CNN caught using Microsoft Surface as iPad kickstand


CNN commentators found a new use for the Surface. Photo: @AdamUCF

Microsoft proudly announced last month that it would be paying CNN to use its Surface tablets for the historic Mid-Term 2014 coverage, but when it came time to actually use Microsoft’s tablet last night, CNN political commentators discovered an incredible new Surface feature: it doubles as an iPad kickstand.

CNN’s talking heads tried to hide their iPad Airs and minis behind a barricade of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets, but it didn’t take long for some observant viewers to notice their preferred tablets are made by Apple.

Check out this guy working on his iPad mini behind the scenes:

He must be on a fierce Angry Birds level. Photo: Steven Johns/Twitter

Unfortunately for Microsoft, this is just another of several gaffed sponsorships its had over the last few months. The company also sponsors the NFL and provides team with Surface tablets on the sideline to review plays, but commentators have a hard time remembering to not call it an iPad.

  • LOL poor Microsoft. Its not that I don’t want them to succeed but as a user of both Apple and Microsoft I find that several things are just faster and easier to do on Apples products.

    • James

      I love the iPad as a tablet but the surface is not really a tablet, it runs different kind of operating system, it’s closer to a laptop rather than a tablet in terms of software. If you are talking about desktop operating systems windows is far superior, so much more customization, compatability and speed (if you know what your doing that is).

      • Have you personally been using Apple OS X enough to compare the two that way? You can pretty much customize them both if you have the know how. The surface is more of a high powered netbook.

      • Eugene

        I think he was comparing Windows with iOS, not OS X.

      • Yep that makes sense to compare a Desktop OS to a Mobile OS.

      • J

        I use both on a daily basis and can confirm they both work great, as long as you are not an idiot. If you are bad with technology, OS X will probably be better for you. But for anyone who knows his way around a computer, both Windows and OS X work perfectly, for me at least. (just to be clear I use Windows 7 and OS X Mavericks). I use OS X because the industry I work in uses it almost exclusively, but at the end of the day I prefer Windows. (again – Windows 7. Can’t say if that applies to Windows 8 or 10 or 12 or whatever crap they keep coming up with)

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        I was playing around with Windows 7 for a friend of mine as he was having problems. Since I wasn’t used to it, I found it rather complicated to fix problems. It wasn’t that easy since the layout isn’t that intuitive. I’ve been around computers since the late 70’s, when the Apple II’s first hit the market and have played with Windows since Windows 2 back in the 80’s, after the Mac first hit. I’ve always found Windows to have the user take more steps to do the same thing, which to me is a time waster. Plus the drivers issue is still a lot more of a hassle to deal with. There are a few features in Windows that are cool, but I still find Windows computers to have a kludgy feel to them. Every time I get off using a Windows computer, I feel a lot more relieved when I get on my Mac. I can just do things quicker, have less issues and it’s just more pleasurable. I just wish Apple had a high end headless model so I didn’t have to get an iMac. I just prefer a headless unit and the MacMini just isn’t enough and the MacPro is too much for my needs. I’m hoping Apple gets their act together and spits out something in the MacMiniPro or MacProMini type of product that will address that whole in their headless computer lineup.

      • FootSoldier

        Well, I personally believe having more developers currently developing on your platform, and being devoted to your platform with features and Optimized Apps makes an OS more superior. This is what got me with IOS. SO MUCH DEVELOPER ENTHUSIASM. There’s always some new powerful new app just around the corner.

      • Greg Bulmash

        Those are Surface Pro 3s. They are comparable to a MacBook Pro on hardware specs and the OS is Windows 8.1. They are full-fledged laptops.

        I’m envisioning one of two probabilities…

        Probability 1: All these people had their tablets how they liked them. And, more than likely, Microsoft just mailed a bunch of Surfaces to CNN, expected CNN’s people to do the work of getting the tablets set up the way they liked, and no one did.

        If you work with an OS regularly, when you get a brand new machine, even one with the same OS, it takes hours of work to put on your favorite apps and get them configured. If you suddenly have to adapt a different OS to your work style (or vice versa), that can take even longer.

