More Apps Downloaded From Apple Than Music [Report]


  • bplano

    More pirating for music than apps :\

  • Chris Brunner

    I use apps at least 10x more often than I use the iPod feature on my iP4. Plus, most of the apps I use the most are free (FaceBook, Twitter, WordPress, etc…).


  • aaron__b

    Can you explain to me how you can download an app from “music?” 

  • crateish

    I download infinitely more apps than music from iTunes. 90%+ of the time, I can buy CDs cheaper than their digital music. Either used or straight discounted online.

    Wish it wasn’t so. Especially with iCloud down the road.

  • huyett

    There are tens of thousands of free apps, not tens of thousands of free tunes (at least in iTunes…).  This kind of disparity should be expected.

  • imajoebob

    Fee Apps vs paid music.  No competitors vs hundreds (thousands?) of music sources.  3 years of archives vs 10 years.


  • baby_Twitty

    Please note: 15billion downloaded apps DO NOT EQUAL TO 15billion apps SOLD.
    A large portion of those apps are FREE APPS (or trial/lite version apps).

    While most of the musics downloaded from itunes are PAID musics/songs.

    Thus even with this Apple annoucement- reaching its 15 billionth downloaded app, they DIDN’T say that the appstore is making more actual money then from the itunes music store.

  • netnerd258

    One of the reasons could be the App Store is accessible all over the world, the music store is isn’t.