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Apple’s next-gen M3 Pro chip could pack even more CPU and GPU cores


iMac with M3 processor already in development
The wait for the Apple M3 processor could be shorter than expected.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple reportedly began internal testing of Macs powered by next-generation M3 chips. At least one of the variants could feature a 12-core CPU, an 18-core GPU and 36GB of system memory.

The next-generation Apple silicon remains a few months away from release, however. Rumors suggest it could debut at the end of this year or early 2024.

Apple’s powerful M3 processor goes into production later in 2023


iMac with M3 processor already in development
The wait for the Apple M3 processor goes on.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Production on the much-anticipated Apple M3 processor will begin in the second half of 2023, according to a reliable source of Apple leaks. The chip is expected to bring a significant performance boost.

The launch will apparently not be in time for the 15-inch MacBook Air rumored to reach store shelves in the next few months.

No more confusion: Most MacBook Pro models do support multiple external displays


2023 MacBook Pro in 16-inch and 14-inch versions
The 2023 MacBook Pro can handle up to four external displays.
Image: Apple

I occasionally run across someone criticizing Apple because MacBook Pro supports only a single external display. But that’s a limitation of only a couple of MBP models — most recent ones can connect to many more.

It affected the first professional-grade MacBook with Apple silicon, which is probably why people are still confused today. Current models support two or more external screens, with one weird exception.

Don’t miss this deep discount on the M2 Mac mini


Mac mini in hand
It's hard to beat the value the M2 Mac mini provides at its discounted price.
Photo: Teddy GR/Unsplash

Apple’s small wonder, the M2 Mac mini, is down to its lowest-ever price. After a $99.01 discount, you can get the machine with 512GB of storage for $699.99.

The M2 Mac mini has previously seen a maximum discount of $50. This new deal makes the 2023 Mac mini a stellar deal.

New Mac Pro and 15-inch MacBook Air could arrive at WWDC23


Why the Mac Pro might lack upgradable RAM and eGPUs
Your wait for an Apple silicon-Mac Pro will have to continue for now.
Image: Cult of Mac

Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air and new Mac Pro could launch later than initially believed. The machines are reportedly on track to launch between late spring and summer.

This hints at the possibility of the new Macs debuting at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Apple’s AR/VR headset could let you type in midair — but you might not want to


Apple VR/AR headset concept created by Ahmed Chenni.
Text input options on Apple's Reality Pro headset could be interesting.
Concept: Ahmed Chenni/Freelancer.com

The in-air typing mode that Apple is testing for its first AR/VR headset sounds like a sci-fi dream — but at this point, it might be more of a nightmare. The feature reportedly has been “finicky in testing” on Apple’s latest secret prototypes.

For that reason, users might prefer to pair the headset to an iPhone for text input, according to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman.

Low-cost M2 Mac mini gets an even nicer price


The Mac Mini with M2
M2 Mac mini gets its first discount on Amazon.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s powerful M2 and M2 Pro Mac mini are available with their first-ever discount since launch. Depending on your configuration, you can save between $19 to $49 on the 2023 Mac mini.

Amazon is providing a modest $19 discount on the entry-level M2 Mac mini. On the more powerful M2 Pro Mac mini with 512GB storage, you can save $49.

iMac with Apple M2 upgrade looks unlikely


24-inch iMac 2021 with Apple M1 processor. In blue and pink
The M1 iMac could stay in Apple's product lineup for three years.
Photo: Apple

There reportedly haven’t been any signs that a 24-inch iMac with an Apple M2 processor is on the way. And that means the next iMac upgrade might be as much as a year away.

That would leave users of the all-in-one Mac desktop waiting for a total of three years for a faster version.