        Probability 2: The CNN people HAD to use their iPads because the studio used bespoke native iOS apps for important on-air tasks. Nobody in ad sales had talked to the studio infrastructure people about whether the Surfaces could be fit into the on-air workflow.

        They just saw Microsoft hanging dollar signs in front of them and okayed a scenario that was simply doomed because of an iOS-specific workflow that was too hard to make multi-platform compatible.

    • I have both too and my iPad is collecting dust – Surface has so much more options for me. But yes, some things are faster and better on iPad, no questions.

    • emaleroland

      This’ll ruin your day then. Microsoft invented the smartphone. Apple never invented anything, not one thing. Even the iPhone name was stolen from Cisco. Apple, thieves for sheep at double the price. #weeeeeee

      • Sorry to disappoint. My day isn’t ruined because I know Apple doesn’t always invent but they tend to improve where others fail. Simply making it better not having something good (win xp, win 7) and making it worse (win vista, win 8).

  • Steiganator

    HA! this is great

  • TJ

    Just make a giant two level high wall of Surfaces. That will convince everyone that the Surface is somehow better than that thing that everyone really uses.

  • Merckel

    Does Microsoft really think viewers are that stupid, that CNN anchors prefer Surface devices? It’s embarrassing.

    • Andrew Nguyen

      you’re missing the point. It’s advertising the device so people recognize it more.

      • Jamal Virani

        I think it’s a mix of both. Commentators are pretty respected and very well may be looked up to as pseudo-celebrities in the households that trust their news source; if they were to use Surfaces, I would argue it actually gives Microsoft some clout.

      • ToddHuge

        It probably would have been more effective if they turned them 180 degrees to show the viewers the screen.

  • ZombiePete

    I think that’s Jake Tapper in the second pic. I tweeted him about it.

    • Ejdjss


  • tralalalalalala37

    Lol, there are no tablet apps for surface, that’s why. It’s just a laptop with a keyboard that falls off.

    • Don’t fear the future

      So what enterprise level software were they using on an iPad?


      How much money did these commentators lose for their company because they basically “shamed” the Surface Pro on national television. I’m sure Microsoft paid CNN to advertise the Surface Pro for them. I’m sure somewhere in the contract there was something that stated,” you should not deface the Surface Pro on national television by using a competitors product. (or use it as a tablet stand for a competing tablet)

      This shows the true Cult of Apple. Employee’s willingly disobeying the rules to cherish their brand loyalty.

      They should all reimburse CNN and/or be fired.

      Where am I wrong?

      • Max_Freedom

        MS Office?
        Google Docs?
        Why are you even on this website?

      • Don’t fear the future

        Confirmed. They were using Twitter on their iPads.

      • FootSoldier

        OR! Just maybe it could be Employee’s are cherishing the device they feel is more functional as a tablet. I have said this tons of times. The Surface Pro makes a horrible tablet. Bad ecosystem of Metro Apps, and those enterprise level apps you speak of are not Optimized for a tablet. It also takes up way to much space as a laptop, with that kickstand.

        iPads App ecosystem is getting pretty powerful, with Office, Pixelmator, and others, being made with an interface for the device your using.

        I think its going to get even better when Apple & IBM start to release there enterprise Apps there working on.

      • Don’t fear the future

        But they were using Twitter. I think the Surface Pro could have been used for Twitter just fine, especially with that full sized keyboard they had attached to them.

        This isn’t about who’s tech is better. This is about someone paying you to advertise your product and they essentially back-stab you and use a competitors product instead.

        It’s not like the iPad is the only tablet on the planet that can be used to Tweet. They would have an argument if they needed to do something that could only be done on an iPad. But that was clearly not the case.

      • Lloyd Griffith

        Well, for starters, I’m sure “deface” does not appear in any alleged contract nor do I think that Microsoft would have envisioned them using it as stand for an iPad. And, yeah….I don’t see how anyone would be fired over this. That’s simply ridiculous.

