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Taiwan Politico Dresses Like Steve Jobs To Gain Votes



Forget draping yourself in the flag: in hopes of gaining votes, a politician in Taiwan dressed up like Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Former premier Yu Shyi-kun, right, donned the famed Jobsian black turtleneck during a press conference at the legislature in Taipei.
Just a day after the iconic Apple co-founder announced he was stepping down, Shyi-kun was stumping for votes dressed like him to promote a group called the  “iPhone 5.”

The Democratic Progressive Party legislative candidates appeared behind him in a cardboard frame meant to look like a giant iPhone, all of them holding iPhones, just to make sure the message was clear.

And what would that message be?

Rummaging through the Apple slogans, it could be anything from  “Think Different,” “The Power to Be Your Best,” or the more ominous “More Power. Thinly disguised.” (Or perhaps a subtle designed-in-California but made-in-China theme?)

It’s the latest in a series of only-in-Asia Steve Jobs dopplegangers spotted by gimlet-eyed blogger Dan Bloom – hot on the New Balanced heels of fake Steve TV commercials and  pseudo Steve Jobs advice books.

Via Dan Bloom