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Inside the secret mission to add glucose monitor to Apple Watch


In a possible groundbreaking new product, Apple Watch could monitor blood glucose with the help of device strapped to the bicep.
In a possible groundbreaking new product, Apple Watch could monitor blood glucose with the help of device strapped to the bicep.
Photo: Apple

Apple Watch is well-known as a health tracker, but a new report said a secret project dating back to Steve Jobs’ era — to use the wearable to monitor glucose without pricking the skin to get blood — has made headway recently. And that has major implications.

The secret effort, known as E5, could involve a device that straps to the bicep and works with the watch. If it comes to market, it could disrupt industries and help millions of diabetics.

Here’s what the new MacBook Air might look like


New renders show a sleek and colorful New MacBook Air.
New renders show a sleek and colorful New MacBook Air.
Image: Darvik Patel
WWDC22 - Brought to you by CleanMyMac X

Sources have begun to doubt Apple will unveil its realityOS and AR/VR headset at next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference, but some folks still believe a colorful new MacBook Air could still be in the offing.

Whether or not Apple rolls out a new version of its slimmest laptop at WWDC22, here’s what you should expect to see soon enough, from the latest rumors to new renders by concept artist Darvik Patel.

Apple wants to handle some of its own financial services


Apple’s financial results were all the company could ask for.
Apple supposedly wants to reduce the financial services it outsources.
Graphic: Cult of Mac

Rather than letting existing financial companies handle all its payment processing, Apple wants to bring some of it in-house, according to an unconfirmed report. And the Mac-maker would also like to take on a range of other related services itself.

The goal is to reduce the amount of money Apple has to pay outside companies for financial services.

Apple could keep us waiting for MacBook Air’s big redesign


A MacBook Air without a Touch Bar might be in the offing for later in 2021.
The new model is expected to look a little something like this.
Concept: Ian Zelbo

MacBook Air fans may have to wait longer than expected for the ultraportable’s next big redesign. It was predicted to come early this year, but a new report claims it won’t be ready until sometime during the second half of 2022.

There’s also bad news for MacBook Pro fans. It seems updates to the 14- and 16-inch models, which could bring next-generation “M2 Pro” and “M2 Max” chipsets, won’t appear until 2023.

27-inch iMac could be stuck in limbo


The 2020 iMac could like a bit like this.
The 27-inch iMac Pro is/is not about to launch.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The 27-inch iMac is gone from Apple’s lineup. And it’s not clear when it’s coming back. Or if it will return at all.

One new leak claims that Apple has dropped plans to make a larger iMac. Another says development goes on, but the all-in-one desktop won‘t be out for a long time.

Apple Watch Series 8 could bring ‘major’ activity tracking upgrades


Do you know how Apple Watch counts your swim strokes?
But no new health sensors.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

This year will be “the biggest in the history of Apple Watch since the original model,” according to a new report. Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to come in three new versions that will bring “major updates to activity tracking.”

Apple could also (finally!) retire Apple Watch Series 3, which has looked painfully outdated for some time now, later this year.

Apple considered Face ID for M1 iMac, but it’s not ready for MacBook yet


No Face ID in MacBook Pro is a missed opportunity
It will be some time before Face ID graces a MacBook.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple considered bringing Face ID to the M1 iMac, which would have been an ideal candidate for the facial recognition technology, according to a new report.

It’s not clear why the company didn’t follow through with the move. It is believed Face ID could appear in a future Apple desktop. But one source, who has been reliable in the past, says the technology isn’t yet ready for a MacBook.

Apple readies its ‘widest array’ of new products ever for this fall


Tim Cook is keeping quiet about Apple TV+ subscriber numbers for now.
Credit cards at the ready!
Photo: Apple

Apple is preparing to launch the “widest array” of new products in its history, according to a new report. This fall is expected to bring new iPhone models, a more affordable MacBook Pro, and big refreshes for iMac and Mac Pro.

That’s in addition to a “revamped” MacBook Air, new AirPods Pro, and lots more. Apple is also said to be preparing an iPhone SE refresh for this spring.

Apple hasn’t given up on making a do-it-all charger for multiple devices


AirPods on AirPower
AirPower might be dead, but the dream lives on.
Photo: Apple

Apple continues to work on a wireless charger, similar to the abandoned AirPower mat, that will allow users to charge multiple devices simultaneously, according to a new report. The company also hopes to develop truly wireless charging in the future.

Cupertino reportedly is working on “short and long distance” charging solutions that don’t require physical contact. It also wants to give all major Apple devices the ability to charge each other.