have friends who want to be able to share things with their phone.  I have friends who want to drop their phone into a dock to have a netbook like experience. I have friends who need to have a replaceable battery.

    Do you have those choices with the iPhone?  No.  I have heard countless of times people complaining about the size of the display, no physical keyboard, no flash capability, slow download speeds, no replaceable batteries, cannot use their devices as a mass storage device,  etc…. 

  • techgeek01

    Obviously, you have too much free time on your hands.

    What you said is false.

    Devices confirmed to get newest OS.
    Asus-Padfone, Transformer Prime, Eee Pad Transformer
    HTC- Rezound, Vivid, Sensation, Sensation XL, sensation SE, EVO Design 4G, Amaze 4G
    LG-Optimus 2X
    Meizu-MX, M9Motorola- Droid RAZR, Bionic, Xoom, Xoom 2, Xoom 2 Media EditionSamsung- Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy S II SkyrocketSony- 2011 Xperia smartphone lineupThis list above are the android devices that have been already confirmed to get the latest update.  And hell a lot more devices are coming as well.Apple doesn’t give your major updates for the rest of the life of your phone. They stop after a couple of major updates. (look at regular iPhone and iPhone 3G, cannot upgrade to the latest OS) plus, they get features taken away.False again.  The modify, upgradability of Android phones is far ahead of the iPhones. The amount of things your android phone is capable of, far exceeds that of an iPhone.Apple does every little marketing. False. Then why do I see they commercials all over the TV? or all over Magazines? and more?  What’s ironic is the the iPhone supposedly is the best quality smartphone out there, but so damn fragile it shatters when dropped accidentally. Drop some of these (supposedly) far inferior quality phones and they won’t even get a scratch.

  • Jviquez

    Opensource is dead, is not a plus for Android, for years I defend and try Linux, but the fragmentation and poor delivered products finally make me drop linux and use MacOSx and iOS, much better, no problems, full support at a low cost.

  • Non-cultist

    iUsers will simply lose all benefits of Google services. Oh! And there’s a “+1” button at the end of this article.

  • techgeek01

    “Apple is selling iOS devices 2 to 1 over Android is the point.”

    July of 2011, there 550,000 Android activations daily.  The rate they were growing at was 100,000 additional each month.  Meaning Android is activating at least 750,000 devices daily.

    Apple? Last they said was 330,000 activations for all iOS devices.

    So who is selling more devices now?  Apple right? since they of right now, are selling half as many devices as Google.

    My dear friend, go back to school.  You need to understand math correctly.  There is no possible way apple is selling 2 devices to every 1 android device, when Android is selling at least 2 devices to every 1 apple device.  (might be actually now 3 android devices to every 1 apple devices) ;)

  • Marcus Schoen

    Umad iPhone?

  • rbravo

    Very interesting points made about the end game strategy for Apple. The only problem with the theory is that it will take too long to execute. By then, the masses will have already moved onto other products.

    Then again, blackberry only had dominance for a few years before their sales cooled off. I think Apple is increasing market share in mobile devices but it cannot dominate the computer market for a long time. It’s also much harder to do now that Steve has left us. Apples come back started in the early 2000s but they haven’t really nailed anyones’ coffins. If it were ever bound to happen it would have happened by now.

    Google doesn’t really depend on mobile phone sales to stay profitable. It just bought Motorola, I noticed that didn’t get a mention. Apples business is computers. If they fail there then there’s not much else for them to sell. Competition is at an all time high. Despite all those patents that Apple filed years ago, they are fighting to stay in business. Samsung, Dell, Sony, HP all provide competition on the laptop market. 

    Apple is just one company, it’s easier to bring down then all the Android friends such as HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola. I say good on Apple for making Microsoft nervous. Good on them for creating a tablet market. However, competition is on and all the other companies are scheming to get our money. If I didn’t own a blackberry I’d be having a hard time choosing between a Motorola or LG android phone right now. Oh and for all the Mac elite, I’m not a poor uneducated person that doesn’t know any better. I just feel that getting an apple phone is so typical and doesn’t really express any individuality, it just demonstrates who’s willing to conform and follow trends. We all know Apple sets the bar these days, it’s always fun to see what the competition do and how they address Apple’s mistakes/stubborness. I guess Apple has the opportunity to be less stubborn now. Let’s see what they do without a supreme spiritual leader.

  • Jglev

    Except that the original Android concept that Google showed off looked nothing like the Android of today.  It looked more like a Blackberry than an iPhone.  When Eric Schmidt saw the iPhone before it was released (he was on Apple’s board), he went back and had Android redesigned to more closely resemble the iPhone and that was the Android that was finally released.  And the Nexus one was released after the first iPhone, not before.  This is what pissed Steve Jobs off.  The fact that Google ripped off iOS and changed Android after seeing it.  Jobs felt betrayed and took it personally.

