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Brand new Pokémon game may be coming to iOS


Pokémon on iPhone
Pokémon Rumble Rush is rolling out now.
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The Pokémon Company looks to be hard at work on a brand new Pokémon game for mobile.

The studio is seeking a principal game designer who will work “within a team of designers, engineers, artists, producers, and testers to create an upcoming mobile game.”

Job listing hints at Apple-made modems coming to iPhone


The Apple T2 chip could be the source of mysterious crashes afflicting two of Apple's newest computers.
Apple wants to bring its chip-designing skillset to modems.

Qualcomm and Intel could both soon lose out on Apple’s wireless chip business completely.

After switching from Qualcomm modems to Intel modems (and causing a huge legal war in the process), Apple is reportedly looking to build more wireless chips on its own. The company is staffing up in San Diego and based on one job listing, the team is working on a cellular modem chip.

Custom chips could make Apple Watch even better


Join the crew with Apple Watch
Apple's got a gutsy move to make Apple Watch a better health machine.
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Custom health chips could be the next big piece of silicon to come out of Apple’s labs.

Apple reportedly has a team of engineers exploring the creation of a customized processor is optimized to make sense of health information from sensors at a faster rate than the S series processors found in the Apple Watch.

Apple Seeking An Engineering Manager To Help With Next-Generation Apple TV



Along with the recent job listing with hints that Apple might bring USB 3.0 support to iOS devices, there’s a second notable job listing that Apple posted today that relates to the future of Apple TV.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors lately that Apple wants to beef up the Apple TV and possibly add more apps and a developer SDK. The creator of the Xbox even thinks Apple can squash Microsoft’s console if it wants to. Pointing to Apple’s big plans for Apple TV, the new job listing is looking for a new engineering manager to help oversee the next-generation Apple TV.

Apple Job Listing Hints At Future Siri Integration For Mac



Apple has been improving Siri since the intelligent assistant first made its debut on the iPhone 4S back in October 2011, and has also been working to expand its availability; it’s now available on all the latest iOS devices, and some older ones, too. It seems inevitable that Siri will one day be introduced to the Mac as well, and that day could be getting closer as Apple searches for new engineers who will be tasked with bringing it to the desktop.

Apple Wants Someone To Help Make Siri More Witty And Conversational



Siri is already pretty smart, but Apple wants to take her to the next level. An Apple job listing out of Cupertino calls for a “uniquely creative individual to help us evolve and enrich Siri, our virtual personal assistant.”

“Siri’s known for ‘her’ wit, cultural knowledge, and zeal to explain things in engaging, funny, and practical ways,” says Apple. “The ideal candidate is someone who combines a love for language, wordplay, and conversation with demonstrated experience in bringing creative content to life within an intense technical environment.”

Apple Job Listing Hints At Ultrafast 5G Wi-Fi Coming To Future Macs



A new Apple corporate job listing suggests that future Macs will have ultrafast 802.11ac wireless tech, more commonly known as “5G Wi-Fi.” Apple is looking for a new System Test Engineer to “develop, design and execute tests for compatibility of Apple hardware and software projects” relating to 802.11 wireless.

It was recently reported that Apple was working with Broadcom to put 802.11ac chips in upcoming Macs. This job listing seems to all-but-confirm Apple’s plans.

While current Macs are already 802.11n compatible, 802.11ac is the next-gen wireless standard that offers nearly 3x faster speeds and 1.3 Gbps down on a triple-antenna setup. The new chips could very well make their way into Apple’s 2013 Macs and even iOS devices, but no one knows for sure at this point.

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Apple Job Ad Suggests AMD Graphics Could Be Coming Back To The Mac



Apple could be looking to switch its graphics cards supplier from NVIDIA back to AMD for the iMac. The Cupertino company began using NVIDIA solutions for its latest all-in-one, which started shipping late last month, but a job listing on its website suggests it could already be preparing to switch back. Apple is looking for a Hardware Systems Electrical Engineer with experience in AMD graphics processing units (GPU).

Apple Seeks Developers To Fix Its New Maps App Following Widespread Criticism


This kind of thing is all too familiar in iOS 6.
This kind of thing is all too familiar in iOS 6.

Job listings on Apple’s website reveal it is currently seeking developers to help fix its newly-released Maps app, which has received widespread criticism since making its debut in iOS 6 on Wednesday. The company is calling for software engineers who will be tasked with “road rendering,” and “creating new and innovative features.”

Apple Wants To Hire Someone To Help Them Build 3D iPhones & iPads


Future iOS devices could offer glasses-free 3D technology that's better than anything else you've seen already.
Future iOS devices could offer glasses-free 3D technology that's better than anything else you've already seen.

Apple has filed for all sorts of patents related to 3D technologies over the years, sparking speculation that the company will one day bring us 3D-capable Macs and iOS devices. But evidence that it’s about to get serious about 3D technology for iOS devices comes from a recent job listing on its website for a “Computer Vision specialist to strengthen its multi-view stereo research group.”