Leaked iPhone 7 camera hints at big improvements


A black iPhone 7 would be killer.
iPhone 7 will have a killer camera.
Photo: Martin Hajek/Flickr

Leaked camera parts supposedly destined for this year’s 4.7-inch iPhone have revealed that Apple finally plans to add a feature found on its Plus-sized units the past two years.

While most of this years’ iPhone camera rumors have focused on the dual-lens module coming to the iPhone 7 Plus, a leaked iPhone 7 rear camera module hints at some big improvements coming to the smaller device.

If you want a cheap iPhone, wait until September


If you want a great deal on an iPhone, it's all about timing.
If you want a great deal on an iPhone, it's all about timing.
Photo: Marc-André Julien/Unsplash

If you’re thinking of buying a new iPhone right now, don’t do it! You could save yourself a small fortune by delaying that purchase until September, when Apple is set to unveil the next models of its world-conquering smartphones.

Saying that any new device gets cheaper the longer you wait to buy it may sound like stating the obvious, but we’ve been digging into our research. We’ll tell you when and how far iPhone prices will likely fall after the iPhone 7 launch so you can get an idea of whether it’s really worth waiting.

Leaked iPhone 7 logic board reveals tiny chip changes


iPhone SE is powered by Apple's latest A9 chip.
The inside of the next iPhone may have been exposed.
Photo: Apple

A slew of leaked iPhone 7 casings have already given us a good idea of what Apple’s new device will look like on the inside, but we now have a better idea what it will pack on the inside, too, thanks to some photos out of Asia.

The leaked pictures claim to show a bare iPhone 7 logic board, revealing what the layout will look like before any chips have been placed on the board.

Take a look: