Adobe Substance 3D Collection revamps tools in one suite


Adobe's new Substance 3D Collection packs lots of creative capabilities.
Adobe's new Substance 3D Collection packs lots of creative capabilities.
Photo: Adobe

Today Adobe released its new Adobe Substance 3D Collection, a suite of interoperable tools and assets that support 3D creativity. It addresses a near-future the company pictures where 3D work’s not just for blockbuster movies and games anymore, but for anyone.

The updated apps now sit in one integrated subscription package, intended as a do-it-all capture-and-create place for 3D art, sampling and virtual photography. The tools can enhance video games, e-commerce and marketing projects, and even virtual reality content.

Surprise! Apple might unveil mixed-reality headset in 2021


This Apple VR headset concept
The Apple VR headset might jump from concept to reality sooner than expected.
Concept: Antonio De Rosa

Apple supposedly will announce its first virtual reality/augmented reality headset “in the next several months,” according to a very reliable source. It could be as quickly as WWDC 2021.  That’s well before other predictions.

While the iPhone-maker hasn’t committed to any such device, its VR headset has been the subject of many leaks. But no one can agree on when it’ll reach customers. Most recent reports have pointed to some point in 2022, though.

Apple’s AR headset could weigh half as much as rivals’


Apple could take on the likes of Oculus with a VR headset as early as 2022.
Ming-Chi Kuo has the inside track on Apple's AR headset.
Photo: Minh Pham/Unsplash CC

Apple’s augmented reality/mixed reality headset reportedly will weigh less than 150 grams. That’s about half the weight of current VR headsets, suggesting that Cupertino plans to make its debut AR/MR headset more streamlined than competitors. (What a surprise!)

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities made this prediction in a new note to clients, seen by Cult of Mac.

Apple augmented reality devices could help shape all future computers


The eventual culmination of Apple augmented reality efforts will be AR contact lenses
Apple will eventually release augmented reality contact lenses, according to a trusted analyst.
Photo: Skitterphoto/Pexels CC/Cult of Mac

A respected Apple analyst just made a startling prediction about mixed reality/augmented reality: “We believe that MR/AR products could replace all display-equipped electronics in the long term,” wrote Ming-Chi Kuo in a note sent to investors Sunday.

Kuo said he expects Apple to play a big part in taking these emerging technologies mainstream. And he sees Cupertino making augmented reality contact lenses eventually, and a variety of AR products before then.

Apple’s $3,000 VR headset could boast 8K display, advanced hand- and eye-tracking


Apple VR headset: If a $3,000 price tag doesn't scream
If a $3,000 price tag doesn't scream "niche product," what does?
Photo: Hammer & Tusk/Unsplash CC

Apple’s mixed-reality headset could cost around $3,000, solidifying its status as a niche luxury item, The Information claims in a new report.

The device supposedly will boast high-resolution 8K displays and some smart eye-tracking technology. Plus, more than a dozen built-in cameras could track wearers’ hand movements.

One more year: Apple’s VR headset could debut in early 2022


Apple could take on the likes of Oculus with a VR headset as early as 2022.
Apple could take on the likes of Oculus with its debut VR headset.
Photo: Minh Pham/Unsplash CC

Apple’s debut virtual reality headset could arrive in the first quarter of 2022, JPMorgan Chase Securities tech analyst Yang Weilun claims in a new note to investors.

The report says Apple’s VR headset will supposedly boast six lenses, lidar and a time-of-flight sensor. It will allegedly retail for upward of $500.

Apple could snap up virtual reality company NextVR for estimated $100 million


Acquisition would help bolster Apple's virtual reality efforts.
Photo: NextVR

Apple could be in the process of acquiring California-based virtual reality company NextVR, according to a report published over the weekend.

The rumored acquisition, supposedly for an amount in the region of $100 million, is reportedly quite far along. Although it hasn’t closed yet, employees are already being told about possibly relocating from San Diego to one of Apple’s offices.