      • tralalalalalala37

        Microsoft app suite/ adobe app suite/ iPass/ cisco/ vpn/ pythonista/ get console / etc. etc. etc. High end developers are still iOS first. It’s where the money is.

      • Don’t fear the future

        All of these were NOT used on the iPad. Only Twitter.

        By the way, I’m pretty sure all the products you listed could also be done on a device running a full version of Windows, like the Surface Pro.

        This issue isn’t about who tech is better. It’s about what is right and what is wrong. If they were using an iPad during this paid advertisement, it better have been because they needed to use a capability or a service that the Surface could not supply. That was definitely not the case.

      • tralalalalalala37

        All of these are available on the iPad. Add to that transmit which is desktop grade ftp/cloud connection client that integrates with iOS 8 share functionality and allows any app to open files and sync files on any personal/cloud/etc. type of file system.

        They could be done on a surface, but no developers have made things like that for tablet usage (i.e. while being mobile, standing, not using keyboard etc.).

        It’s not about tech, it’s about developer support. The iPad has first mover advantage, and microsoft has a losing strategy if they are just trying to force windows gui’s into a tablet interface. It doesn’t work.

      • Don’t fear the future

        That’s fine and dandy if CNN was actually using those iPads for those reasons. But they were not. They were using it for Twitter. The last time I checked, the Surface Pro has an official Twitter app.

        I understand that as a tablet, the iPad has way more designed apps for tablet use than a Surface Pro does right now. But Twitter isn’t one of them. And no one is standing in the pictures posted up above. Actually, you see one of them using 2 fingers on the virtual keyboard of an iPad, when in front of them they could put all ten fingers on the real, full size keyboard of the Surface Pro.

        However, the subject is about the appropriateness of using an iPad while Microsoft is writing CNN a check to advertise the Surface Pro. It’s about respect.

        It’s like this: If Pizza Hut was writing CNN a check to advertise Pizza Hut in a Live Advertisement, you do not eat Papa John’s Pizza right out of a Papa John’s pizza box live on the set. I don’t care what toppings Papa John’s offers that Pizza Hut doesn’t. The job of CNN and all of it’s employees is to respect the company that is writing them the check. As the saying goes, “You do not bite the hand that feeds you.”. In television, commercials and advertisements are your source of income.

        This situation shows no respect at all for Microsoft.

        I wonder how many future advertising opportunities they might have just lost because of this.

      • tralalalalalala37

        Totally agree with you: If microsoft was paying them to use their tablet (as they are the NFL to the tune of $400), then that is in bad taste.

        However. If Microsoft is giving them the surface, they had better well pay to train them and make sure that every use case of a tablet that they would typically use is possible on the surface before forcing them to use it. You can’t pay someone to use a tool if it stops them from using their job, especially if you are trying to show that the tool is supposed to help them with their job.

      • Don’t fear the future

        How hard would it be for any of the commentators on the program to say,

        “Hey, does anyone know how to get Twitter on this thing?”

        Opening Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and navigating to Twitter dot com is not rocket science.

        CNN just took Microsoft’s money and ran.

      • ChrisC

        How about VMware view or Citrix, these are both used on iPads and are much better delivering the experience over a useless Surface device.

        They’re using Apple because they want to and find them more reliable.

        Get over it.

      • htko89

        I would love to agree, however, citrix / vmware view is also supported on the surface pro.

        To choose the lowest working device = no sense, why not bring up android tablet? or even blackberry’s playbook?

        Not to mention this means nothing for the average user. Being able to run desktop applications on a tablet -> opens a new market. Think about, network penetration, IT tasks, designer tasks. A compelling argument would be to say the hardware is lacking.

      • Don’t fear the future

        Okay, today we found out what that essential software was that they were using on their iPads, which by using it was worth the risk of losing the advertising money being paid by Microsoft (which I’d bet is more money than all of those commentators salaries combined).

        That essential software was:

        TWITTER. (My bad. I stated Facebook up above.)

