Why an Apple ‘M1X’ MacBook processor would be a billion dollar mistake


Why an ‘M1X’ processor would be a billion dollar mistake
Releasing MacBooks running an M1X processor this autumn would cost Apple so much money.
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Rumors point to Apple releasing redesigned MacBooks later this year running an improved version of the M1 processor dubbed the M1X. I don’t believe it.

I completely agree that new MacBooks are on the way. But I don’t see these running an M1X processor. This chip will be called the M2.

Apple’s next-gen M2 chips could roll out in early 2022


Apple silicon will power future Mac desktops and laptops
Apple leaker has news on Apple Silicon.
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The M2 chip, sequel to the inaugural Apple Silicon processor, will debut in the first half of 2022, says a leaker who previously nailed details about the company’s proprietary chips.

The tipster, known as Dylandkt, has an 81.3% accuracy rating according to Apple Track based on 16 previous rumors. Dylandkt said the M2 chip will be released alongside “the upcoming colorful MacBook Air.”

Forget about mini-LED MacBooks this year


A MacBook Air without a Touch Bar might be in the offing for later in 2021.
The first mini-LED MacBook models might not launch before 2022.
Concept: Ian Zelbo

Apple may push back its first notebooks with beautiful mini-LED displays. Unconfirmed reports previously predicted 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook models with the new type of screen would arrive before the end of 2021, but a leak Monday indicates they won’t come until the following year.

At this point, it’s not clear if this means Apple won’t introduce new Mac notebooks until 2022, or if just the switch to mini-LED screens is on hold. Many are very much anticipating redesigned MacBooks powered with an Apple M2 chip.

Redesigned MacBook could arrive in July with next-gen M2 chip


Apple silicon will power future Mac desktops and laptops
Apple Silicon: The Next Generation.
Screenshot: Apple

The M1 chip just made its way to the new iMac and iPad Pro, but Apple’s already hard at work on its successor. According to a new report from Nikkei Asia, mass production of the M2 chip is already underway.

It is expected to debut as soon as early July, initially for use in a redesigned MacBook arriving in the second half of the year. Like the M1 chip, the M2 is being made using the 5-nanometer process developed by TSMC, the company that makes Apple’s A-series chips.