  • Arturo Ryes

    Open source dead? Ha, without trying to be rude here you just made me laugh. Open source is the key to build better products, most of the companies (including Apple) know this. I have to ask: Have you ever used Ubuntu?  It’s free and open source, with a great community at a really low cost unlike Mac OS or iOS which it’s really expensive (comparing it to other alternatives). However, I agree that fragmentation can be a problem in many ways. But closed source does not always mean better either.

  • AstoriaLL

    very interesting. You nailed it.

  • Shaun

    Apple would be doing all this stuff anyway to improve iOS, the real thermonuclear option would be to buy Yahoo and compete directly with Google on search and advertising were Google makes most of its profits.

  • Abc

    This is not a well thought out article: if Siri had been intended to be a weapon to use against Google, it would not have been restricted to the latest model of iPhone.

  • Kaosumahoutsukai

    You know Apple piggy backed on open source to get to where it is. Webkit came from KHTML, OSX from FreeBSD and NetBSD, iOS from Darwin which is an open source POSIX-compliant OS, etc.

  • Wraptures

    I’m sorry, I missed where Google was in the 1990’s developing slim portable electronic devices. Oh, yeah, they had to buy their way into THAT club. Most of the Motorola patents are of dubious value since M was focused on the transmission side rather than interface and device development for end-users: look at the schlock they shipped. 

    Of course Apple didn’t invent everything and there is a lot of cross-pollination through this industry. The fact remains Apple has been putting themselves on the line for decades, as few other companies, to carve out a new niche and disrupt static industries. German judges have decreed there are many other ways to produce a tablet and Apple’s ‘simplicity’ is theirs by lots of trial and error, whereas Samsung has been riding Apple coat-tails to the point of packaging their goods and designing their retail just like Apple to make fools of the unwary. You are wrong to assert Google is not climbing over others to make a secure market for their advertising dollars that iOS devices would take away: this is entirely their strategy and why Siri is the sneak-attack payback Jobs described.I do believe Apple is on a campaign of FUD against the handset makers that will affect what these manufacturers will produce. This is SOP for most tech firms defending their position.  Are software patents evil?

  • shaneguymon

    I hope this isn’t true. This is pretty annoying. Apple should be focused on making the users happy. Controlling their experience isn’t the way to do that. Seems like the exact same tactics that Microsoft did. Initially it all worked for them as well. However as time went on people don’t like to be controlled.

    So when you say things like, “they make it more harder to sync Gmail.” You should focus on making your products work well enough that people would rather use them than another product. For instance I left Hotmail and Yahoo for my email NOT because Gmail made it easier to sync my emails to other devices, rather because Gmail worked BETTER. Gmail offered MORE space and BETTER spam filters and protection.

    You are making Apple sound much more like Microsoft, where they say, “Hey we will force computers using our products to come with Internet Explorer already installed, and we will make it easy for Internet Explorer to be found and work.” Then they rely on people being too lazy to install their own browser instead.

    Apple should embrace competition. In a global market there is enough room for everyone to win to some degree.

    Apple should be caring about their users. So if Google Places offers the BEST information about locations then Siri or any other app should utilize that information to give the “user” the best results. Same with search engines. If Google has the BEST search engine, then they should utilize that. Instead you make it sound like they will use a different search engine, NOT because it is BETTER, but rather because it is NOT Google. That frame of mind is just flat out sad and disappointing to say the least.

    So here’s to hoping that NONE of this is true, and instead that Apple will care more about their users than some stupid little “war” they want to have against another company.

  • TylerHoj

    Very interesting article. I’d welcome a switch from Google with open arms. 

  • barry carver

    Apple is simply about the user experience.  People keep commenting on the amount of choices in  the Android market.  Well that’s the problem.  With iPhone I just have one product to consider.  With Android phones I have LOTS to consider.  People want something simple to consider and use.
    Google is making market share on it’s Android by giving the system and the phones are discounted so that free is what ‘sells’ an Android phone.  Just look at the profit per phone and the iPhone wins.
    and where were all these ‘smartphone’ before the iPhone.  Apple always leads!  Everyone else copies..

  • Space Ace

    Pretty weak argument against getting an iPhone there.

    “I don’t want to follow a trend so I’ll get the most common OS out there that most people have.”

    Way to show the Man.

  • memyself I

    woohoo, bet Google is shaking in their boots right now

  • Mike

    Apple has become 1984. It’s very disappointing, and detracts from their appeal. I always liked the underdog and now the underdog is google’s Android.

  • Mike

    Soooo, people DON’T want option? Choices are BAD? Hmmmm…more Kool-Aid?