        Someone confronted one of them on twitter about it. They confirmed what the iPad was being used for.

        Last time I checked, the Surface Pro can run Twitter, in split screen to boot, with true multitasking, which would be a commentators dream. Imagine, they could have kept their eye on the results, (which they claim they were using the Surface Pro for) and Tweet back on the same device, while using the full sized keyboard. This is exactly the kind of use Microsoft paid them to use the Surface for.

        But nope. What was supposed to be a paid live advertisement turned into the biggest joke in Tech news, because these people decided to use a competitors product instead of obeying the rules, instead of respecting the company the is helping pay for their salaries.

        How disrespectful, right? For me, this isn’t about who’s tech is better. This is about right versus wrong.

        Why am I here? To show you the perspective of the company that just essentially paid CNN to embarrass them on national televion, during one of the most watched events of the year.

        Once again, where am I wrong?

    • directive0

      Eh? Windows 8.1 supports full screen “tablet” style apps.

      • tralalalalalala37

        Yes, it supports it. Unfortunately there isn’t developer support to take advantage of that style :(

  • Grunt_at_the_Point

    Sorry to be the contrarian but what if the reporter is using his personal device texting his daughter. The article suggests CNN is forcing the reporters to use Microsoft Surface tablets when they would prefer to use iPads. It should not be a surprise that in the business world Windows machines outnumbered Macs. This is so because of software and cost.

    • Gordon Morris

      So he’s texting his daughter on company time? CNN should be forcing their employees to use Surfaces, because that’s what Microsoft paid CNN a lot of money to do. Whether you like iPads or Surfaces or even galaxies, this is a pretty dumb thing to do, and I’d venture will cost CNN a lot of money.

      • Grunt_at_the_Point

        The Surface is a computer with features found in tablets. In a business setting computers are networked to the company database. It is highly unlikely, even if the reporters wanted to use an iPad, they would be able to do so. Tablets generally are not networked. So what if Microsoft paid CNN to use the Surface on air. Its another form of advertising.

        Furthermore, when I watch the news it is rare to find a tablet (iPad included) on an anchor’s desk. Additionally, it is even rarer to see a Mac at an anchor desk. My point is Windows machines dominate the business world.

        The purpose for this article is to stir the pot (Microsoft/Apple owners} to generate page hits. I have a MBP, iPad Air, and an iPhone 5s and soon to be replaced with a 6+. That said, I have nothing against Microsoft/PCs nor the Androids. I don’t understand why Apple product owners insist on putting down none Apple product owners. There is room in this world for everybody. Why all the anomosity?

    • Nathan

      I don’t think that would really matter. Microsoft is paying CNN, there is most likely a contract in place stating other devices will not be used on air. Even if it’s personal what he’s doing, having it out and in front of the cameras still defeats the purpose of Microsoft paying CNN for that. I doubt it’s for personal use, but even if it is, it just cost CNN a pretty penny.

  • crawler73

    ouch… that must really hurt Microsoft.

  • htko89

    The surface is actually pretty nice to use. The annoyance of tablet interface turned into one of its strengths during use, which surprised me actually during use. It’s a shame these news folks, who deal with windows machines all day, don’t know how to use a quality product in front of them.

    • ChrisC

      Are you serious, have you tried opening an image or pdf using the metro apps? It’s the worst, slow experience I’ve ever come across.

      Try associating it with the original apps and try again.

      Metro is a huge loss of productivity, why do you think Windows 10 has the start menu back?

      The iPad will also beat the surface into any app and run it faster, including Office.

      • htko89

        And by that I mean generally navigating in the UI, such as settings, touch support, pen support, START MENU (a big deal on a tablet). etc. You don’t honestly expect to do work in metro apps, or even iOS apps ??

        The stuff I stated above, compliments nicely with actual work applications, such as autocad, photoshop, revit, solid works. These applications I use on a regular basis. Make your case with IOS supporting this kind of functionality..

      • reality check

        That functionally doesn’t matter because these people have iPads and MacBook Airs.

