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Consolidate Your Pockets With The Krome CargoCase for iPhone 5 [Deals]

CoM - Krome

There’s nothing worse than having to carry too much in your pockets. Keys, pocket change, a wallet, and now…your iPhone. That’s why Krome has developed the perfect case to consolidate your daily belongings. Not only does the Krome CargoCase sport a durable polycarbonate shell with an aircraft aluminum hinge to keep your iPhone in pristine condition, but it maintains all your valuables in one, safe location.

And Cult of Mac Deals has some special pricing on the Krome CargoCase for the iPhone 5. – only $29!

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Lioncase’s iPad Mini Case Is So Light That The Laws Of Physics Are Quite Concerned [Review]

Lioncase’s iPad Mini Case Is So Light That The Laws Of Physics Are Quite Concerned [Review]

Even scuffed up, the Folio Shield looks handsome — just like Harrison Ford.

Folio Shield by Lioncase
Category: Cases
Works With: iPad mini
Price: $32

Lioncase’s Folio Shield might be the best case I’ve yet tried for the iPad mini – apart from the Smart Cover that is. I’ll admit that I had trouble testing it because I love to fondle and caress the mini’s naked curves so much, but I forced myself, and I found out that – in the end – I quite enjoyed it.

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London’s Calling With Two High-Quality Cases From Knomo [Review]


Princess Di would have approved of Knomo’s elegant cases.

It’s the new year, so it’s out with the old and in with new cases!

I’ve got two new high-end cases from the London Company Knomo — a leather snap-on for the iPhone 5 and a leather folio for the iPad Mini.

As soon as the samples arrived, I put them on my iPad and iPhone — and they haven’t come off since.

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How Apple Has Transformed Digital Nomad Living


My name is Mike and I’m a digital nomad. “Hi, Mike!”

A digital nomad is simply a person whose work is location-independent because of mobile technology and the Internet.

Location independence doesn’t mean travel. If you choose to work from home, but could travel if you wanted to, you’re still a digital nomad taking advantage of your ability to choose.

I’ve been a digital nomad for about a decade, and during that time I’ve lived abroad briefly while working.

Before I converted to all-Apple, all the time — and before Apple launched the App Store, the iPad and had Apple Stores all over the place — the experience of living abroad while working was hard, limited and isolating.

But since Apple became the “New Apple,’ and since I switched to Apple products — and also since a host of great online services came online — digital nomad living abroad has become easy, empowering and highly connected.

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5 Killer iPhone Cases You’ll Never Get Past Airport Security

5 Killer iPhone Cases You’ll Never Get Past Airport Security

iPhone cases come in all shapes, sizes and purposes. This has been the case, so to speak, since iPhones first hit the market in 2007.

But the somewhat recent explosion in crowd-funding iPhone case projects has radicalized the available offerings.

Some cases offer aesthetics. Others focus on protecting the phone. Still others extend battery life.

One phone, for example, does it all. The AQUA TEK S for iPhone, a Kickstarter project that has already far exceeded its fundraising goal, makes your phone water-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof and, the piece de resistance, die-proof — it has a solar panel to charge to charge the phone!

One of the coolest or craziest categories of iPhone case, depending on your perspective, is the kind that provide personal self defense. These cases turn iPhones into a deadly weapons.

And almost all these phones do at least one other useful function besides self defense.

So why is an iPhone case a good place to build self defense? It’s simple: You carry your phone everywhere. So anything you want to make sure you have all the time no matter what, you need to attach it to the phone. So if you want to always have a way to defend yourself, build that defense into the iPhone case and you’ll always be prepared.

Don’t try to take these cases on an airplane, though. None of these cases is likely to make it past airport security.

Here are the five best iPhone cases for self defense:

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The Best Thing About iPhone Is the Stuff Apple Doesn’t Make

The Best Thing About iPhone Is the Stuff Apple Doesn’t MakeAnother year, another iPhone. Since 2007, Apple has been churning these gadgets out like it’s a bodily function. Each iPhone is undeniably better than the last, although sometimes not in every respect.

iPhone fans always say it’s the best phone because it has the best overall user experience, best out-of-box experience, best industrial design, best selection of apps and a few other things perceived as being “best.”

But the iPhone itself is not the best thing about the iPhone platform. It’s the universe of crazy customization and expansion products that support the iPhone. 

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New iPhone Case Doubles As a 650k-Volt Stun Gun!

New iPhone Case Doubles As a 650k-Volt Stun Gun!

A new iPhone case called the Yellow Jacket protects your phone — and your ass! It’s actually a powerful stun gun. Best of all, it adds about 20 hours of battery life to your iPhone!

