How To Make Siri Give Info About Your iPhone’s Battery Life [Jailbreak]

How To Make Siri Give Info About Your iPhone’s Battery Life [Jailbreak]

Never run out of precious battery life again.

Jailbreakers enjoy all kinds of cool Siri add-ons, and a tweak called BatteryLevelAE lets you use Apple’s digital assistant to give you helpful information about your iPhone’s battery life. In a world where we’re always on the go, keeping track of your iPhone’s battery can sometimes be the last thing on our minds. That’s why BatterLevelAE makes it easy for you — just ask Siri.

Once you install BatteryLevelAE in Cydia, there’s no settings to configure. You can say “battery help menu” in Siri to get a list of all the questions the tweak supports. Questions like “How much talk time do I have?” will even have Siri break down your battery status into 3G and 2G talk times. It’s a pretty great experience that really adds value to what Siri can do.

It’s important to note that what you’ll see is rough estimates. When you ask Siri a question, BatteryLevelAE uses Apple’s stats about your iOS device and your current battery status to compile numbers. Don’t expect exact accuracy, but you’ll at least have a general understanding of how much juice you have left.

BatteryLevelAE is an add-on for AssistantExtensions, another Cydia package that enhances Siri with all sorts of customizable commands and system integration. AssistantExtensions is free, but BatteryLevelAE will run you $1. It’s definitely worth it if you like the idea of quickly checking your battery life with your voice.

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