        This is just from a guy who looks after 100+ companies, most of the engineering companies have iPads to view their cad drawings onsite and if needed they can connect to a server to do cad processing. The employment officers all using iPads and iPhones for appointments and note taking. The conservation and wildlife people using iPhones and iPads for photos and data recording. Farmers who check their grain and feed stock on their iPads. then there are our techs who use their iPads for documentation, ticket lodging and emails.

        The surface is very powerful and can be used for so many things it just seems like they don’t want to, so it’s not a question of ability but a question of appeal. It doesn’t seem to appeal to these people.

      • htko89

        I can agree on that, less demanding jobs or people require less, hence your examples.

      • htko89

        Replying to you started me on a train of thought regarding what I use regularly on a surface that I miss on my android / iOS tablet.

        There is also multi window applications, system automation, USB support -> opens up to network penetration testing, device firmware flashing, etc etc etc generally things that require high levels of travel in the operator and what “mobile” devices don’t do. A huge productivity boost if you ask me.

      • ChrisC

        I’m a systems engineer and the first thing we do is disable USB support for all devices.

        With BYOD and Windows this is a must. There is strictly no USB pass through as the end users aka you can’t infect the network with your torrent downloaded apps and movies. Your point is moot about USB. If you need a printer I might let that through but that’s it.

        Multi windows on windows 8.x is absolute shite, cmon, are you serious? You’re pretty unproductive if you’re using this feature.

        Have you used Office for iPad? It is one of the best apps made. I’d go as far as saying using on an iPad would be far easier than Windows with touch.

        You mentioned a pen, who the hell uses this input these days, iOS has built in dictation, just tap and talk.

        I think you need to try this stuff before letting loose on the Internet.

        Why the hell would you be firmware flashing?

      • htko89

        you say you’re a systems engineer and you can’t find a use for a surface. fine. But mind you there are other real life jobs out there other than casual typing on an IOS app, like composing real business documents. I suppose you rather tell me siri is a good replacement for photoshop pen support. or perhaps while talking to my interior design clients I should be fiddling with a iPad to show off 3D renders and schematics. Let me also remind you not everyone works in an enterprise environment with access to virtualization or remote software.

        All these use cases and you tell me not to “let loose” on the internet ? how rude. please open your mind and think outside your own personal use case. I forget im replying on a mac site sometimes and I need to explain the bigger picture. Thats the problem with you folks.

        Firmware flashing. thats just a hobby of mine. embedded systems. at least i have the option.. that ipad of yours probably runs low level firmware too. oh

        edit: im thinking about your comment on multiwindow and im chuckling.. what do you do when copy pasting bits of information.. do you ALWAYS press the home key / lose visual focus / do this for every little switch?? you must be very productive..

      • ChrisC

        Firstly you obviously haven’t used an iPad, showing clients 3D renders and schematics are more than possible, plus zooming functions work much better on the iPad.

        You lost all credibility when you said you use photoshop on a tablet. That’s enough said really.

        I use Photoshop daily on my 27″ Cinema Display and can tell you it sucks on a tablet, I’ve owned the Samsung Slate and the 1st Gen MS Surface.

        Rendering 3D on the sub par Surface would also suck, not enough memory, graphics and CPU. I rely on proven technology such as a 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina with dedicated graphics and 16GB of Memory.

        As for your chuckling about copy and paste, as I stated before you’re a complete noob, four finger swipe between apps is far easier than the home button.

        Why do you think iPads have so much traction in schools, because they work really well. You’re lack of knowledge is shining through.

        I deployed a 1 to 1 program at my last job being a R-12 all girls school.

        Perhaps you need to open your eyes to this technology. I think you’ll find you’re the one being unproductive.

      • ChrisC

        Ps, the girls at school were writing essays with voice recognition over two years ago.

        I’d also like to know what you class as a real business document? Pages, Keynote and Numbers have been making these for years and have been available on the iPad for a similar timeframe.

        They are super easy to use, more so than the Microsoft offerings, but Office for iPad is smashing home runs now too.

