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Amazing mod turns Apple Watch into mechanical timepiece


What's old is new again? What's new is old again? Something like that. It's a mechanical Apple Watch.
What's old is new again? What's new is old again? Something like that. It's a mechanical Apple Watch.
Photo: NanoRobotGeek

I always had a thing for mechanical watches’ intricate machinery. But I gave up my Swiss timepiece for Apple Watch’s amazingly smart functionality.

And now someone has gone to the trouble of marrying the two on video. He replaced a nearly defunct Apple Watch’s circuitry with watch-movement technology first established more than 200 years ago.

And the end result is a gorgeous watch, if you dare try this sort of recycling project yourself.

Go old-school with iPhone icons inspired by 1984 Macintosh


The iPhone and Macintosh can be friends
Wax nostalgic for the 1984 Macintosh with a set of iOS icons and wallpapers inspired by Steve Jobs’ pet project.
Photo: Ben Vessey

Take your iPhone back to Apple’s roots with a set of replacement iOS icons inspired by early Macintosh computers. Keep the links to your 2021 applications on your iPhone, but sub in icons that have the look of the first Mac’s 72 dpi screen thanks to the iOS (Old School) collection from designer Ben Vessey.

Amazing mod crams gaming system into an Altoids tin


Introducing the mintyPi 2.0.
Introducing the mintyPi 2.0.
Photo: Sudo Mod

Nintendo’s new Switch console is turning the gaming world on its head, but it could soon face some fresh the Raspberry Pi.

YouTuber Sudo Mod recently revealed his latest creation that stuffs a Raspberry Pi, LCD and controller into a tiny Altoids tin. The finished product looks like something you’d actually want to game on and it’s even more convenient to carry around than an iPhone.

Prepare to be amazed:

Help This Mac 512 K Collector Decide What To Do With His Treasure


Sweet case. Sad cut-out.
Sweet case. Sad cut-out.

Over at the Macintosh 512K section of the 68K Macintosh Liberation Army forums, user macman142 posted a great find – the body of a Mac 512K ED that had been gutted to create a Macquarium. The reason he paid $65 for this remnant was, he wrote, because it came with the original mouse, the 128k/512k style keyboard, and an original keyboard cable – a pretty rare find, as he mentions in his post.

Unfortunately, along with being gutted, the case of the very retro Macintosh had the handle cut out of it, assumedly so the previous owner could manage the fish tank they had installed within. Now macman142 is looking for ideas about what to do with this treasure.

This Awesome Mod Turns Your iPhone’s Headphone Jack Into A Glowing LED Flashlight [Video]



Way back in September, we told you about a “forthcoming” mod by U.K. based iPatch that would turn the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone into a glowing cutout illuminated by the back of the display, just like on a MacBook. iPatch promised the mod would cost around $160 and be available in about a month.

Well, six months later, and we still don’t have glowing iPhones, but the guys at iPatch are still apparently tinkering with their perpetually imminent mod, and have now shown off how it will allow them to make a miniature torch out of the headphone jack. The iPatch guys talk about how you could then use transparent earbuds to make glow-in-the-dark headphones, but I think they’re missing the true potential here. Can anyone say “laser pointer”?

Steve Jobs And Siri Become One With This Upcoming Mod [Jailbreak]


Screen Shot 2012-02-23 at 5.00.07 PM

A jailbreak developer who goes by the name of “iPhoneKillerStyle” has thought up a unique Siri mod that replaces the mic icon with Steve Jobs’ silhouette. As you can tell, the mod is pretty detailed. It even allows for multiple Siri mic colors.

It took hard work to create this mod, and you’ll hopefully be seeing it soon in Cydia. If you recognize the image of Steve’s silhouette, it’s probably because you’ve seen it other familiar places before.

This Gross Swarovski MacBook Air Mod Is For Cheap Pimps Only



Even just looking at the picture, it’s easy to see this 11-inch MacBook Air “luxury mod” is a grotesque mockery. Crystallize-Your-Design would probably have you believe that recreating “Angel of the Chapel Sistine” on a MacBook Air in Swarovski Crystals took some sort of artistry, but this is the high-end equivalent of smearing your laptop in glue and then rolling it in crushed glass and glitter.

Here’s where you’ll want to lose your lunch, though. This frickin’ thing is being positioned as a product that pays tribute to the life of Steve Jobs! A man whose obsession with clean zen aesthetics would have caused him to suffer some sort of rectal prolapse just looking at this glittering pile of faux-diamond puke. The audacity!