WhatsApp’s promise of end-to-end encryption may be a complete lie


WhatsApp encryption message
WhatsApp says no one — not even WhatsApp — can read your messages.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

WhatsApp promises to protect every one of its 2 billion users with end-to-end encryption that ensures their messages cannot be seen by anyone outside of the original conversation. But does it live up to that promise?

A new report alleges that the Facebook-owned messaging platform uses artificial intelligence and more than 1,000 contract workers to examine “millions of pieces of users’ content” using “special Facebook software.”

That’s despite Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg telling the U.S. Senate in 2018 that “we don’t see any of the content in WhatsApp.”

WhatsApp patches security hole that could expose sensitive user data


Facebook messaging apps
Keep your app up to date to stay safe.
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WhatsApp recently patched a serious security vulnerability that could expose sensitive user data. Security researchers discovered the hole, which could be exploited by opening an attachment that contained a malicious image file.

More recent versions of WhatsApp now check the integrity of image that has been edited with filters to keep users safe.

WhatsApp for Mac gets new public beta ahead of multi-device upgrade


WhatsApp has debuted its official OS X native app.
Try out new WhatsApp features early on Mac and Windows.
Photo: WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows anyone to beta test its desktop app for Mac and Windows. You can enroll in its new public beta program today to get your hands on the newest updates early — and you won’t want to miss it.

By gaining access to the beta, you’ll be one of the first to try out WhatsApp’s incoming multi-device overhaul when it finally starts rolling out.

WhatsApp will stop working on iPhones running iOS 9


Make sure you'll be able to continue using WhatsApp.
Photo: WhatsApp/Cult of Mac

WhatsApp has updated its app requirements, meaning that all users must now run at least iOS 10, as released in 2016.

That means that iPhone 4s users can no longer run the popular messaging app. Instead, anyone who wants to use WhatsApp must have an iPhone 5 or later. Otherwise WhatsApp will stop working.