Check out this sea of MacBooks at Microsoft’s Windows 10 event


And the take-home message is... Buy Microsoft? Photo: Austen Allred

Microsoft showed off a few neat concepts at yesterday’s Windows 10 conference. But while looking at the stage showed a company secure about its place in the tech world, turning around and facing the audience revealed a very different picture: a room full to bursting with MacBook-wielding journos.

Grasswire co-founder Austen Allred tweeted the above image taken at the event, adding the pithy understatement “A couple MacBooks at the Windows 10 Unveiling…”

If one were needed, it’s yet another reminder for longtime tech followers about just who won the PC war in the long run, despite Microsoft’s dominance during the 1990s. We can’t say we’re brokenhearted about it, either.

It’s not the first time, the Redmond-based company has been embarrassed by its Cupertino cousins. Late last year, Microsoft shelled out mucho cash to have CNN use its Surface tablets while covering the historic Mid-Term 2014 elections — only for the channel’s political commentators to turn to their preferred iPads whenever they got the chance.

Microsoft has also provided NFL teams with Surface tablets to review plays on the sidelines, although commentators have struggled to not call them iPads.

To be fair to Microsoft, it’s not just the Windows 10 event where Macs are in full force, though. At the recent State of the Union address, noted Apple lover President Obama was surrounded by glowing Apple logos from the press’ multitude of MacBooks — leading to the Huffington Post‘s Senior Congressional reporter tweeting the following:


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  • PK070205

    Are you suggesting there are more Apple laptop out there than Windows based laptops? I’m sure those with the Apple laptops are working for the press.

    • Cleversou

      The crying is free!

      • Mutant Soul

        Can you elaborate on your comment. I’m not clear on what you mean?

    • Michael Superczynski

      “As a whole the press has always been hater of all things Microsoft.”

      Really, what planet have you been on the last 25 years?

  • robogobo

    Apple is doomed.

  • Mutant Soul

    Although it is a cute picture as is the one at over the House Floor for the “State of The Union”. But it is an aberration in reality. I’m not a fan boy of any particular OS or platform. I have windows PC’s and laptops, Android phones and tablets, and Apple MP3 players and music software. But in the Personal Computer realm the facts are available and Windows in it’s varied forms still comprises over 90% of that market – which encompasses laptops. Apple still only owns less than 5% of the market and Linux and others take up the remains. So it’s a cute picture and we can all have fun at Windows expense. But eventually we all need to come back to the real world. Have a great day and enjoy your shot at the Microsoft bow…

    • OhStopItYou!

      This! some people don’t get it :/

    • bdkennedy

      You can argue with market share, etc, but the picture doesn’t lie. Microsoft simply does not make a laptop/tablet you can use on your lap while blogging.

      • Mutant Soul

        Right – They make a laptop/tablet highbred that has the same power as Apples laptop but the flexibility to convert into a tablet allowing the user to choose a platform that fits their needs as the day goes by. Besides, the argument; from my perspective; isn’t about Microsoft and their hardware – it’s about the prevalence of the environment out in the wild. I would speculate if people really wanted to prove the point many, many pictures could be taken of groups of people where the vast majority were windows based machines. But there isn’t a need for that as no one really cares. The statistics are what they are and most of us just move forward and decide for ourselves what we need hardware and software wise to do the job(s) we need doing. I don’t need someone else to tell me what I need, I’m capable of making my own choice.
        The phrase “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” comes to mind. Who really is the article and it’s advocates trying to convince of Apples Dominance – themselves or the 95% of the world that uses a competing product. A clue may lie within the blogs name “Cult of Mac” Cult – In the sociological classifications of religious movements, a cult is a religious or social group with socially deviant or novel beliefs and practices. That is not my definition, it’s on Wikipedia. So ignore market share if you must, post atypical pictures if you feel obliged to, and continue to believe what you want to believe. I don’t care what product you chose to use. Use it and be happy… Of course this is merely my opinion – yours may differ…

      • jamirq

        Great reply

    • PMB01

    • jbelkin

      You’re about 10 years behind the times. Apple holds about an 18% market share out of all WIN PC’s sold but of course, that includes kiosks and a network station (like jiffy lube) … Apple holds a 97% market share of $1k plus market share which means when actual users are buying a personal computer, 97% choose Apple Macs. Apple holds a 65% share among University/college users so you can see where that is trending. The photos are accurate representation. WIN & WIN PC’s are still the choice of a minimal functioning personal computer (virtually all ATM’s are windows) but that is where MS WIN is at – it’s the white pickup truck and there are enough sales as a work truck but when someone is willing to pay $40 to $65k for a pickup truck, they do not pick a white one for $19k.

