Cult of Mac Twitter Celebration Giveaway Tuesday, Sept 27th at 5PM EDT!




On Thursday Cult of Mac’s Twitterfeed gained its 100,000th follower. We know we couldn’t have hit this big milestone without so many passionate readers who motivate us to provide the best Apple news content on the web. In order to celebrate we want to give back to all our Twitter followers who have supported us, so we’re giving away a treasure trove of goodies as our way to say thanks. We will be hosting a Twitter Trivia Giveaway on Tuesday, September 27th at 5pm EDT. If you’re not going to be available for the Twitter Trivia Giveaway you can still win some prizes by leaving your Twitter handle in a comment on this article and we’ll  enter you in some of our random drawings.

Here’s what you can win:

(updated with winners names)
Twitter Trivia Prizes:
SPOT Connect w/free one year subscription ($269) winner: @revinriley
Marshall Major Headphones ($119) winner: @torychapman
3 YouMail 1-year subscriptions ($100) winners: @omgwutsthat @KeenMacWizard @jb72123
Sennheiser CX 680i Adidas Earphones ($99) winner: @yellowlabdoggy
Griffin Survivor Heavy Duty iPad case ($89) winner: @cubevato
Griffin Beacon Remote ($80) winner: delucachris
Download Songs Mac app ($4.99) winners: @JSlott@kupschcake @RobertBIrish @Rossahhmusic @ChrisMClancey


Random Drawing Prizes:
iSport Monster Earphones ($150) winner: @d_a11as
5 copies of Zombie Escape winners: @c0rrine @clintledbetter @danajc @b_rad1976 @tr0yzilla
5 copies of Where’s My Water? winners: @dewaynepope @shanfu  @GettingLost @franktisellano @taylorjared

How to Play Twitter Trivia:
At 5pm on the 27th we will be asking a series of trivia questions on our Twitter feed. The first person to reply to @cultofmac with the correct answer will win the prize for that question (prizes for the questions will be stated beforehand). Once you’ve won one round you are ineligible for all future prizes that day other than the Random Drawings. Eligibility is only valid for those who are followers of Cult of Mac on Twitter.

How to Enter the Random Drawing:
At the bottom of this article leave a comment containing your Twitter username. Eligibility is only valid for those who are followers of Cult of Mac on Twitter. We will be drawing random winners for the 11 individual prizes on September 27th at 7pm EDT.


Thanks again to everyone who’s been supporting us on Twitter this past few years. We hope everyone can participate on Tuesday and have some fun.

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  1. Carl A. Sorvino says:

    Am I the first comment?!

  2. Carl A. Sorvino says:

    And the second?

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  5. Chris Martinson says:

    Free Stuff Good! Thank You Cultof Mac! @MadMarty520

  6. Lara Saikali says:

    I’d like to be entered into the random drawing – Twitter handle larzkicksu

  7. FriarNurgle says:

    I’m at @FriarNurgle

  8. m13 says:

    Congratz for 100K followers! Good luck for the next 100K.


  9. Biondy says:

    i’m from indonesia, is it counts?
    and my twitter account is @biondyogi

  10. Michael East says:

    Enter me- @jmichaeleast:twitter 

  11. Diogo Lemos Guimarães says:

    US only?

  12. Shannon Rush says:

    Please enter me: @shanfu:twitter  

  13. John940 says:

    Congrats!! @jsarver101

  14. hector zamorano says:

    count me in for prizes : @hecside:twitter 

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  16. Aaron says:

    @volyaawk is my account.

  17. Brandon says:

    Twitter username brandoncranor for the random drawings. :)

  18. janehall8 says:

    Congrats! @janehall8:twitter 

  19. Shane Patton says:

    @dutchshane:twitter  i wanna win stuff =D

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    Cult of mac – the bible according to st jobs!

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  24. Dan W says:

    @danwill7102 thanks :)

  25. Revinriley says:

    This is a cool giveaway!

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  27. Kyletilley says:

    Not the best at trivia questions so I will leave a Thank You Cult of Mac here and hope for the best.

  28. Jelmer Schmidt says:


  29. Sevendotzero says:

    I’m in! @sevendotzero

  30. louiscutmore says:

    pick me! @louiscutmore:twitter 

  31. PF says:

    I am terrible at trivia so here is to hoping I can win a random prize – @philferenc:twitter 

  32. Daniel Harding says:

    Nice one, let’s hope you get a few more.

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  36. gma11 says:

    Well I’ll be busy with grandkids – and trivia hard — but those kids can teach me how to use any prize I win.  Thanks for allowing us to celebrate with you!

