Two latest iPad ads put Apple’s incredible storytelling talents on display

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Apple’s two latest ads in its expanding ‘Your Verse’ campaign tout the iPad as a content creation tool and instrumental part of the creative process. Calling them merely “ads” doesn’t actually do them justice, as they are much fuller stories than 30-second TV spots on Apple’s website.

Called “Orchestrating Sound” and “Exploring Without Limits,” the first narrative is a profile of renowned composer Esa-Pekka Salonen and how he uses the iPad to make symphonies. The second addition follows the deaf travel blogger Chérie King and how she uses the iPad on all of her trips around the world.

Apple has a very human approach to advertising tech that’s really unparalleled in the industry. Its ads, especially in recent months, are never about specs or comparing to a competitors product.

This latest ‘Your Verse’ campaign for the iPad really puts Apple’s talent at storytelling on display, even if it all just boils down to beautifully packaged marketing points at the end of the day. The goal is to tell a good story that makes Apple’s products look compelling and useful. It’s hard to argue that these latest ads don’t do that well.


Apple has also become good at supplementing advertising with extra goodies and related content. There’s an iTunes-exclusive performance of one of Salonen’s pieces, and his “The Orchestra” app costs $10 in the App Store. At the bottom of King’s story you’ll find a list of all the apps she uses on the iPad when she’s traveling.

Each story has its own webpage, and the accompanying videos will likely be posted to Apple’s YouTube channel soon. The profile of Salonen has three videos, while King’s has two. Make sure to check out both profiles on Apple’s website for the full experience.

Update: Apple has made the TV ads available on its YouTube channel.

Two latest iPad ads put Apple’s incredible storytelling talents on display

Two latest iPad ads put Apple’s incredible storytelling talents on display

  • Sean Buckman

    Yup, these are the jerks that use their tablets to take photos, probably also vertical videos and phone calls.

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