  • I wonder how many of them are running Windows on their MacBook.

    • RC

      I’d sure miss the constant security update/reboots, virus scans, driver updates, pretty flippy tiles and a stylus to circle stuff on the screen.

      • Mj Ber

        If you’re speaking of tiles, you speak of Win8 + versions. I use them on two different machines. All the negative things you mentioned are non-existent. The updates are seamlessly done in the background; so seamlessly that I had to think about how Win8.1 actually does upgrades :D, to remember that I saw them once when I turned my computer off.
        I have yet to see a virus scan alert or be asked for a driver update/have to do one.

        So dear RC, please come back to 2015 and enjoy the amazing experience Windows provides, with awesome touch screens (that’s what the pretty tiles are for ;)), a stylus that lets you use the surface as your canvas and notebook (I take all my university notes in there, they’re really beautiful and realistic, plus no need to take differently colored pens with you everywhere).

        And writing on pdfs and websites (new feature of Project Spartan) is SUPER helpful. Especially when making notes on articles, books, research papers. Or do you not read?

        Being blind of the outside world actually only hurts you.

      • PMB01

        Bloggers who write for a living seem to enjoy typing and not care about writing on a screen. Your fanboyism is showing.

      • fig

        You’re almost the best Microsoft social media marketing intern so far, I hope they start paying you good!

  • You do realize Apple only has about 5-6% of the market share? I love my Macbook Pro but I do know when to pick my battles. The picture is nice but is not reflective of the reality of the market.

    • Kr00

      Apple are number 5 in the top PC sellers. Many buy Mac to specifically run windows. Mac won the PC world award for the best machine to run windows, numerous times. BTW, Apple sells more computers than Dell, Toshiba, Sony and many of the top PC manufacturers.

      • Mac sales grew 21% a far cry from 21% of market share. At the end of 2014 Mac OS X had 7.21% of the market share. I was only slightly off. In global PC shipments Apple had 6.3% in 3Q2014 a slight bump since 3Q2013 which was 5.7% of global PC shipments.

      • Kr00

        Mac sales grew while almost every other manufacturers recorded drops on last years figures.

      • Mutant Soul

        You might want to check your statistics. Apple may sell more computers than Toshiba, Sony, and many of the other PC manufacturers, but last stats I found Dell was still selling more units. And keep in mind that computers are not the main product line for either Toshiba or Sony. And Sony has actually exited the computer market and sold its computer business. Apple is all about computing devices, so I would hope it would outperform companies who sell computers as a sideline. Whereas HP was selling close to 3 times the volume, Dell over twice the volume and Lenovo just about 5% more than Apple. And that is while PC sales were in a slump. Not really sure why any of this matters, as I said before and I’ll say again I buy what I like – and what works best for me. Do you really need to continue to try and convince me that I am making a bad purchase. Buy what you like and enjoy it. If you must – and it really seems like you need it – just think to yourself how much I suffer with what you consider to be an inferior product and enjoy how that makes you feel. And leave those of us who don’t agree with your choice alone. We like what we have and neither want nor need your input. But thanks for thinking of us.

      • Kr00

        Sales, not shipments. Big difference. Apple were third in the US. Facts won’t bolster your bias you know.

      • Kr00

        Check worldwide SALES vs US sales, NOT shipments. I can ship 1 million widgets, doesn’t mean I sold them!

      • Mutant Soul

        You are absolutely right – Mac sales did grow. And that is great. I’m not trying to bolster anything – I’m just stating reality. You can choose to ignore reality if you want to, it won’t effect me and my decisions. So with that incredible increase in “SALES”, the facts still show that overall install base globally for Apple is still barely above 5% and Windows in all of it’s flavors is at around 91%. I’ve provided a link to where I got those numbers in another post here if you want to check.
        Bottom line – why does it matter. You buy what you want and I buy what I want. I don’t have a bias, I have a preference. I’m not trying to convince you to buy a Windows based machine – buy what you like. I don’t care. I don’t understand why it is so important for some folks to prop up the status of Apple. It’s just a company that makes a product. You like it you buy it – and if not you find an alternative. So if you want to think I have a bias and I am displaying it by showing you some facts regarding current market share/install base, then go ahead. I don’t want to impact your ability to have fun – even if it is at my expense. Because truth be told – why would I really care about the opinion of some person I neither know or respect. And the lack of respect comment is not meant as an insult, respect is something earned – and since you are new to me and effectively anonymous, the respect has not been built. So thanks for your input and try to have a great day.

