A Gold Lightning Cable To Bling Out Your Gold iPhone 5S


Okay, we’ve had a bit of fun with the gold iPhone 5S, but in reality, it’s a pretty fantastic looking device… and hey, it can resist knife attacks, too. So there’s a lot to recommend the gold iPhone 5s.

If you’re considering buying a gold iPhone 5s, you might also considering throwing a few bucks towards the Juicies+ Kickstarter. They’re making a gold Lightning cable that would look absolutely perfect plugged into your new gold iPhone 5S.

Since we have never covered them before, a quick explanation: Juicies+ is a successful Kickstarter campaign that has secured more than double its funding goal already with 48 days left in the campaign. What are they selling? Fabric-covered Lightning cords that never tangle, at $18 a pop. Not shabby.

Since Juicies+ has already been such a big success, they recently decided to add a stretch goal to the Kickstarter campaign: if they reach $120,000, they’ll offer backers a gold model, using an “absolutely stunning woven fabric material to match the housings.”

If you’ve just got to bling out your iPhone 5S, right down to the cable, this is a Kickstarter to consider.

  • elcaballeroquediceni

    Gold Is Best!

  • Zod Buster

    Consumers just get stupider and stupider and it seem the iSheep are at the forefront.

  • JustyChiang

    If you like Juicies,you will love ZiPAC too !
    [ ZiPAC in Kickstarter ]
    ZiPAC is a durable USB cable and case in one. Zip up your stuff, then unzip to connect your devices. No more tangled or lost cables.

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