Apple’s Magnificent ‘Mothership’ Campus Gets New Renders and More Details [Report]


Apple Campus 2 Screen Shot 2011-08-14 at 5.36.11 PM

Apple is gearing up for the construction of its new headquarters in Cupertino, California. Steve Jobs proposed plans for the new campus to the Cupertino City Council back in June, and the city quickly gave a resounding approval for Apple to begin work on its new mothership.

development proposal has been submitted by Apple to the City Council with more details and renderings of the future campus. And we have to say, it looks awesome.

The plans refer to the new headquarters as “Apple Campus 2,” and the space will be 2.8 million square feet in size. The campus will feature a Corporate Auditorium that seats 1,000 people. Apple will be able to hold media events and announcements on campus, instead of having to make the trek to venues like the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.

Besides the auditorium, Apple’s new mothership will offer 300,000 square feet for R&D, a Corporate Fitness Center, and a cafeteria that seats 3,000 people. Apple promises that the new campus will be a, “distinctive and inspiring 21st Century workplace.”

Apple’s current Infinite Loop headquarters only houses 3,000 employees, with Apple having to rent out extra space to temporarily squeeze in 1,300 more employees for the time being. “Apple Campus 2” will have space for up to 13,000 employees.

The new headquarters will have minimal impact on the local power grid, due to its own, self-contained electrical plant.

Back in June, Steve Jobs was quoted as saying that he believes this new campus could be, “the best office building in the world.” And, judging by these plan details and renderings, we’re inclined to agree.

  • dcj001

    Looks good.

  • jgr627

    I’ll take a job in the cafeteria just so I be inside the mothership everyday……any idea where I can go to apply?

  • Jim Young

    That is just thoroughly inspiring!  

  • Alex Maxham
  • Stephen Cook

    I love Apple products, but the corporate culture scares me. 
    I wish I could phrase it better, but whenever I talk to someone at an Apple Store or over the phone, they’re the most helpful and polite people in the world. I always get the sense, though, that they know big brother is watching, and I’m talking to one of the actors at Disney World instead of a human being. 
    That’s what creeps me out about the new campus. It seems like it’s all wilderness around it, but I know there are going to be surveillance cameras mounted in all the trees.

  • Harry Williams

    I would happily move to CA from the UK just to work there!

  • Max Walker

    I thought I was the only one thinking that… I get the exact same feeling. It’s intimidating how big they have become and how big a part they play in everyone’s daily lives. They’re soon to be making TVs too. Then what? Will Apple be the next SkyNet? You can laugh, but the world’s coming to that, seriously.

  • lwdesign1

    Sorry but this is just a bit ridiculous. Just because someone is helpful and polite doesn’t mean there MUST be evil behind it. Apple gets and keeps the kind of staff it has because they have high standards, just like their hardware and software products. People who have poor communication skills and bad attitudes don’t last long at Apple stores (and shouldn’t) because the management simply doesn’t put up with it. Just like the products they sell, they insist on a high quality of public service–because it’s good for business. It saddens me to hear that you think that this can only be done under duress or that it’s all a big act. With good, helpful people, you don’t need to wield a hammer to get them to work.

    Of course someone is watching their performance and helpfulness. What kind of shoddy business would put up with staff being rude and unhelpful to its customers? Guess what, as a boss it’s actually OK to make sure your staff are really doing their jobs. If they’re being less than professional, your company’s reputation will plummet. This is business etiquette 101. I love the staff at my local Tampa, FL Apple Store. They are friendly, helpful and several times have repaired or replaced items at no cost even though they were out of warranty.

    Try getting out and actually helping someone with no expectation of gain and see how it feels. It makes you feel good. Help doesn’t always mean betrayal.

  • Jdsonice

    WOW – I hope they get to build this building. Not only does Apple make great products they make beautiful buildings too. It is GORGEOUS.

  • Jdsonice

    I am with you on that one. 

  • lwdesign1

    Crud! The sky is falling! I absolutely detest this “we’re all doomed” attitude. This comes from the non-involved who watch too much TV. Go out and volunteer at your local shelter or church or other non-profit group. Once you become involved with helping others and seeing that it really is possible to help, that defeatist attitude will gradually fall away and you may have some hope for the future.

    Apple is creating a new campus that will be gorgeous and will introduce acres of parkland into the city. It will be good for the air quality because all the new trees and plants will absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. The building will be a triumph of engineering that will enhance the city in many ways and provide jobs for thousands–so that more amazing Apple products can be developed. All this is positive stuff, yet your take on it is SkyNet? Nuts!

  • lwdesign1

    Just gorgeous! Apple truly does “think different” in so many ways. This building will enhance the environment of the city and will become a tourist attraction just due to its amazing balance of incredible architecture and parkland. Wouldn’t it be great to see other businesses doing this kind of thing? Cities could become much more livable and enjoyable places, and the presence of the huge number of trees and other plants would provide air quality benefits galore. Steve has again shown that large corporations don’t need to become giant behemoths that lay waste to their environment. Well done Apple!

  • Stephen Cook

    Re: your comment: “Try getting out and actually helping someone with no expectation of gain and see how it feels. It makes you feel good. Help doesn’t always mean betrayal.”

    You make a lot of assumptions about people you don’t know.

  • Stephen Cook

    Re: your comment: “Try getting out and actually helping someone with no expectation of gain and see how it feels. It makes you feel good. Help doesn’t always mean betrayal.”

    You make a lot of assumptions about people you don’t know.