      • Kr00

        For someone who says they don’t care, you sure to rave on a lot. If your preferences are such, why do you come to an Apple forum? I think you do care, enough to troll Apple forums to get your kicks. Maybe you’re the one who should try and have a nice day, say on a forum that does suit your preferences. Thanks for your input but I actually don’t care, and I mean I really do not care about your opinion, not pretend to. See, you can make a point in a few lines and not be longwinded. Do try and have a nice day. Somewhere else.

      • xxmixedxtapexx

        ^My thoughts exactly

      • PMB01

        Nowhere did he say you were making a bad purchase. Quit whining and acting like a victim.

  • nicole1212

    I noticed this myself several times during the Windows event. Hilarious.

    • Mj Ber

      em, those are journalists…. not particularly knows for their good sense.

  • tbsteph

    As both a Windows and Mac user, I don’t think I will ever understand why Apple centric sites like this feel the need to post articles like this. What is the point? It’s sort of like my dad can beat-up your dad: childish at best.

    • Mutant Soul

      I am in total agreement. Some people are confident in who they are and what they believe in and that is enough for them. Whereas others need persistent reinforcement confirming they’ve made the right choice and need encouragement to feel good about themselves. That tends to lead to disparaging others as a tool to increase their feelings of self worth. It is a sad. To all of those who belittle those that don’t follow suit and purchase what YOU prefer, I say “Buy what you like, use it and enjoy it, and let the rest of us alone to enjoy what we have chosen.” Have a nice day…

      • PMB01

        Still missing the point.

      • Kr00

        I thought you said you didn’t care?

    • AppToday1

      I don’t see anything wrong with it. You looked and commented on this article didn’t you?

      • Mutant Soul

        As did you – can you please let me know what your point is and how it relates to what I said? I expressed an opinion and was not attempting top disparage the hardware choices of others. I was merely agreeing with tbsteph’s comment above and relating some psychological possibility for why people were so intent on making negative commentary regarding other individuals choice of computers. As I have said before – none of it should matter, yet here we are with an entire article regarding the very subject.

      • Kr00

        I think you best have a lie down. If you “care” to check the thread, AppToday wasn’t responding to you. If you don’t care, then feel free to leave. No-one holding a gun to your head and making you read this stuff. Getting your knickers in a twist over nothing aren’t we.

    • Jerry Jones

      I think it’s funny that Windows folks hang out on Cult of Mac. Talk about an agenda. Buy what you want and works for you. Funny, despite all the numbers being posted, take a photo at just about any college, university, press event or tech conference (not dedicated to a platform) and you will see pictures just like this. People that work in fields that allow them, or people that purchase their own systems are buying Macs. PCs are purchased in bulk by companies and are used as the brains of thousands of other products like ATMs and kiosks, skewing the marketshare numbers. PCs are a commodity for companies and people on a budget. People that have some money and buy a new computer every 3-4 years are buying Macs. People looking for a bargain, are buying hundreds of computers for basic purposes like Office, and people customizing high-end gaming systems buy PCs.
      There is nothing wrong with either choice but statistics can say whatever you want them to say based on how you use them. This photo speaks louder than statistics, especially when this picture can be duplicated at almost any event.

  • Enrysoft

    Numerous Surface too

  • AliceEngine

    Those macs are running Windows, because nobody with a lick of sense would run Apple’s crippleware OS.

  • DasCool

    Wow.. so much bat$h!t crazy on here. It’s not meant to be a profound statement on marketshare or of Apple’s perceived dominance or anything else. It’s simply an amusing observation. It’s a MS event and there are a bunch of Macs there…. that’s it. Nothing more. Unclench your sphincters and move along.

