Vimeo Buys Echograph To Try To Take Down Vine



Vimeo — one of the last true alternatives to YouTube left in this crazy digital world — has just acquired Echograph, a nifty app to make animated GIFs, in an attempt to go to head with Twitter’s Vine, an app that deals entirely in six-second video snips.

VentureBeat, who broke the story, say the deal’s just as much about having a strong presence on mobile as it is about getting some grade-A talent, with Echograph creatore Nick Alt becoming Vimeo’s new VP of Mobile.

“We chose Echograph because it helps people easily create beautiful high quality video content,” Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor in a statement. “That, with Nick’s proven track record of building innovative video apps made it a perfect fit for Vimeo.”

Echograph is a free app for the iPhone and iPad that is one of the most intuitive and easy ways to share and make animated GIFs. Wired called it “the Instagram of animated GIFs” which, I suppose, is pretty high praise.

Here’s Echograph in action.

Source: VentureBeat

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  • RapOneLiners

    What?? So any 5-6 second video clip is somehow a Vine competitor? This and Vine are completely different “forms of art” or whatever you want to call them.

    The competition comes in the form of an iOS app called, “Cinemagram” which has already been around for a while and maintains a 4.5 star rating on the app store. Exactly the same thing…all Echograph has going for it is it’s Vimeo acquisition.

  • jaybee

    So they just copied the exact system Cinemagram uses and made it sound they they came up with it. Nice.

  • flostik2008

    Its interesting how popularity of certain apps growing overnight while other app struggling to keep up.