  37. dewaynepope says:

    Congrats on reaching a milestone! @dewaynepope

  38. Khrbt Zyd says:

    Really hoping I win! @chicksdigmoobs:twitter 

  39. Brendand075 says:


    ALSO, i never got my prize for the last twitter trivia giveaway

  40. Nate says:

    @shaanathan22 can you also check the website cos I can only view cult of mac on flipboard but not on safari on my mac for the last week,thanks.

  41. Gary says:

    me please: @garybc:twitter  :)

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  47. JimmyDavis357 says:

    I just got a $827.89 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HTV for only $251.92, they are both coming tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prîces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use Gr?bPenny.?om

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    @julian_flores count me in!

  54. Plandswick says:

    Plandswick says he is overjoyed to endorse this cult or any other cult!

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    @trgeng:twitter  thanks for this!

  69. Dmcnado says:


  70. TylerHoj says:

    I’ll be on twitter for sure! This is by far my favourite place to find news about everything Mac, better than 9to5Mac for sure! Here’s my twitter name for the random drawings though… @tHoj101 

  71. Julian Nguyen says:


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    Me please. @nicolaspratt:twitter 

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  86. TammyHolden says:

    …………..I just got a $827.89 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HTV for only $251.92, they are both coming tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prîces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use

  87. Dcxyboy24 says:

    @DCxyboy24 awesome

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    @Tamsen_Creative – Thanks & appreciated, will be busy getting a wrist surgery tomorrow.

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    @bagnegaard:twitter  Thanks alot :) I need some free shit :) 

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  111. Johnwstoffer says:

    @johnstoffer woohoo!

  112. Charles Auchterlonie says:

    @auchterlonie:twitter very genorous give-away 

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    @rockstardoug thanks

  115. Jchat says:

    @jarama1 nice one

  116. Judas2k says:

    @muhfuknpolo appreciate it!

  117. Grant says:

    @spiderbean_ mange tout rodders!

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    @benzwu here

  120. Luis Turcios says:

    @luisturcios:twitter THANKS GUYS, FREE MAC STUFF!

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    @nicko:twitter Thanks guy :)

  124. Ferishia says:

    Pick me! @ferishia:disqus 

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  126. Mark Richardson says:

    @gnarlsmarkley:twitter @gnarlsmarkley:disqus 

  127. Corey L. Robertson says:

    @behaviorguy:twitter Thanks!

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    Congratulations! Thanks for the updates.

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    sounds fun @equinepromo:twitter

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    Yo, enter me… @DanBoltron

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  135. Luke Magsino says:

    @lukemags:twitter @lukemags:disqus @lukemags 

  136. Halstead B says:


  137. b_rad1976 says:

    @b_rad1976 says he hope he wins.

  138. b_rad1976 says:

    @b_rad1976 says he hope he wins.

  139. Spencer Taylor says:


  140. Jeff DeWolfe says:

    @jdewolfe unfortunately I work 3rd shift and I have a feeling the giveaway will be over by then. Thanks!

  141. Urbudyjoe says:


  142. HMora says:

    @heldersekt :)

  143. twitter-18458654 says:


  144. Casey Ogden says:


  145. MichaelTheGeek says:

    Geeks love Cult Of Mac!!/MichaelT

  146. Kp1832000 says:


  147. cleancutmedia says:

    @paullee:twitter congrats on 100k

  148. Steph says:

    @thelittlewifey thanks guys!

  149. scapelle says:


  150. IzMatek says:


  151. Victor Leal Garcia says:

    @victorlgarcia:twitter  Yeah! I hope i win!

  152. vupham8 says:


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  154. GRINCH says:


    It’s my Birthday :)

  155. Promobrain says:


  156. Trevor Polston says:


  157. lambiris says:

    I am @lambiris:twitter  

  158. Siddhart says:


  159. Robert Pruitt says:

    @robpruitt:disqus My precious!

  160. Leghole says:


  161. boo hoo hoo says:

    thanks guys, keep up the good work! twitter handle @ElyMantz

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  166. MyGettingLostBlog says:

    @GettingLost Thanks for the great Cult giveaway!!!!!

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  170. Fernando Russek says:

    @elferruss I missed the last letter on the former comment. My bad.

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    @iamnaveen:twitter Thanks a lot. Here is my twitter handle ..

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    @zappcatt Thanks

  176. ZappCatt says:

    @zappcatt Thanks

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    @gtolios Thank you very much! Have a nice day!

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    Need new headphones.

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    @Ryty512. Awesome contest!

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    @b_northeim thanks guys!

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    lets see :)

  188. mukhan says:

    @mukhan checkin’ in!

  189. Mark Miller says:


    Cult of Mac: U guys rock!!! ?

    So nice of you to run this fantastic giveaway.

    As your loyal fans, we certainly appreciate it! ?

