Apple Accidentally Leaks Flat New Icons For iWork, iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband




Apple’s obviously not going to rest until all of their appshave gone flat, and the next obvious contenders are the icons for Apple’s App Store apps, including the iWork suite, iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband. But what will they look like? Wonder no longer: Apple accidentally leaked their new icons on the official built-in apps page for the iPhone 5s.

Apple Updates iLife Apps For iOS With Compatibility Fixes




Apple has pushed out updates for its three iLife for iOS apps today that includes a number of compatibility fixes. iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand for iOS were all updated with compatibility fixes, while GarageBand also received some minor bug fixes for performance and stability.

With the official iOS 7 launch just weeks away, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is prepping the apps to play nice with the new OS, although we expect the icons and UI to get a redesign shortly after iOS 7 comes out.

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Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield Recorded ‘Space Oddity’ Using GarageBand On His iPad! [Updated]


By now, you’ve probably see Commander Chris Hadfield’s tear-jerking farewell to the International Space Station: a cover of David Bowie’s classic space song, Space Oddity, filmed and performed by Hadfield himself in zero-g. In case you haven’t, we’ve embedded it above: it’s hard not to be proud of humanity after watching it.

But do you know how Hadfield actually recorded it? With his iPad, of course.

Apple Adds Audiobus Support To GarageBand For iOS


Audiobus is a powerful tool for sending audio in and out of iOS apps.
Audiobus is a powerful tool for sending audio in and out of iOS apps.

Apple has released a big update to GarageBand for iOS that brings support for Audiobus, an iOS app that routes audio between other apps. This means that GarageBand can record and work with other music creation apps from the App Store. You could make a beat in DM1 and bring it right into a multi-track GarageBand project, for instance.

In this latest version of GarageBand you can “turn off grid snapping to get finer control over region and note editing.” A feedback issue has also been resolved.

GarageBand costs $5 in the App Store.

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