      • htko89

        I love your total overly aggresive tone of voice. But since you feel like you need to assert your dominance or superiority.. to be a total asshole on the internet and speak of others as “noobs”, here is some in return.

        First off, lets not get ahead of ourselves, I mean what does a systems engineer which works for r-12 education know about creative work? I never said the IPADs suck nor was your productivity low, so quit getting your panties in a twist. I’m perfectly okay that in your systems engineering job, your work flow does not require these things. Some inventions are meant for better people. The world is not against you and your apple love. Relax them casual hormones.

        Let’s focus on your total inability to acknowledge market needs. I never said the surface was the ONLY device one should do work on, unlike your assertion that IPADS should replace all. In the graphics world, graphics tablets are used, if not companies like wacom and n-trig are surely out of business by now? the pen offers a form of creativity which IPADs cannot match. Now a artist / designer which takes himself seriously, will do all work at a suitable workstation. But there are plenty moments in a work environment where a portable pen input can be much appreciated.

        Why do tablets have so much traction in schools such as r-12 ? Well likely they never had a thing called “creative workflow”, which in your systems engineering job you never had to encounter. I’m sure you love syncronizing files through a myraid of different apps and itunes, while here I’m using collaborative software in real time. with full access to file and folder structure. Do you access all your photos through photos app? How about per client organization, etc etc. How about make a small change in your files? four finger swipe that please.

        You speak about “proven technology” (by who) and your experience as a systems engineer, I speak on actual proven experience as a interior designer and actual time in work applications (seee lists and lists of desktop software supported)

        Do you and the rest of your pals all have access to citrix / remote software? If you do, horrah, you just paid a ridiculous amount of money to do the same thing a surface does natively albeit slower. not that it’s replacing anything like in your example. Your point is invalid to 90% of professionals.

        you bring nothing constructive to the discussion other than ipads having better touch interfaces. and a metric fuck ton of attitude. and even in that, four finger swipe between what? your simple ipad “work apps”? I still cannot see how you’re a systems engineer on JUST an ipad. Its a funny sight. Should I go and hand draft some modifications to my documents with my finger? You are dumb.

        I’m tired of replying back to your comments, It’s quite childish you are comparing iPads to a fully fledged operating system (which you use!) and doing so with such fury. I hope you learn to respect other people eventually like a functioning member of society.

        EDIT: hilarious you are using a macbook pro for rendering. That puny “Dedicated graphics” included in the top model is as good as dirt in the grand scheme of things.

      • ChrisC

        Ok, it sounds like you need to know what a systems engineer actually does, so let me enlighten you.

        We design, built and implement SMB->Enterprise Solutions using Server Hardware, Firewalls, switches and Storage Area Networks (SAN’s). All of which you’re probably using in the office. We use a mix of VMware/HyperV and yes we deploy Citrix for those who have made a business decision to access their infrastructure from remote locations. Citrix gives a remote user access to more than just a desktop, it’s a closed safe environment for the user to work in. This technology also allows the use of high end applications such as AutoCad and Photoshop without having to manage every endpoint.
        The collaborative software that your bragging about is generally what I install and support, syncing technologies have been around for years and are nothing new.

        The above as you put it requires a “workflow”, it also requires a lot of design and testing, after all you cannot install windows on a server you have not yet built.

        Secondly, I don’t own an iPad, I have worked closely with companies that have deployed them in vast numbers including the School I implemented them for. These schools tested the Surface and for both Students and Staff were deemed as not productive, from boot times to the device not waking from sleep to numerous compatibility issues with hardware at the School saw them fail. You have clearly not used and iPad, that was my statement.

        This project was a six month process so they were given ample time with both devices. Windows 8/8.1 also added to this epic failure in the fact that the school was used to Windows 7 and therefor couldn’t find anything they wanted. Let’s agree here, surely the metro screen is the biggest pile of fail EVER.

        Thirdly I was not discounting pen input, I have a Wacom tablet on my desk, I was stating that touch on the surface is sub par in comparison to the Wacom tablet.