    • Mutant Soul

      You are so right – what were we all thinking. I re-read the article and realized my error. I now see it is merely humor and in now way is the article implying Apples dominance. They just use multiple examples of instances where they feel Apple has show it’s superiority and popularity to enhance the humor of the original picture at the Microsoft campus. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL – I get it now. It is so funny. My sincerest apologies for pointing out in a nice way some statistics in reply to others apparently humorous commentary. I am officially declaring myself bat$hit crazy. I’ll go to my plumber tomorrow to have my sphincter unclenched. Thank you for you most humble and sane advice. I bow to your wisdom and insight. Have a pleasant evening. And may I make one last suggestion – you might want to avoid areas such as this – I hear from some very reliable sources that it is full of insane humorless morons that tend to overreact. Just something to consider….

      • PMB01

        …said the egotistic troll liking his own comments.

        At least finish your sentences if you’re gonna come here to act like an idiot.

  • BoltmanLives

    Its OK that will soon change as Microsoft flexes its muscle again. The younger generation will see the lack of Apple Innovation and the COOL in the new Microsoft

    • NorCal Mike

      Your statement is very humorous. Hololens is vapor tech do far and may never see the light of day again. We will see.

      • BoltmanLives

        And yet it may very well be launched and available to the masses….Microsoft just started the clock on Apple’s demise. My estimate is 30 years max since Apple has no play in the cloud or Enterprise… its sad you all don’t see it . You will eventually.ean

        Meanwhile discuss Apple watch battery

      • NorCal Mike

        Apple has made huge strides in Enterprise with the iPad and iPhone. We will see how they develop their cloud. Apple seems to be concentrating on small business like my self with easy to use tech. I see MS possibly further declining if their projects and os10 does not work out. Time will tell.

      • BoltmanLives

        Has Apple actually convinced Enterprise to buy $500 iPads $ 800 iPhones and $2000 MacBooks? Perhaps some but when you have hundreds or thousands of CAL that just does not fly. Plus can you secure Apple with Active Directory easily ?

        Your gains are laughable..Microsoft is already in every Enterpriseand that will not change in your lifetime.

        Apples ONLY play is high end..yet where the innovation?

        If you haven’t noticed the world has moved beyond Phones and Tablets its now Cloud and Holograms

      • PMB01

        You’re trying to troll really hard, but you’re just so ignorant it’s sad.

      • BoltmanLives

        Enlighten me to Apples Enterprise gains. All I know are my buddies who manage large Enterprise environments. When it comes time to upgrade they think of stuff like cost and compatibility. Apple offers eye candy at a higher price BUT that is not what they need. Enterprises tend to be more frugal than the average spend thrift consumer.

        Huge strides? What is that I must have missed it. If you are talking about the partnership with IBM give me a break thats like hooking yourself up to the least agile player.

        Get used to it its a Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Samsung world now and for the foreseeable future.

      • PMB01

        Typical anti-Apple rhetoric. Fortunately, none of it is even remotely true. Get your head out of the sand and come back to reality.

      • BoltmanLives

        Typical because its true. As for getting head out of sand come revisit this blog in the next 10-30 years and see how right I am.

      • PMB01

        Nope and nope. And oh look, your off-topic, diarrhea-of-the-mouth is being moderated. All is right in the world.

      • Jerry Jones

        I bet you were part of the group predicting the demise of Apple back in the 90s…you know, right before they roared ahead as the most influential tech company in the world with the most valuable brand in the world and revenues that beat tiffany’s, the gold standard.
        The more you post the more I am convinced you are a paid shill or live in your parents basement and need attention.

      • BoltmanLives

        No actually i was using Windows 95 -98 I could care less about Apple never liked any of their products. Not that they are bad but they use a different OS and were expensive and Windows did all I wanted.

        As for most valuable brand pretty sure Microsoft will have a say soon over that…Apple is not ready for the 21st century.

      • Jerry Jones

        Boltman has no life. He is a Windows shill hanging out on a Mac site. What else do you need to know? It’s like Microsoft opening stores next door or across the hall in the same malls Apple is in. They copy the look of the Apple Store and dress their employees in a similar fashion. The one thing they can’t duplicate is the store bursting at the seams with customers. It’s so funny to see the two stores of the same size and similar look and feel and one is overcrowded and the other has 5-10 people playing X-Box.

      • BoltmanLives

        That’s simply because Apple used to be HOT. Now it is not. So things will change…kids do not think Apple is cool ask that is the device their parents used and they make less money than their parents.

