Why The Gold iPhone 5S Is The One You Want To Bring To A Knife Fight [Video]


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If you purchased an iPhone 5 last year, you might remember how easily the black iPhone scratched and chipped. Christened ‘Scuffgate’ by upset owners, the black iPhone 5’s propensity for scratching even prompted Phil Schiller to comment upon the issue, saying such scratches were “normal.”

Well, no, they’re not, Phil. The white iPhone 5, for example, isn’t nearly as scratch prone as the black iPhone 5. Be that as it may, at this point, the iPhone 5’s scratchability can be taken as read. But what about the gold iPhone 5S? Will it be as scratchable as its black brother, or as pristine and unscuffable as the white model?

The guys over at Jailbreak Nation decided to do a scratch test with a recently-acquired gold iPhone 5S shell to see how it held up. Using a coin and even a knife, they then tortured the gold iPhone 5S and inspected the scratches.

As you can see, it held up pretty well, in line with the white iPhone 5. So if you’re buying the gold iPhone 5S for the bling, it looks like you can rest assured that it will hold up to normal wear-and-tear (and even a knife fight) pretty well.

Source: Jailbreak Nation

  • philbert81

    I would rather have a scratched up black iphone then this ugly gold phone.

  • philbert81

    I would rather have a scratched up black iphone then this ugly gold phone.

  • Wayne_Luke

    I can sense all the disappointment now when the Gold ends up not existing or it is a VIP version used by Apple Dignitaries only.

  • sibrucia

    The writer of this story needs to know what they’re talking about before they publish. The white iPhone is raw aluminum. When it scratches it just shows silver so its hard to see. The black one is aluminum coated in black so when it scratches it shows silver looking bad. So yes, it is normal on the black one. Get more knowledgable writers or editors before posting this garbage in the future.

  • Stuka_UK

    Gold held up well did it?…. I don’t think so !