        As for you comment re: the dedicated graphics, I have one device, this device covers all of my work flow, I do not need to switch devices, I have one device that does it all with a screen at work for the bigger picture. This devices native resolution far exceeds the surface, so I have a lot more real estate whether docked or not.

        You say I am aggressive, calling someone a noob is hardly calling them an asshole, but thanks.

        There are needs for both scenarios, but as the article highlights, people want to use the iPads for the easier tasks.

        I have implemented an iPad deployment for a building company that built their own app for building/designing houses. They can sit down with a client design the house from start to finish including all finishings, lighting and furniture, then render it in the paint colour they like and take a virtual walk through, all this done in under 30 minutes. Tell me that’s not productive?

        Happy for you not to reply, I’ve said my piece.

  • Barrett Jasper

    He’s simply using two devices and it was convenient to prop it up, that is all.

  • Furtherthanever

    They are 2 different devices. ipads can play games and surf the net… the surface is a computer that does everything else. i don’t know how anyone can multitask on an ipad, but we’ve all gotten used to the ipads simple push this button or push that button theme… ask a 90 year old man to tell you the time by looking at a computer screen, and he will look at his wrist watch instead.

    • Kr00

      Did Daft punk produce their last two albums on a surface tablet? No, but they did on an iPad, from audio recording, mixing to design of the albums cover. From video editing to keynote presentations as well as the premier educational device in schools, iPad does it all with the support of literally tens of millions of apps, something you won’t find on the surface. When a surface does all this, get back to me.

      • tsdr

        Errr, a surface can run OS X if you want….

      • ChrisC

        Plus 1 from me, absolutely spot on!

      • Furtherthanever

        Of course a PC can do all of those things… They have been doing it for a long time now. I am sure an ipad can do those things via a handful of static apps… But so can my digital camera, my cell phone, and my web browser last time I checked.

        Face it, a PC can do everything an ipad can do, plus WAY more. If the ipad sported a full OSX experience, I think this debate would be warranted… But as it is, an ipad, and a surface are two completely different things.

      • htko89

        whats funny is that windows applications supported all of this way before the ipad was even invented. Granted, there are a lot more useless apps on any mobile device.. on any mobile platform, hence Im getting back to you, how are things in the app universe?

    • FootSoldier

      He will also know how to use, and be more comfortable with an iPad. And so will his Granddaughter, and even her children. That may be why these news anchors, and hundreds of millions of other people are using them. I multitask on an iPad all the time, especially with IOS 8. I never enjoyed multi windowing on the Surface’s 12 inch screen, but it has its benefits.

  • Justus Edward Milton Neufeld

    I laughed so hard I’m crying, holy shit is that funny!

  • junkyardwillie

    Maybe he was using his iPad to find instructions on how to operate a Surface Tablet…

  • Harry Hirsch

    Microsoft employees themselves have to be reminded to say ‘bing it’, and not ‘google it.’

  • ChrisC

    Paying for usage doesn’t guarantee results, this just proves that. If you gave me one, I’d sell it and buy Apple products with the proceeds. How is this any different?

    I still question why you need touch on a desktop operating system anyway?

  • Mirko

    When did the Samsung Chief of Marketing start working for Microsoft?

  • Windlasher

    WHY DO YOU GUYS ALWAYS – have to turn this into an US vs THEM thing? Who give a crap that they are using iPads instead of the Surface? It would have been just as funny if they were using ANDROID tablets. The takeaway is that they would rather use anything else than a surface and that MS has to pay people to use their products. Or even better, maybe they couldn’t get the Surfaces to work with the SW that they needed it to work with, or maybe it wouldn’t let them into the wireless network.

    This doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a which is better pissing contest.

  • Laurent

    Please use a Ninki-UP stand, it’s most beautiful and convenient

  • GadgetCanada1

    Siri: “Hey Cortana, tell me how my a$$ tastes”

  • jayjaytee


  • Surface Pro 3 is a good gadget. It can do a lot of things that iPad can’t do.