        So what will the next 15 years bring? For one Apple has lost their edge with Jobs dying. He’s gone and he was Apple…the Apple “magic” is dying and the costs are still sky high…its a matter of time until their market shrinks as those kids learned the mistakes of their parents …Technology does not have to cost and arm and a leg.

        Apple has hard times ahead and cult of mac readers don’t get that. I’m here to set you straight.

      • Jerry Jones

        Point proven…
        “Apple has hard times ahead”
        Funny as Apple continues to set sales records and beats revenue predictions set by Wall Street. Your definition of success must really be messed up.

  • Josh N

    Microsoft OS is widely used across large enterprises, companies, schools and gamers. They have a larger market to aim for. The only people who use Macs are Photographers, Drama students and Journalists. They can’t hit the big market so they have to stay with the small cult they have.

    • Michael Superczynski

      ” The only people who use Macs are Photographers, Drama students and Journalists.”
      I use a Mac and I’m none of those.
      Congratulations on posting nonsense.

      • Josh N

        You are probably the other 50% of Mac users who buy it for the brand name and cannot give a justified argument on the benefits of using one, simple that it’s ‘better’. Run along and play with your iChat and Safari web browser and maybe educate yourself in the world of technology. Retard.

      • Michael Superczynski

        Safety, security and stability are just 3 of the reasons why I chose the Mac.

      • Mutant Soul

        I would agree. I’m not really fond of creating a barrier between users of Apple products and users of other competing products. I will participate in discussions and add information I feel is relevant, but I prefer not to denigrate – merely illuminate an issue if possible.
        I think historically Photographers and Graphic artists were a major part of the Apple customer base as were journalists and academics.
        I think most of that was due to adobe products being built for Apple machines in the beginning such as Illustrator and later Photoshop. Whereas today they support both platforms and have moved into the mobile realm as well. But we become comfortable with what we started with and usually develop a preference for that product.
        Since the field of journalism is tightly integrated with publishing which in turn used adobe products and other Apple related software it makes sense that they would for the most part continue to use Apple. Although as the field has become more digital and productivity software supports multiple platforms that has changed some.
        In the case of academics, Apple has historically had a presence on college campuses offering special deals for college students and faculty. Which is a great marketing strategy – many people continue to go with the brand of their first computer.
        As for drama students – can’t speak to that. But Apples customer base has definitely expanded and is not limited to those groups. But as I continue to say – why does it matter – you buy what you need and like. Should not matter to anyone else.
        What saddens me is that we will never be able to have a civil conversation as long as we continue to post aggressive confrontational comments. I believe the author(s) of these articles often times like it that way. If it is controversial and people become argumentative then the author profits through their advertising arrangements as more and more people post. It behooves them to construct an article that will gather together the minions of Windows and Apple to battle it out in the apocalyptic arena of opinion – the online comment post. So for those that are really entrenched in their fanatical brand partiality – regardless the specific brand – continue forth and slay thy lowly adversary with your pointed words and taunts while making the author more financially secure. Have a pleasant day.

      • Kr00

        Jesus, can you stop trolling these forums with your moronic crap. And liking your own posts is as shallow as one can get, seriously. Go outside and take your inferiority complex elsewhere.

    • NorCal Mike

      I run my business on my iMac and use square on my iPad to make sales. Apple is aiming at small business which employees the majority of workers in America.

    • PMB01

      Macs dominate the creative/production industries. Most (if not all) movies are made on Macs. Most churches are also dominated by Macs.

  • Oh Snap

    I had my friend take my place at this show. But I sent Mac computers to run our portion of the show… Almost all of the computer on the show were Macs… It took six days of rehearsal to reveal a Mac rip off…

  • Zee

    Whatever the numbers may suggest, from my personal experience; since I switched to Mac (about 6 years now), I never seen a blue screen of death, I never had currupted DLL or other files, never been affected with viruses or currupted BIOS, never faced slow downs… My OS never looked complicated or out-dated infect with every new release of the OS it gets cooler n smarter. Meanwhile in the last decade or so Microsoft seems to be struggling with its Startup/Widget Screen and cannot find a suitable place for it. Mac is a releable product which will pay for itself over the years and save you tons of hassle and money that you’d pay to technicians otherwise.