How To Change Siri’s Color On A Jailbroken iPhone 4S


Siri Mic Colors

Purple Siri is soo boring. Why not change it up a bit? If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone 4S, then you can take advantage of a fun tweak called Siri Mic Colors. Once installed for free in Cydia, this simple package spices up your iPhone’s digital assistant with some rainbow flair.

Siri Mic Colors is special because it changes colors based on the intensity of your voice. Instead of purple, the little mic icon will change colors as you talk. The end result is pretty cool.

You won’t find this tweak by just searching in Cydia; you’ll need to add the following repo:

This repo can be added under Manage > Sources in Cydia. If the rainbow vibe isn’t your thing, you can install a single custom color to replace Apple’s purple skin for Siri. There are blue, green, red and yellow versions of Siri Mic Colors available for free as well.

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5 responses to “How To Change Siri’s Color On A Jailbroken iPhone 4S”

  1. Srome95 says:

    Too bad widows version wasn’t real eased yet, or this would be mine :/

  2. mabonlen says:

    It might be better to get an unlocked iPhone 4S for now if you intent to
    change it to the iPhone 5 in less than a year (assuming it comes out in
    August. Take note that when you the iPhone 4S on a contract, 

  3. ddevito says:

    pathetic – that is what gets you excited about jailbreaking?

  4. Phil says:

    This message has been deleted.

  5. Rman0726 says:

    Warning: apparently it overwrites the original, so you can’t go back. I don’t plan on leaving my green one, but just a fair warning to anyone who isn’t sure.

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