iMac-based gaming rig shows off RGB lighting [Setups]


Three computers and three (large) displays are the core of the setup.
Three computers and three (large) displays are the core of the setup.

Redditor MalTheNotSoGentleman said he posted a photo and description of his iMac-based computer setup with three computers and three displays because of a paucity of RGB-lit Mac setups on Reddit. So now there’s at least one more. And it comes pretty loaded.

Not every setup has 69 pieces of gear in it [Setups]


Thad K's setup features 69 different pieces of gear.
Thad K's setup features 69 different pieces of gear.
Photo: Thad K

Thad K, a 63-year-old project lead and analyst for a U.S. Department of Energy contractor for the past 37 years, recently won an Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth speaker from Cult of Mac. The little speaker had no idea what a legion of tech equipment it was about to join — 69 pieces of gear in Stockton, California.

Preserve your favorite moments with this instant mini photo printer


This portable photo printer gives you instant photos on the go.
Photo: HP

Nearly 80 years ago, a 3-year-old girl wanted to see a photo of her family vacation right after it was taken. But she couldn’t, because instant cameras weren’t invented yet.

That moment sparked the idea for the instant camera, invented by Edward Land and inspired by his daughter, Jennifer Land. Debuting in 1943, instant film cameras have long been a photographic staple for anyone who loves memorabilia and keepsake moments.

A portable mini photo printer

The digital age all but did away with many of the nostalgic wonders of the past. But the HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer is here to bring back this blast from the past with modern technology. This instant mini photo printer churns out beautiful, crystal-clear color prints from your electronic devices instantly through the Sprocket App. And it’s available now for just $79.99.

Mac mini and PC setup: Best of both worlds? [Setups]


Browsing, remote tech support work, gaming, videoconferencing, podcasting -- this setup does it all.
Browsing, remote tech support work, gaming, videoconferencing, podcasting -- this setup does it all.
Photo: LincHayes@Reddit

Web developer LincHayes recently showed off the M1 Mac mini-and-PC-based setup he put together to restart a live tech support business and do some podcasting. It did not fail to impress lots of folks on Reddit.

After all, this is LincHayes’ first time as a Mac owner. And a lot of people relate to running both Macs and PCs in a complex, multifunctional setup with a lot of moving parts.

Today in Apple history: HP’s iPod comes out of the blue


The Apple iPod + HP flopped, but it was still a savvy business move for Apple
Do you remember the HP-branded iPod?
Photo: Keegan/Wikipedia CC

January 8: Today in Apple history: Apple iPod + HP debuts January 8, 2004: The clumsily named Apple iPod + HP, a Hewlett-Packard-branded iPod, makes it debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Shown off by Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, the prototype device is colored blue, the color used for HP’s branding. By the time it arrives on the market later that year, however, the device is the same shade of white as the regular iPod. It doesn’t hang around for long.

CES 2020 trends: AirPower alternatives, rise of 5G, tasty TVs


It's shaping up to be an exciting year for tech.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

CES 2020The post-holiday tech fest that is CES shutters its doors today for another year. This week’s event has been as weird and as wonderful as any other, giving us a glimpse of all kinds of innovative gadgets on the way in 2020.

Better AirPods alternatives. Wireless chargers that achieve what Apple couldn’t. iPhone cases you can throw on the compost heap when they’re no longer needed. Here are the biggest trends from CES 2020.

Why Apple needs outside help to create hit products [Opinion]


Apple’s first AR headset could launch in 2022, AR glasses in 2023
Apple may need a little help polishing its glasses
Concept: Taeyeon Kim

Recent rumors suggest that Apple is leaning on another company to help develop its highly anticipated augmented reality headset. At first, I thought that sounded crazy. Apple Glasses look set to be the company’s biggest new product launch since Apple Watch. Surely Cupertino would keep development of something that important in-house?

But when you look back over Apple’s history of joint ventures, it starts to make more sense. Apple tends to partner with third-parties in very specific circumstances — and Cupertino knows exactly what it’s doing.