Google Chairman Confirms Google Now For iOS Is Waiting For Apple’s Approval


Last week, Google accidentally posted a video to its YouTube channel which announced Google Now is coming to iOS. The company quickly pulled it shortly after it went up, and it wasn’t clear whether the app would actually come to fruition, or whether it was a project Google had started and then killed.

Now the company’s chairman, Eric Schmidt, has confirmed Google Now is on its way to the App Store — but only if Apple approves it.

At Google’s Big Tent event in New Delhi, India, today, Schmidt was asked by moderator Alan Rusbridger whether Google Now was actually coming to iOS. “You’ll need to discuss that with Apple,” Schmidt replied. “Apple has a policy of approving or disapproving apps that are submitted into its store, and some of them they approve and some of them they don’t.”

It’s pretty much the same message Google gave out prior to the release of Google Maps for iOS last December. And it’s a promising one, because it means that as long as Google Now for iOS adheres to Apple’s App Store policies, we should see its release any day now.

Google Chairman Confirms Google Now For iOS Is Waiting For Apple’s Approval

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Now, it’s a smart personal assistant which was first introduced to Google’s Android platform last July, and it aims to provide users with all kinds of helpful information at their fingertips. It monitors the Google searches you make, the emails you receive via Gmail, and your Google Calendar, then provides you with handy “cards” based on the information it has gathered.

For example, it might display your upcoming appointments and information on how to get to them, recipe suggestions based on foods you’ve searched for, results from your favorite sports teams, and details on your upcoming flight.

The feature has received plenty of praise since its release, so it’ll be great to see it on iPhone. That’s if Apple approves it, of course.

  • dieselmaniac

    I’m personally looking forward to this. I’ll be surprised if Apple approves it. If it goes though, I’ll be tempted to use google services instead of iCloud. Should be interesting to see what Apple does.

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