How to fix the iPhone No Service error while roaming


IPhone no service error
Just switch this setting to fix the iPhone No Service error.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you’ve ever traveled to a foreign country with your iPhone or iPad, you may have come across the dreaded No Service error. This happens when you get off the plane and switch on your iPhone. But instead of connecting to a cellular network, your iPhone just spins its wheels and refuses to connect.

Apple offers a support page to help out, and a zillion forum pages serve up advice, but none seem to cover this particular tip, which I discovered after hours of painful futzing with settings.

iPhone 6s now available SIM-free from the Apple Store


The iPhone isn't ditching LCD screens.
The 's' stands for SIM-free. Or something like that.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

People who have been waiting to pick up their iPhone 6s or 6s Plus without a SIM card can start planning out their weekend — because Apple has just started offering unlocked, carrier-free, SIM-free versions of its next-gen iPhones direct from the Apple Store.

iPhone 5C’s Yellow Rear Shell Gets Its First Hands-On [Video]



The low-cost “iPhone 5C” hasn’t been announced yet, but it already feels like we’re pretty familiar with it — mostly because we’ve seen so many pictures of its plastic rear shell. But most of those — the high quality ones, at least — have included the white model.

A new hands-on video that has surfaced today shows off the yellow model in all its glory.

iPhone 5S Will Come In Gold As Well As Black And White [Rumor]


Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 13.28.14

Apple could add a third color option to its iPhone lineup this fall when the Cupertino company launches the iPhone 5S. According to a “trusted” source, the device will be available in gold as well as black and white, while the low-cost iPhone that will launch alongside it will be available in 5 different colors inspired by Apple’s iPhone 4 Bumper cases.

SIMPLcase Carries SIM Toolkit For iPhone Travelers [Kickstarter]



In my wallet, I have a little “secret” compartment which contains a few international micro SIMs, an Apple-made SIM ejection tool (aka a fancy paperclip), and a guitar pick.

Or at least I usually do. The other day, when I actually needed it, the ejector tool had somehow found its way out of the wallet and into my bag. The problem was that it was not the bag I had with me.

But if I’d had the SIMPL case on my iPhone, I’d have been golden.

T-Mobile Expected To Offer iPhone 5 In Early 2013 [Report]


T-Mobile deal could give Apple more than 2 million extra customers in Q1 2013.
T-Mobile deal could give Apple more than 2 million extra customers in Q1 2013.

T-Mobile is now the only major carrier in the United States that doesn’t offer the iPhone, because Apple’s device isn’t compatible with its 3G network. However, that could be about to change. One analyst believes that T-Mobile will finally get its chance to offer the iPhone 5 from early 2013.

Pinky Fingers-On With The Nano SIM Adapter [Review]


This kit has almost every option covered.
This kit has almost every option covered.

Today the iPhone 5 goes on sale in The Rest Of The World, and it goes out into that world naked and empty, free of contracts and lock-ins. Yes, you can hook up with your favorite carrier and get a subsidized handset, but real men go commando.

And in this case, unless you have some forward-thinking telcos in your country, “going commando” means “cutting your own SIM.”

Which is why we’re taking a timely look at this natty Nano SIM adapter, which will let you put just about any SIM into any phone.