Thanks to The Red Ferret.

The Best iPhone Cases & Protectors [Best Of]

Cases iphone the best

Ideally, we’d all carry our iPhones as God intended — naked. But just as our pink and delicate human bodies need protection from the elements, so does the iPhone. Sometimes all it needs is a skimpy Speedo, other times a full suit of body armor, but you can be sure there’s a case for every occasion. Here’s our roundup of the best iPhone cases out there.

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City Slicker Is A Slim MacBook Air Sleeve From San Francisco

Believe it or not, some people still carry around laptops. Sure, those laptops are ultra-thin MacBook Airs, but they’re laptops nonetheless, used in ignorance of the real future of portable work — the iPad paired up with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Still, we don’t judge you luddites out there. And to prove it, we bring you this sleek little sleeve made just for your MacBook Air. It’s called the City Slicker, and it comes from SF Bags in San Francisco.

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The Best iPad Cases [Best Of]

The Best iPad Cases [Best Of]

Some say that the iPad is almost unusable without a case. I actually love the feel of using mine bareback, but The Lady literally refuses to pick up an iPad if it isn’t protected in some way (she has a history of dropping the things).

But whatever your view, one thing is certain: a case can add all sorts of functionality to your iPad, or keep it safe in more dangerous situations. Here’s our pick of the best cases out there.

The Best Keyboard Case

Logitech ipad2 case cover 2

Logitech Zagg Keyboard Case for iPad 2$100

Now also available for the iPad 3, the Zagg wins for its compact size, light weight and clever design which allows it to double as a case (complete with sleep/wake magnets). It also has a great-feeling keyboard which is as good as Apple’s own.

The Best Hard Case

Pad and quill contega octavo 5

Pad&Quill Contega$100

The new Sure-Lock bumper system keeps Pad&Quill’s Contega ahead of the competition, and keeps the iPad safely inside the tough baltic birch and leather Moleskine-Style case, while the sleep/wake magnet and clever articulated rear cover (which turns the case into a stand) mean it’s anything but old-fashioned.

The Best Slip Case


Dicota PadCoverAmazon

I have had this slipcase since the iPad 1, and it’s still going strong. The PadCover is made from leather and wool, with a soft lining and handy pull-tab which ejects the iPad from within. If you’re using the iPad 2 or 3, you can fit in a smart cover, too. Discontinued by the manufacturer, but still available to buy in various places.

The Best Rugged Case

Rugged 1

G-Form Extreme Portfolio$90

The impact-absorbing material of G-Form’s cases is also used to make padding for professional athletes. The Extreme Portfolio will soak up the power of a bowling ball dropped onto its face, and yet remains flexible and comfortable to use. It’s the case we turn to when we really need to protect our iPads.

The Best Folio Case

Skech 7

Skech Porter$60

The Skech Porter offers all the protection of a fat folio case in a slim, great-looking package. A clever crease in the rear panel lets it work as a multi-position stand without adding extra bulk, an elastic handle is surprisingly handy and it packs a full compliment of magnets and camera holes.

The Best Rear Shell

Speckshell 3

Speck Smart Shell$30

This thin shell adds bulk at the corners where it’s needed, and has cutouts for everything from the camera through the speaker to the Smart Cover that it is designed to compliment. The plastic is smooth but grippy, and the little lozenge-shaped metal panel holds the Smart Cover in place when it is open.

The Best Minimal Case

Dark gray smart cover e1319465768894

Apple Smart Cover$39

The original, and in many ways still the best. Apple’s Smart Cover works in concert with the iPads 2 and 3, offering protection and a stand with minimal materials. It set the standard for every iPad case since, and is still the one to buy if you can’t bear to hide your beautiful iPad inside a heavy folio.

The Best Case To Use At Home

Dont panic

Don’t Panic$99

Our full review is waiting until we see a newly tweaked version of Thomas Fulton’s felt and leather case, but the Don’t Panic is already my favorite iPad case to use around the home. It’s light, offers some protection, and a clever arrangement of straps and magnets lets you prop it up on your bed, type, wrap it around your thigh, or just about anything you like. I think of it as my iPad’s favorite pair of slippers. It would be great out of the house, too, but the magnet in my prototype likes to zap my credit cards.

The Best Travel Case

Lacambra 1

Lacambra iPad Case€115 ($150)

If you’re traveling around the world or to-and-from work, the Lacambra case has your iPad covered. Made to order in Spain from leather, the case zips closed and keeps the iPad safe inside. There’s a cut-out for the volume switch, pockets for business cards and boarding passes, and some extra tabs and straps to make typing or movie-watching easy. Don’t leave home without it.