Handy Photo 2 Editing App Really Is Handy

Handy Photo 2 Editing App Really Is Handy

Handy Photo has gone from v1 to v2, and has changed from an app I apparently installed and then discarded to something that looks very useful indeed for the mobile photographer.

The update brings iOS 7 support, a complete redesign of the interface, and some sweet new features.

First of all, it’s easy to use, kind of like a cross between Snapseed and ArtRage. The controls pop up either in easy-to-swipe rings, or around the photo in spots that make sense for direct manipulation. The icons can be hard to understand, but the actual editing is spot-on.

Nest up are the tools themselves. You get the usual adjustments, but you also get some killer retouching tools. You can remove objects and clone them, as well as perform “uncrops” which let you make a picture bigger, filling in the gaps that are created.

I still use Snapseed for just about all of my iOS editing (imagine how good it would be now if Google hadn’t bought it), but sometimes I need a little m ore. And from now on I’ll be using Handy Photo, because it is both intuitive and gives amazing results.

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