  • Kendall Tawes

    Doesn’t Google currently have more marketshare in the smartphone market? Also Google pulled a MS and took a lot of Apple’s GUI and Multitouch gestures after working closely with them. Apple didn’t go after Microsoft after they took Lisa and Mac designs and I don’t think anyone at Apple wants someone to get away with something like that again. They might be going a bit overboard on this but I understand why.

  • CloudBrother

    What difference does all this make to Steve?. He is passed on, and is in his big iCloud in the sky. All this pure speculation from an apple fan’s hoping. Any technology writer worth their weight in salt should write about what companies do to coexist, to inter operate and excel limitations together. Not this zero sum philosophy of scorched earth. Your writing and thinking is so 1800s. Please evolve for the sake of your readers.

  • Ed

    Steve always wanted the appliance computer, make it work like a toaster, few choices, it just does it’s job.

  • Nate

    The actual quote from the article is: “The introduction of iCloud in iOS 5 makes synching with Gmail harder, and replacing Gmail easier.” I’m not aware of any move by Apple to actually sabotage Gmail syncing. I’ve moved to iCloud, and my Gmail still works great on my iPhone. I believe the point being made here is that IN COMPARISON, Gmail is now harder and less integrated than iCloud email. Therefore, more users will choose to switch to iCloud. This is precisely what you said above: “You should focus on making your products work well enough that people would rather use them than another product.”

    “Apple should be focused on making the users happy. Controlling their experience isn’t the way to do that.” 

    Obviously debatable, as evidenced by the daily iOS vs. Android arguments. Some of us want a carefully curated user experience “that just works,” even if it means sacrificing some options we’d like. Other people want control over every aspect of their experience, regardless of the consequences. I’m firmly in the former camp, but I can respect that others disagree.

    “If Google has the BEST search engine, then they should utilize that. Instead you make it sound like they will use a different search engine, NOT because it is BETTER, but rather because it is NOT Google”

    I didn’t get this sentiment from the article. I absolutely agree that Apple would like to move away from their dependence on Google, but I believe the way they intend to do this is by providing BETTER services that are more integrated with the iOS experience. Siri is a great example. Apple didn’t just switch the default search engine to Bing and then stick their tongue out at Google. Instead, they build a service that largely bypasses the need to use a search engine at all. Google gets hurt, yes (which I’m sure Apple enjoys), but it also results in a dramatically more user friendly experience for the end user. Google is still available for iOS just like it always was – people just no longer need to use it as much. Win for Apple, win for the user.

    Apple may have a grudge against Google, but Apple’s not stupid enough to take actions simply out of spite that will hurt their users. User experience drives virtually everything that is done out of Cupertino.

  • RonBlatto

    I did buy my own domain.  I’m using Google Aps for business to manage my email, contacts, and calendar services.

  • deasys

    Yeah, it doesn’t matter who started the hostilities, right? Can’t we all just get along? Let aggressors and thieves be aggressors and thieves, right? Who cares!?


  • Jerry

    You’re iDreaming.

  • Charles

    Yes, you are not so smart

  • Keith

    You do realize that buying a non-Apple phone just so you’re not trendy, is basically doing the same thing, but worse because you’re being hypocritical, right?

    You’re basically saying: “I’m going to buy an Android because ‘everyone is buying the iPhone’. They’re only buying it because it’s trendy. I don’t buy things based on trends, so I’m getting an Android!” 

    But really, you’re only buying an Android because it’s “not the trend”, so you’re still basing your decision on how (un)trendy the phone is. What’s ironically funny about this mindset though, is that no matter what direction you go, you’re buying your phone based on Apple’s marketing. The very thing you wanted to avoid.

    Going the opposite way of the perceived majority just to be an individual is the opposite of being an individual. If you REALLY want to be an individual, buy a phone because you like it’s aesthetics, it’s specs are a good value for your money, it does what YOU need it to do, not what others need it to do, and don’t base your decision on what others are doing.

    You say that you’re not “a poor uneducated person that doesn’t know any better”, but you’re disproving your case. Your whole message to “the Mac elite” is full of bigotry, ignorance, and intolerance. So because I own a Mac, I think you’re uneducated, poor, and   you don’t know any better? You think that I’m trendy? Way to generalize. 

    Just because someone owns Apple products doesn’t mean they think that way towards “everyone else” (as if it’s a club or something), or that they’re just following trends. They could be purchasing the things that they like without any regard to current trends. Maybe they’re actually the one being an individual. I would challenge you to think about why you’re thinking that way about someone before you point a finger.

  • Keith

    Unlike MacOS? Darwin is what OS X is built on. It was created by Apple FOR Apple. It is, however, open source as well. You can download the source free of charge.

  • Keith

    “Confirmed to get” is not the same as “confirmed to have gotten”.

  • tkennon

    An astonishingly naive fanboy hallucination of an “article”.  Dude, you should get out more, it’s a whole new world where consumers make these use case choices, not platforms.

