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Wistron drops out of iPhone assembly in India


Wistron drops out of iPhone assembly in India
Wistron is taking itself off the list of companies that assemble iPhone in China.
Photo: Wistron

The first company to assemble iPhone in India is reportedly getting out of the business. Wistron is selling the plant where it puts together Apple handsets to Tata Group, an Indian multinational based in Mumbai.

At the same time, Foxconn and Pegatron continue to grow their commitments to manufacturing iPhones in India.

Apple might triple its investment in India


Apple Saket opened Thursday in the heart of India’s thriving capital of New Delhi.
Apple Saket just became the second Apple store to open in India, highlighting Apple's growing focus on India.
Photo: Apple

A government minister is “confident” that Apple will double or even triple the amount of money it has invested in India in the coming years. It’s expanding iPhone assembly in the subcontinent, and production of other devices there is expected to begin soon.

The comments come a day after Apple CEO Tim Cook met with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Tim Cook goes on a grand tour of India (and can’t stop tweeting about it)


Tim Cook goes on a grand tour of Indian (and can’t stop tweeting about it)
A visit with PM Narendra Modi capped Tim Cook's trip to India.
Photo: Tim Cook/Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday. It’s part of a busy agenda for the executive, including opening two Apple stores — the first in the subcontinent. But that’s just a small part of his activities as the executive traveled around to highlight how Apple products are being used in India.

Cook posted tweets from all the many events and meetings.

Apple’s first retail store in India opens, and Tim Cook is there


Apple BKC with Apple logo upfront.
Apple BKC features huge glass walls and a timber ceiling.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s first retail store in India opened its doors to shoppers Tuesday, and CEO Tim Cook showed up to celebrate. Apple BKC — housed in an energy-efficient structure with some stunning architectural details — is located inside Jio World Drive, a huge shopping complex in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The Indian store opening marks an important milestone for Apple, as it seeks to expand its retail and manufacturing presence in the world’s most populous country.

Apple dramatically increases iPhone assembly in India


iPhone 14 Pro in India
Your next iPhone could be assembled in India rather than China.
Photo: Cult of Mac

After recent problems in China, Apple is ramping up iPhone assembly in India. The number of iOS handsets assembled in that country will reportedly triple in the coming years.

Previous reports have also indicated that Apple is putting a much greater emphasis on making iPhones in India.

Apple begins adding 5G to iPhone in India next week


iPhone 5G
iPhone users in India don't have to wait much longer for 5G.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

5G service launched in India in October, but no iPhone supports the high-speed wireless networking standard… yet. Apple plans to change that in December.

And those who are part of the iOS beta program can get access even earlier.

First look at Shantaram on Apple TV+ shows thrills and romance in 1980s Bombay


“Shantaram” is a new Apple Original drama series starring Charlie Hunnam.
“Shantaram” is a new Apple Original drama series starring Charlie Hunnam.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ offered a first look at upcoming drama series Shantaram this week in the form of a photo of star Charlie Hunnam (Son of Anarchy) in character, plus a rundown of the cast and plot of the adventure-romance, set to premiere October 14.

And speaking of drama and adventure, the production ran into big trouble on the way to becoming a reality.

Apple steps up iPhone assembly in India


Workers are already assembling iPhones in Indio.
Photo: Carnegie Council

Foxconn will begin shipping the iPhone 14 from its assembly plant in India almost as soon as its Chinese plant starts shipping Apple’s next smartphone, according to an industry analyst. This is apparently a sign that Apple is decreasing its dependence on China.

And Foxconn is reportedly building up its assembly capacity in India.