  • GooneyGooGoo

    Looks completely retarded.   I hope they pour a ton of money into it and never get to use it.

  • PerryBurchy

    I paiid $21.87 for an iPad 2 32-GB and my girlfriend loves her Pansonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $ 38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $ 657 which only cost me $ 62.81 . Here is the site we use to get it al from,

  • Greg_in_Dallas

    It would be nice if there was a rugby pitch there.  A friendly game after work.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    You probably have to be a chef from a 10,000 star restaurant or be a demigod. I hear there maintenance workers only need a degree from Yale, though….or I’m sure you could get the job if you were a demigod, too.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    Yeah, a 20 story building is way more elegant……

  • lwdesign1

    Yes, I do, because when confronted with a gorgeous new building providing jobs for thousands in an aesthetic and wonderful plant-filled environment–and your response is fear of corporate culture! I’m shocked at your inability to see the good in what they’ve done and what they’re proposing. What specifics do you base your fear on?

  • lals5757
  • william maldonado

    Apple can only afford this extravagant of a building because they over charge on all of thier products! You guys are paying for this building when you go buy iPhone4s or ipads…. Just think about that!

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    Looks amazing! The pictures make me imagine of what a happy ending would look like for a company that’s been on the brink of death.

  • Greg_in_Dallas

    You sound like the guy who bought a Chevy when in fact you could have bought a Mercedes for the same money.  Back in the 80’s, Apples’s material gross profit was 80%.  Now it is down to just 50%.  Still, you can’t buy an HP, Lenovo, or some off brand with the same equipment specs for much less than an Apple.  Further, Apple’s OS does not require as much RAM or CPU to operate than WinTel machines.

    The main reason why a lot of IT folks have bought Mac as their personal machine is because it just works.  No patches or configuration settings.  Everything is an appliance now.  Pick the one that goes with your purse and shoes.

  • lwdesign1

    Oh please! Millions upon millions of people who bought iPhones and iPads are not dumb or confused. They know exactly what they’re buying. If Apple’s products were too expensive and didn’t give an excellent user experience, why oh why would so many hundreds of millions of people have purchased them–and more every day? The buying public says you’re wrong. But, use whatever phone, tablet or computer you wish. This is a Mac-centric web site and you will never get agreement with your anti-Apple sentiment. We know what we like and we know how well it fits into and improves our lives.

  • lals5757
  • facebook-100000670318505

    one word beautiful

  • Al

    Hi Len,

    The fact that the campus will be nice and full of trees which will “absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen” is not in dispute.

    The complaint is about Apple’s corporate culture. IMHO, there has always been a disturbing cult-like atmosphere around Apple. The constant secrecy. The fear of speaking out of turn. The personality cult around Mr Jobs. The us-vs-them mentality. The bat-sh1t crazy fanatical loyalty of many customers. And so on and so forth. It certainly makes me feel uncomfortable.

    I even know a person who won’t buy Apple gear because (and I quote) “I don’t want any part of that weird Apple cult”. Now that is extraordinary.

    Whether their new campus is “gorgeous and will introduce acres of parkland” is not relevant.

    What is relevant is the concern that this new campus will exacerbate this disturbing trend. I would bet that the new campus will become a new Mecca to which followers of the Apple religion will make their pilgrimages. And that is just weird.

    Ghandi once famously said about Christianity, “I like your Christ, [but] I do not like your Christians.”

    Well, now we are at a stage where some may now say: “I like Apple products, but I do not like Apple.”

  • Al

    Apple is a high-value brand. So you pay more. Just like a good. car.

    Google Image search the McLaren car factory in the UK. It looks like a spaceship also!

  • Al

    McLaren factory:

  • lsl66
  • Brad Hurley

    Cupertino or Middle Earth? I’m not sure…

  • CrisNoble

    I thought it looked familiar:

    Not that new of an idea, but still looks pretty cool.

  • Mike Rathjen


  • Peter

    It’s not that great really is it? Very bland and corporate – you’d have to pray to get a good spot by the orchard to brighten up the monotony of being a little dot on the edge of a very large circle. The interior will have to be mind blowing to create any sense of surprise. From the pictures there’s some wood and it’s white. It’s like some grand sci fi hospital. 

    The best you could say is there will be natural light – however, unlike the pictures it’s not afternoon all the time! I guess that’s what the white protruding bits are for? Shade?

    Foster + Partners will be the architects looking at their work in the last decade (Swiss Re in London), the outside looks nice but the inside is an afterthought. Foster’s work is a bit tired, usually stacking open plan spaces on top of each other. He’s outdone himself by stacking them as a circle rather than a rectangle. (Points for originality?)

    Incidentally, why aren’t security guards asking the kids in the garden to leave – we all know that would really happen. 

    I’d have applauded if Zana Hadid was on the plan – she would have designed something genuinely original. Perhaps thinking different would scare the switchers or something – OSX Lion – cough. 

    Anyway the UK’s C4 is doing a great architectural series at the moment called the ‘The secret life of buildings’ – perhaps Steve should watch episode 2…

  • Ted Johnson

    It looks very pretty but it will be another death building for local birds. Once again, glass is the enemy to birds everywhere, because they often don’t see it and then they fly into it and their little necks get broken. This happends by the MILLIONS worldwide, and a simple solution is for windows, glass, mirrored exteriors to have patterns etched or glued to them so birds see the glass/mirror and don’t fly into them and die. So sad….

  • aussie

    If you look really close at the renderings, those are not bushes. They are PILES of our feathered friends. Ted is right.