Project Genesis: A New Tale Of The Beginning. Did Mac Create Man?

Mac Project Genesis Film

Project Genesis: A New Tale Of The Beginning

What if the history books have it wrong? What if the tool is the master of its maker? Did Mac create Man?

Project Genesis, a short film about a world populated only by old Apple computers, has arrived. The computers have issues. And they have spoken:

We have always looked at our world with a single point of view: with resignation, limiting ourselves to survive. We were wrong! From this moment on, everything changes: new unexpected ways open up in front of us, the world we knew now becomes more accessible, simple, within everyone’s range.

With “Project Genesis” we open the door to our dreams: now we only have to start living, as we truly mean it

Cue the spotlights. Cue the fanfare. Today on Cult of Mac, we present the International Premiere of this groundbreaking short film by Italian director Alessio Fava. It was worth the wait:

Project Genesis: A New Tale Of The Beginning. Did Mac Create Man?

Fava writes:

A world populated only by computers that has always looked at our world with resignation and great sense of survival. Their structure, indeed, has always limited their development making even the simplest actions difficult. Today an extraordinary project is about to see the light, clearing new unexpected ways: the world of computers becomes more accessible, simpler, within the reach of everybody.

A very clever twist on the Beginning Of It All. How would computers handle the introduction of their personal servants? All bow to the wise Apple I, and a very nice swatch of rendered modeled old Apple (err, Acme) hardware to populate the masses.

There’s more background info and making of material on the Project Genesis website. Nicely done Alessio! I hope there will be a chapter two!

  • scottasavage

    Let’s just make sure we don’t go to Ceti Alpha V, lest Khan find out about Genesis…

  • David Greelish

    Very nice and I enjoyed it a lot! Excellent work, and the set pieces, models and music were all top-notch. I would like to show the film at our upcoming Vintage Computer Festival Southeast in April. We will have a major exhibit, the Apple Pop-Up Museum, which will tell the story of how a small start-up company, founded in a garage by two young friends, became the leading consumer electronics and personal computer company in the world. The new movie and its release are just perfect.


    David Greelish
    – Computer Historian, Writer, Podcaster & Speaker
    – Founder of the Atlanta Historical Computing Society

    Producer of the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 1.0 – 4/20 & 4/21, 2013

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