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This medical-grade blue light filter may help you sleep


Save on this anti-blue light screen protector for iPhones.
Protect your sleep and your phone with this blue light filter.
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Blue light from your iPhone display can make it difficult to fall asleep. And that’s especially true if you’re the type to lie in bed scrolling through social media at all hours.

Many devices come with built-in blue light filters that tint the screen yellow. However, those can actually make sleeping even harder. The Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector is an attachable blue light filter for the iPhone 12 mini, Pro, Pro Max and older models. And right now it’s on sale for $29.99 (regularly $63).

Save 20% on these sturdy, full-coverage screen protectors for iPhone 13


iPhone 13 screen protector from Limited77
And save 20% on other Limited77 products through the Cult of Mac Store.
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Don’t you just hate it when you buy a screen protector that doesn’t cover your iPhone’s entire screen? That’s not a problem with these tough tempered glass protectors from Limited77, which keep your iPhone 13 looking sharp.

Get yours today to save 20% — and enjoy the same discount on all other Limited77 accessories for iPhone and Apple Watch in the Cult of Mac Store.

Thin, light and almost not even there: Is this the perfect case for your new iPhone?


Totallee's minimalist cases are perfect for those not quite ready to go careless.
These minimalist iPhone 13 cases are perfect for those not quite ready to go caseless.
Photo: Totallee

This iPhone 13 cases post is brought to you by Totallee.

With the release of the tough iPhone 13 series handsets, with their Ceramic Shield and Gorilla Glass, more and more people started talking about going without a case altogether. Others, of course, weren’t about to drop a grand on a smartphone and then not protect that pricey gadget. There may actually be a perfect third path, whether you just got an iPhone 13 for Christmas or have had one for a while. You can try Totallee’s extremely thin and light iPhone 13 cases. They help protect and showcase your new smartphone without adding bulk.

Rest easy with this blue light filter for your iPhone


Don't let your phone keep you up with this blue light filter.
Slap a blue light filter on your iPhone to protect your precious ZZZs.
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The blue light coming from your iPhone might be the reason you struggle to get to sleep at night. Filter up to 90% of blue light with an Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector, available for up to 52% off for your iPhone 7/8, 11/XR, 7/8 Plus, SE, 11 Pro Max/XS Max, 12 mini and 12 Pro.

New Zagg wares shield your Apple Watch 7, iPad mini and iPhone 13


Zagg's GlassFusion 360 protects your new Apple Watch 7's big, beautiful screen.
Zagg's GlassFusion 360 protects your new Apple Watch 7's big, beautiful screen.
Photo: Zagg

Zagg brought its whole new range of protective screens and cases for new Apple devices to the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular virtual press briefing Thursday. The company rolled out screen protectors for Apple Watch Series 7, iPad mini (6th gen) and the iPhone 13 series, along with a range of cases for the latter.

Shield your eyes and your iPhone with this blue light-blocking screen protector


Save up to $30 on this blue light filter and sleep better.
This blue light filter will protect your iPhone and help you sleep better.
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Have you ever been absolutely exhausted, then finally made it to bed, only to be wide awake after just a few minutes on your iPhone? Approximately 66% of Americans admit they bring their smartphones to bed, but that number is likely even higher.

As common as it is, that time spent staring at your iPhone is actually making it harder for you to sleep, hurting your eyes, and causing a whole host of other issues. Constant exposure to blue light — the kind that comes from phones, laptops, tablets and other electronics — can keep you awake, cause headaches and produce all sorts of unpleasant results.

If you want to block blue light emitted by your screen, then get an Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector. They’re designed for iPhone (and Android) — and they’re on sale for a limited time.

This screen protector makes your iPad’s screen feel like real paper


iPad paper screen protector
Makes using Apple Pencil even better.
Photo: SwitchEasy

Apple Pencil might be an outstanding stylus, but when you’re drawing on iPad, it still feels like a piece of plastic gliding across glass … because it is. If you prefer the feel of real paper, you need a paper-like screen protector.

Check out this one from SwitchEasy — and bag yours with a 15% discount in SwitchEasy’s big Back to School sale.

This blue-light-blocking screen shields and protects your eyes (and your phone!)


this screen protector effectively blocks up to 90% of harmful blue light emissions
This accessory is a win-win for your iPhone and your peepers.
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It’s that time of year where you’re probably thinking of what well-intentioned resolutions you can make for the upcoming new year. Some might be a little easier to do than others — for example, meditating a few minutes every day — and some might be a little more challenging (like learning how to code). But if there’s one easy thing you can do to boost your wellness for the future, it’s using this handy Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone. Trust us, your eyes (and, if you tend to drop your phone a lot, your device, too) will thank us for it.

Totallee releases thin cases for iPhone 12 series


Totallee's new cases for iPhone 12 are thin, light and branding-free.
Totallee's new cases for iPhone 12 are thin, light and branding-free.
Photo: Totallee

This iPhone case post is presented by Totallee.

When a new iPhone series comes out, a slew of accessories is sure to follow. So it is with Totallee, which just released its line of thin cases for iPhone 12 for people who like streamlined protection without the bulk. These are the cases for those who’d rather not have one, but don’t want to go caseless because not protecting your expensive new device would be reckless.

OtterBox Amplify Glass screen protectors straight up murder bacteria


OtterBox antimicrobial screen protectors are murder on microbes.
I bet you didn't know your iPhone could be so dirty.
Photo: OtterBox

OtterBox’s latest screen protectors not only prevent scratches, they also contain an antimicrobial agent. The Amplify Glass line is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and manufactured by Corning. These screen protectors debuted Thursday for the iPhone 11 series as well as earlier models.