Words App Puts Instapaper, Pocket, RSS On Your Desktop


Maybe I’m a big dummy, but I always thought that the whole point of “read later” apps was that you could shunt long-form articles off the desktop and onto a device that was better suited for reading for extended periods. After all, on the desktop a combination of bookmarks and Safari’s Reader view takes care of things.

But what do I know? Clearly there’s a place for reader apps on the Mac, and the $10 Words looks to be a very nice example.

Many people it seems use services like Instapaper and Pocket as bookmarking services in themselves, and why not? Pretty much any app these days that has a browser view also lets you save to these services with a single tap.

Words will aggregate the articles saved from all your favorite read-later services, and it also acts as an RSS reader, pulling the full text for articles and displaying them in a stripped-down text-n-pictures view. The app can be themed to look how you want it to, and there are lots of keyboard shortcuts so you don;t have to tear your eyes away from the screen to find your mouse.

It looks pretty great, although I still can’t see myself reading much on my Mac when I could be laying in bed with a coffee and reading on the iPad. Still, $10 is a great price, and it’s available on the Mac App Store now.

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