Feedly For iOS Updated With New Discovery Features And ‘Must Read’ Section




With Google Reader set to close up shop on June 3oth there have been a number of apps competing to replace the dying RSS service. Digg and Reeder have emerged as popular replacements, but Feedly has seen tremendous growth thanks to Google Reader’s death.

Since Google’s announcement that it’s killing Google Reader, Feedly has seen more than 3 million new users joined the service. To make things even better, Feedly just released a big app update for iOS that includes a new discovery engine, better sharing, and a must read section. With the new update and the development of a Google Reader API clone called Normandy, Feedly is looking like it will be one of the best replacements for Google Reader.

Here are the release notes on what’s new in Feedly version 14:

☂ Fixes random logout bug, and many other smaller issues
★ New Feed Search and Discovery.
★ New Title Only View. More controls over layouts.
★ Enhanced Sharing & Save for Later
★ New “Must Read” Section to easily organize the feeds you don’t want to miss
★ Customize Favorite Sharing Tool to G+, Buffer, Twitter, Facebook, Email or browser
★ Customize Favorite Save for Later Tool to Pocket
★ Mark as read card at the end of each sections
★ Pull to refresh in the home selector

Source: iTunes


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