  • kiwigal

    I think these type so called “wars” are publicity stunts sometimes.

  • ferrouswheel

    Poor consumers, they get so confused so times.

    Can you be any more condescending?

    Some of us consumers actually are able to read and make our own choices, and that’s why I find fanboys, who insist I’m not allowed an Android because the OS needs to be destroyed, so damn infuriating.

    I have a bunch of reasons I dislike Apple, I prefer my phone to have more flexibility and freedom that what iOS gives me. Part of that freedom is choosing the phone that has the feature set I need.

  • ferrouswheel

    The fact that there is a hardware back button? The fact that it does multitasking correctly instead of some half hearted add-on?

    Having micro hdmi output or dlna that you can stream to our entertainment unit? Having glasses free 3d screens? inbuilt 3d cameras? Having dual core processors? Front facing cameras?

  • ferrouswheel

    I have app developer friends that have had to contend with the fickleness of the app store… the fickleness is nothing to do with the implementation of the apps, and everything to do with the content.

    Amazon tried to sell their kindle books but Apple put a stop to that.

    Other developers made useful apps, but because they impinged on a new feature that Apple was going to release they pulled the app.

    Unfortunately I don’t know the official names, because these are all past events I didn’t care enough to record them. Just enough to reinforce my decision to move away from Apple.

  • ferrouswheel

    Straight from the horses mouth.

  • ferrouswheel

    Straight from the horses mouth.

  • ferrouswheel

    Come on man, are you that disconnected from reality?

    Do you think consumers are so stupid they can’t read the label on the box that says “Android”?

    Apple will not negotiate a $1 fee with Google. Steve’s vendetta against Android means that any attempt to license from Apple was shut down.

    Not to mention that the Apple iPhone was not the first to have a touch-based smart phone. That prize goes to LG.

  • ferrouswheel

    Except many people here, and the article, want Android destroyed. Apple is trying to make Android unprofitable and threatening lawsuits against manufacturers. That is impinging on my freedom to buy non Apple products.

  • Arturo Ryes

    MacOS X may be built on Darwin, but it is not open source and either free!

  • Keith

    You are mistaken.

  • Keith

    I suggest you look that up. Lest you appear uneducated. Wikipedia has a good article on Darwin.

  • CharliK

    Apple doesn’t care if Android makes a profit. So long as they aren’t doing it via abuse of IP. 

    One thing you have to understand is that Apple legally has to file these suits. It’s a nasty catch of current trademark/dress laws. You have to actively protect your mark or you will lose it. Classic case is Bayer letting folks get away with using aspirin as a generic term. They finally decided to try to put a stop to it and the courts laughed them off saying they let it go on for ages so clearly they didn’t care that much. Even if Apple agrees that the ‘copying’ is slight if they don’t go after it and in all countries, later someone being more blatant can refer back to Apple ignoring Samsung etc as proof that the IP isn’t really that important to Apple so why let them keep any of it. And the other side might win that argument. 

    And part of that game in many countries is the whole injunction etc. Apple is merely playing the game the way the laws say to play the game. 

  • CharliK

    The catch is that a large amount of the consumers want that also. 

    The geeks that want to tweak etc are outnumbered like 5000 to 1 over the ‘i just want something that works’ crowd

  • CharliK

    that quote is also wrong. You can totally still sync to gmail for the things that Gmail syncs and use iCloud for the rest if you want. works just fine. I have a whole family doing just that. AND they each have their own iCloud for their data and share an ID for the store which works with no issues despite folks saying they have to use one id for everything linked to a device

  • CharliK

    You mean about Mike’s guess of what the end strategy and motives are. He has zero actual info about what Apple is going to do and why. 

    In the end they might not block or cut anything Google at all. Let folks use what they want. But for those that don’t particular like Google’s offerings, they will have an Apple created choice to add to their options. 

  • Arturo Ryes… It says closed source (with open components) but THAT IS NOT OPEN!! You are the one who appears uneducated! Holy Moly, How can you be so narrow minded?!!

  • Arturo Ryes

    No, you are the one who appears uneducated. Go to the Mac OS X wikipedia page and it says, closed source (with open components) and THAT IS NOT OPEN! Holy Moly, how can you be so narrow minded?!!

    I do not why you are all talking about Darwin, I do not care about it you are the one who brought that up!

  • MidAmerica

    If people don’t think, that in this fast paced, open evolution of the Android Market system. That Siri won’t soon be bettered in the Android Market. You are just kidding yourself. The Free and open Android Market process will prevail here as well. Just as it did with the United States. Soon after the groundwork was laid, by our founding fathers. This article is a childish wish list, and nothing more. See you here again this time next year. We will discuss it further then. 

  • axolotol

    or people could just stop using apple devices in preference for a more flexible and open system and stop being told what they can and cant do on a device they have paid for.