The PoP Video Adds A Projector To Your iPhone For Just $99

The PoP Video Adds A Projector To Your iPhone For Just $99


Although several rather bizarre rumors have claimed Apple will integrate a projector into a future iPhone, it seems a little unlikely — at least for many years. But thanks to PoP Video, you can add your own projector that displays 960 x 540 video for just $99.

The great thing about the PoP Video is that it’s small and compact, and looks a lot like an external battery case. It features a built-in dock connector that means hooking it up to your device couldn’t be easier. It’s compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and the fourth-generation iPod touch.

The PoP Video costs just $99, and its built-in Lithium-ion battery provides up to two hours of video playback at 960 x 540 between charges. Charge time is just four hours via micro USB.

Furthermore, the official PoP Video app for iOS means that this projector doesn’t just display your movies; it will also show slideshows, YouTube videos, web browsing, and even your social network streams.

PoP Video doesn’t yet have an official release date, but you can pre-order today through the PoP Video website.

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    960 x 540 video is the native resolution, but it scales to show HD sources as well. I’ve seen this projector and while others may be brighter, they are so washed out they’re hard to see anything with. This has much better color and dynamic range.

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