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Score a 3-year subscription to AdGuard’s online protection for just $30


Score a 3-year subscription to AdGuard's popular online protection for only $30.
Pick up three years of VPN access with AdGuard for only $29.97.
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Want an optimized online experience? For a limited time, you can instantly upgrade your efficiency, privacy and safety at a surprisingly low price with AdGuard VPN, an ad blocker that can keep websites from tracking you.

The Awesome AdGuard 3-Year Subscription Bundle is available for only $29.97 (regularly $293) through midnight tonight, making this an ideal time to upgrade your online security. As security threats increase and we become increasingly reliant upon internet access, ensure you’re covered for less than $1 per month with this deal.

Protect your email with this awesome WordPress plugin


This WordPress plugin hides your email from malware.
If you operate a WordPress site, you can hide your email address from bots with this plugin.
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Posting your email on your own website shouldn’t lead to an inbox full of spam. Luckily, there’s a middle ground between giving your audience no way to reach you and handing bots and malware everything to use against you.

The Email Protection WordPress Plugin hides your email from web crawlers that log and use your information, but still makes it easy for your readers to contact you. For a limited time, this one-time purchase is on sale for just $9.99 (regularly $37).

Save with Cyber Monday deals on tools for cloud storage and online security


Degoo Mega CoM
Save more than 90% on massive cloud storage deals and powerful VPNs, great gifts for anyone with a digital dimension to their life.
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Storage and security are among the most important resources in our digital lives. So we rounded up four great deals on massive cloud storage accounts and VPN protection, to make sure you stay safe, anonymous and never run out of space. Even better, they’re available at truly massive discounts. To save an additional 40% on apps and software, apply the code CMSAVE40 at checkout.

Dashlane launches first-of-its-kind scoring tool for business password health


Dashlane's new dashboard for scoring password health can inform businesses' security strategies.
Dashlane's new dashboard for scoring password health can inform businesses' security strategies.
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This password security for businesses post is presented by Dashlane.

We often report on proper password management as an easy and cost-effective way for folks to secure their online lives against threats. Now Dashlane has gone and made it even easier for businesses to make the most of this vital step by offering the industry’s first password health score dashboard, released Monday.

With hacks crippling small businesses, defend yours with Dashlane business plans


When small businesses don't prioritize online security, they may pay the ultimate price. Dashlane for Business can help.
When small businesses don't prioritize online security, they may pay the ultimate price. Dashlane for Business can help.
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This cybersecurity post is presented by Dashlane.

When you run a small business, you often wear a lot of hats. The strategy hat. The customer service hat. Even the “those floors aren’t going to mop themselves” hat.

Unfortunately, sometimes the network security hat is left on the hook by the door, and that’s just what hackers hope for — lax security and plenty worth stealing, from your cash reserves to customers’ credit card information.

Why should you use a VPN on your iPhone and Mac?


Surfshark VPN
Surfshark VPN helps you secure unlimited Apple devices.
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This VPN post is presented by Surfshark.

Humans use the internet for almost everything. That’s hardly a revolutionary statement, but it’s crucial to keep in mind. From theater tickets to bank accounts, if we can have it all on one handheld device, why not do it? It’s convenient and easy.

But with that convenience comes risks. Typically, humans adapt to new technology — but so do criminals, shady corporations and marketing agencies looking to profit off as many internet users as possible.

That’s why virtual private networks (VPNs) have become popular. While the internet security product was initially created for corporations to protect their assets, demand eventually grew for everyday internet users. The market is ever-growing, and there’s a VPN for everyone, whether you want a free or a premium product. One of the top-rated and affordable options is Surfshark — a humanized VPN for anyone and everyone.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9’s powerful solutions secure your Mac


Mac Premium Bundle X9 protects your computer from online threats with five apps.
Mac Premium Bundle X9 safeguards your precious computer.
Image: Intego

This Mac security post is presented by Intego.

Macs have a reputation for being less vulnerable than PCs to online threats like malware and viruses, but your machine is certainly not invulnerable. Far from it, actually. It can pay to invest in a suite of security apps like those in Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 to protect your Mac from a variety of online threats.

Spod VPN & Web Filter brings total online anonymity to Mac users


Spod VPN & Web Filter is your first step toward online security and true anonymity.
Photo: Spod

This online security post is presented by Spod.

With the recent release of a macOS version, the online security and anonymity that Spod VPN & Web Filter provides for iPhone users is now available to Mac owners for the first time. And the anonymity in this case is for real. The app does not even require registration, so users remain truly anonymous while using it.

Stay secure on public Wi-Fi networks with a VPN [Deals]


Protect your online activity and browse without restriction for life.
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Whether you travel for the holidays or as part of your everyday life, going online on the road typically means being vulnerable to threats. Snoops and identity thieves love public Wi-Fi networks. For protection and peace of mind on the go, your best bet is a VPN.

The top 5 online heists: Don’t be a victim


Top five online heists: Dashlane can help you avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime.
Dashlane can help you avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime.
Photo: Richard Patterson/Flickr CC

This online security post is presented by Dashlane.

Ocean’s 11-style capers, whether in movies or in the real world, are a lot more colorful than the typical online heist. But they are usually a lot less lucrative than real-life cybercrimes. The top online thefts in recent history netted copious amounts of cash or financial data. And despite increasing sophistication, hackers sitting at their keyboards often have a considerably easier time of it than George Clooney’s all-star cast of super-grifters did in the movie.

If the top five online heists described below don’t make you feel the acute need to review your own personal online financial security, they should.