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Kick aging to the curb with this AI-powered health app


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Take control of your health and longevity with more than 50% off the Humanity app.
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Staying fit and healthy is one of the most important life goals you can ever have, but finding the time to monitor your wellness is easier said than done. The revolutionary Humanity health app makes it easy to take control of your health right from your phone.

And now, you can grab a lifetime subscription to this top-rated app for only $129.99.

New Withings smart scale and subscription service integrate with Apple Health


You won't be able to hide anything from your Withings Body Comp smart scale.
You won't be able to hide anything from your Withings Body Comp smart scale.
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Withings introduced its newest and most-advanced smart scale along with the company’s first health subscription service Thursday, both integrated with Apple Health.

The company said the Body Comp scale measures multiple biomarkers for a complete body assessment and the annual Health+ subscription service provides health analysis and tools to help users build healthful routines.

The scale and service launch October 4 at a price of $209.95.

Aura Strap 2 for Apple Watch slims down, adds subscription service


Aura Strap 2 lets you track your fat, muscle and water levels with an app and a fitness-oriented subscription service.
Aura Strap 2 lets you track your fat, muscle and water levels with an app and a fitness-oriented subscription service.
Photo: Aura Devices

Aura Devices updated its health-metrics-focused smart band for Apple Watch Wednesday by slimming it down and adding a fitness-oriented subscription service.

The second-generation Aura Strap 2 records metrics like body fat percentage, muscle density and water levels.

New Eufy smart scale could be your closest health adviser


It does more than weigh you.
It does more than weigh you.
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A smart scale sitting on the bathroom floor is never going to replace your doctor — or at least, not yet. But devices like the new Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro do more in the realm of health than just weigh you.

You may not be in a big hurry to find out about things like your bone mass, but at least you can if you want or need to. And you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Prioritize wellness in 2021 with this comprehensive health and fitness app


This all-in-one health and fitness app is what you need to accomplish your new years resolutions
This all-in-one health and fitness app is what you need to accomplish your goals in 2021.
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There’s plenty of ways you can take care of your health in 2021. You could start a steady workout regimen with Apple Fitness+. You could begin being more mindful about nutrition and what you consume. Or you might set aside time in your week to meditate and get away from your iPhone.

While some apps will help you accomplish these things individually, there isn’t a more comprehensive wellness app on the market than Verv Premium Home Workout Planner.

Apple launches new COVID-19 screening app and website in partnership with CDC


The new COVID-19 app and website provide the latest information and guidance from the CDC for users across the US.
Photo: Apple

Apple is jumping into the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic with a new website and app that allow visitors to screen themselves for COVID-19 symptoms.

The company partnered with the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control for the new site and app, found at Apple.com/covid19 and on the App Store. The goal is to give people resources so they can stay informed on steps they can take to protect their health during the coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 symptom-tracking app goes viral ahead of US launch


This app allows you to help others, but does not give health advice.
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U.K. health researchers launched a COVID-19 symptom-tracking app to help monitor the spread of the coronavirus this week — and it already rocketed to the top of the App Store charts.

COVID Symptom Tracker has reportedly been downloaded 750,000 times since it launched Thursday, making it the No. 3 most popular app overall in the United Kingdom and the top medical app. The app could prove to be a vital tool for health care workers in the fight against the coronavirus, and it’s coming to the United States soon.

Apple health care plans are potentially more lucrative than iPhone


Apple health care
Apple's health-tracking features have been a game changer.
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Apple is poised to create an entirely new ecosystem in health care with a value that could be three times greater than the global smartphone market, according to a Morgan Stanley report.

Apple devices and a growing number of App Store apps are in the early stages of what the 14 analysts predict will be a digital disruption to the health care industry worth as much as $313 billion by 2027.

Apple developing its own sleep-tracking tech for Apple Watch


App Home Screen Apple Watch Series 4
Your Apple Watch could soon track the number of Zs you catch each night.
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Apple Watch could soon add sleep-tracking tech that makes it an even more capable health monitor.

Apple has been testing the new sleep-tracking technology at secret sites around Cupertino, a new report claims. And if it lives up to its promise, it could ship as part of the Apple Watch by 2020.