Popular RSS App Reeder Announces Upcoming Support For Google Reader Alternative Feedbin



Reader is one of the most popular RSS clients out there for Apple devices. It’s available on OS X and iOS, and up until now it has mainly been used in conjunction with Google Reader. Now that Google has announced its plans to kill Google Reader in the coming months, many are starting to look to alternative RSS aggregators.

Today the maker of the app Reeder, Silvio Rizzi, announced that Feedbin support will be added soon to the iPhone version. Feedbin is a simple, clean-looking Google Reader replacement with an API that third-party clients can utilize.

The Mac and iPad versions of Reeder will get Feedbin support when version 2.0 of Rizzi’s app launches later down the road. The 2.0 Reeder update has been in the works for several months already.

Reeder also currently supports Fever, a service that acts like Google Reader but also curates feeds to find the hottest articles.

Feedbin is like Google Reader, but it costs $2 per month. It will be interesting to see what other kinds of Google Reader alternatives gain prominence in the coming months.

Source: @reederapp

  • erikbriones

    “Reeder is one of the most..”

  • Falafelhead

    I’m sorry, am I missing something? Reeder’s “solution” to Google Reader shutting down…is to charge me $2 a month for Feedbin or $30 for Fever?

    Tell me I’m missing something here. I’m not paying twice for functionality that I could get for free via an app like Feedly. I don’t care how intuitive/clean the interface is.

  • erem_app

    There is a new RSS reader app available at Google Play and Amazon App Store (iPhone/iPad version is coming soon). Its name is erem app http://www.erem-app.com 

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    Currently, erem app supports 13 languages and presents RSS news sources from 28 countries.

    One interesting feature of erem app is you can define keywords (for politicians, celebrities, sport teams, etc.) and get notified when they appear in the RSS feeds you selected/entered.

    Disclaimer: I am a member of erem app team and we welcome your suggestions.

  • jonhenshaw

    Happy with the Fever integration so far. It’s a one-time license fee to Shaun Inman and it’s self-hosted, so I control everything. I like the unique features of Fever, including the web interface, and Reeder does a good job at syncing and carrying over some of those unique features.

  • danistones007

    @Falafelhead I think one of the best way to guarantee that a service is not going to shut down like google reader is pay for it. In google reader case, you don’t necessarily have to pay to get a good one. take a look at htpp://eldonreader.com or at http://feedly.com