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    great giveaway. @mikewill35:twitter 

  203. Junior Guzman says:

    It’s so great to see so many Mac enthusiast! Every piece of technology that I own is apple related. Thank you apple for all that you do…

  204. Trevor Toma says:

    awesome love the constant news @kroven9:twitter 

  205. Pete Raditaz says:

    You have probably prepared well on the knowledge that the trivia-finders will be able to use search engines, including the Twitter search engine, quickly.  This is going to be tough.  @RaditazPete

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    sounds awesome.. @_shivakumars:twitter

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    i love cult of mac! iys my daliy dose of juicy information!!  @jhun111jhun:twitter

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  229. Buster says:

    I try to put some layers in the questions so you can’t plug it straight into Google and get the answer in .0013 seconds. 

  230. K Melling says:


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    @ferdonkers   I LOVE FREE STUFF!!! 

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    random comment

    What?  Oh.  Oh!


  266. ceafeed says:

    How can I delete this? CEA did not mean to post.

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    Twitter – @chinmaythosar cant play ur trivia cause live in india its gonna be very early here in India and need to get up for work .. Hope i win da random prize though.. Cheers!!

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    @ialfiem01:twitter  please consider me…….

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    @cultofmac thank you for the cool give away, @crazymikesapps:twitter 

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    @LainM333 Keep it up!!! A few interesting months on tap for Apple.

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    Luv Cult of Mac, it is time for me to win something

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    @jtkolb  thanks for the giveaways!

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    @croberts2222 Hoping for a great prize

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    @ andymcclung   (No space, Disqus was just acting weird.)  :)

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    I’m in need of swag. @dcborn61:disqus 

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    Leaving a comment to enter the giveaway @ronaldliive:twitter 

  397. steve says:

    Put me in the hat

  398. berny90 says:

    Didn’t win, boohoo :( would love to though! :) @FR314:twitter 

  399. Jason Bringle says:

    Enter me.

  400. Cate Shipley says:


  401. Mike Radie says:

    The contest was great, you held everyones attention for over an hour, there should be a weekly show with calls from the public.

  402. marsbars06 says:

    @marsbars06:twitter Please pick me for the headphones!

  403. Robert says:


  404. Martin Roger says:


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    thanks for the fun google search game LOLZ!! @danlorimer for free st@danlorimer:disqus uff plz!!

  406. Mark Hernandez says:


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    Fab and fun quiz, hope you do many more.  @rraanes:twitter 

  408. Tomhealy says:


  409. Schreinermc says:


  410. Chris Rayhons says:

    Free stuff. Woot!

  411. Frankdood says:

    Put me in here @Frankiology_M:twitter 

  412. Ricardo Robinson says:


  413. Heron Stephen says:

    @sjheron – Pick me please! Winning!

  414. Craig says:


  415. Dstrenfel says:


  416. Jonny Borders says:


  417. ssv003 says:


  418. Al Roberts says:


  419. Kia Fazool says:


  420. Kia Fazool says:


  421. paulgo says:


  422. Jbkxdd says:

    Didnt win…THanks for the opportunity

  423. Zach Taylor says:


  424. Lewis G says:


  425. RJ says:

    yay @rjthinks516:twitter 

  426. HenryMcNinja says:


  427. Bill Sims says:

    First time had fun!

  428. JGKunzler says:

    Thanks for the trivia!  @JGKunzler:twitter 

  429. Gravedrinker says:

    Thanks! @Gravedrinker:twitter 

  430. bd7349 says:

    I hope I win something! Good luck to all.


  431. Ritcheor Romulus says:

    love the blog, @dolofash:twitter

  432. Ztperez says:


  433. Jonlauletta says:

    jonnyjonblaze is my username i wanna win sooo bad!!!!

  434. Hal Summers says:


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  436. Tomika parker says:


  437. Jahsonblack says:


  438. T Aryanata says:


  439. baby_Twitty says:


  440. dbig_J says:

    @dbig_J the iSport Monster Earphone is teasing :)

  441. ipadforever says:


  442. Jomir Rivera says:


  443. Mikeb3g says:

    @MikeB3g Winning anything would be great, even if its just a cult of mac sticker but i just wanted to say please keep up the good work, and thanks for all of the great articles :)

  444. LukeP says:


  445. Kiwi Shark says:


    I hope I get something!

  446. Dhatch says:


  447. BRIAN says:

    Winning would be nice.

  448. Bhauville92 says:


  449. c0rinne says:

    I missed the fun. Working hard all day. My twitter is @c0rinne:twitter .

  450. Erin Ehlers says:


  451. Jason Walker says:


  452. twitter-328764621 says:

    Too late for this :(

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