Apple’s Netflix Killer iTunes Replay Stalled By Hollywood



Remember the report that Apple was preparing its own Netflix-killer called iTunes Replay for launch in the next few weeks? Well, don’t hold your breath… it’s not coming anytime soon and, as usual, you can blame a reclacitrant Hollywood for having to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

Chet reports:

The rumors from last week about Apple being “on the edge” of launching a cloud movie service, which would enable iTunes users to stream movies from Apple’s servers and then re-download them to other devices, are at best premature.
Apple has yet to sign cloud agreements for feature films with at least four of the top six film studios, according to multiple film industry sources who spoke to CNET. Apple has indeed pursued such agreements, which CNET reported in May, but Apple’s negotiations could drag on for months before the company acquires cloud rights from all six film studios, the sources said. A launch is not imminent, the sources said.

As Cnet notes, Apple’s iTunes Replay service isn’t the only cloud-streaming service held up by a tangle of red tape: Ultraviolet is also hung up for similar reasons, and that has the studio backing of all of the large studios except for Disney. If the studios can’t cut through the red tape for their own project, it’s unlikely Apple will help them.

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  • gregbraddock

    i hate these people. whatever happened to “progress progress progress!?”

  • quietstorms

    Humanity loathes you.

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  • Joe Orlandino

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls…..

  • CharliK

    so the rumor that Apple was going to add re-downloading of movies is stalled by a rumor that the studios are refusing to give Apple the rights. 

    So either this is a case of someone covering their butts cause the first rumor was wrong. 

    Or someone has forgotten that deals can and often are made in the 23rd hour and it’s not like Apple gave us a potential launch date for this alleged service. “A Few weeks” could be anything more than 2 and still be valid. Or maybe that rumored time period is what is false, if any of it is true. Perhaps it is more like a few months. 

    Or perhaps what is false is the notion that this is an all or nothing. That if Apple can’t get all the majors they won’t do it. Perhaps they are happy with 2 studios that are willing to be the test dummies and we’ll see the launch with those items as early as tomorrow. Its not like all the tv nets are playing with the show downloads right away so why do all the studios