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Here’s how you mod a headphone jack into iPhone 7


iPhone 7 headphone jack
The best but most difficult iPhone mod to date.
Photo: Strange Parts

Apple won’t be bringing the headphone jack back to iPhone, so if it’s a feature you’re not prepared to lose anytime soon, you’re stuck with the iPhone 6s. Or are you?

One man, who recently built his own iPhone from scratch using components sourced in a Chinese tech market, has figured out a way to install a headphone jack in the iPhone 7. It’s the ultimate mod for music lovers.

Throwaway phone chargers, Lightning cable keychains and more [Deals]


This roundup includes brand new ways of ensuring your devices get the charge they need.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There are so many ways to run out of battery at just the wrong moment. Maybe you underestimated the lifespan of your backup battery, forgot your cable, or mistook them for your Lightning headphone cables. Whatever the case, it pays to have options, and that’s why we’ve rounded up these great deals on charging accessories that can save the day when the juice runs low.

iPhone 7 might be much more exciting than we thought


iPhone 7 clone
You'll probably want to upgrade to iPhone 7.
Photo: BeSound

The iPhone 7 might look two years old when it goes on sale this September, but it will be much more exciting than you anticipated, according to the latest claims from Deutsche Bank analysts.

Apple’s 4.7-inch model is expected to get an upgraded camera with optical image stabilization, a Force Touch home button, “professional-class waterproofing,” and more.

Get Hi-Def Sound For Your Fast Paced Life With The New Spark In-Ear Headphones [Deals]



Have you been looking for in-ear headphones that look and sound good? This Cult of Mac Deals offer brings you modern design that you can hear.

The New Spark Hi-Def In-Ear Headphones deliver full, resonating bass, intense mid-range, and clear, defined treble sure to bring a smile to any audiophile’s face. With precision acoustics, unique, modern design, and precise ergonomic fit, these headphones come ready to play and your going to love what you hear! And the pricing – only $37.99 – can’t be beat!

Stock Up On Earbuds With These Ergonomic iPhone 5/5S Headphones – 50% off [Deals]



You can never have too many headphones. I’ve written before about how I’ve got different ones for different use cases, so when an ergonomic set of earbuds suited for the iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C become available at a low price — well…I’m all ears.

Cult of Mac has a set of earbuds that meets that criteria, The iPhone 5/5S/5C headphones are only $14.99, but you’ll also get free shipping to select countries. Plus, if you buy two pairs, you’ll get one at 50% off the already low price!

Ending Soon: MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32: Extraordinary Bluetooth Headphones [Deals]


CoM - AirFiBlue

People often underestimate the experience of having wireless headphones when you’re going about your day but once you try these you’ll understand why Bluetooth headphones receive all the hype these days.

They’re sleek, comfortable, wireless, Bluetooth compatible, they sound great, and they’re 43% off thanks to Cult of Mac Deals. For a limited time, these headphones are just $57 – and that includes the cost of shipping!

Numark Wants To Sell Half A Headphone To DJs



True story: Back when I was a university student, there was a local DJ called DJ Crap. He actually was pretty crappy, but nobody really cared, because DJ Crap had a signature gimmick: He used an old-style telephone handset to cue up his records. Come to think of it, this might be why his mixes never matched…

Now Numark will sell you a modern version of the same thing. It’s called the Redphone, and DJ Crap would love it.

Apple Patents New Headphones With Built-In Loudspeakers


How awesome would these be?
How awesome would these be?

Apple may have just launched the EarPods, undoubtedly the Cupertino company’s best earphones yet, but it’s already hard at working on something better. In a new patent filing, Apple demonstrates its work towards a new set of headphones that would have built-in loudspeakers. The design allows you to quickly switch between headphones for personal use, and a set of speakers for sharing your favorite tracks with your friends.

Battle Of The Back Panels: “iPhone 5” Versus iPhone 4S [Video]


Is this your new iPhone's back panel?
Is this your new iPhone's back panel?

We’ve seen a good number of images claiming to be the sixth-generation iPhone’s rear panel in recent weeks, all of which feature identical designs. But what isn’t entirely clear from these images is just how different these leaked panels are when compared to those that feature on our iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

However, thanks to this video from parts supplier ETrade Supply, it’s easy to see the changes Apple has made to its next iPhone (assuming this is indeed a genuine part, of course). And there are a lot of them.

Apple Could Eliminate The 30-Pin Dock Connector With MagSafe Data Cables



Photo: Apple

We already know from previous reports that Apple is working on a magnetic charging system for iOS devices, similar to the MagSafe connectors on its MacBooks. But one hurdle that stood in the company’s way was the MagSafe’s inability to transfer data.

However, a newly published patent entitled “Programmable Magnetic Connectors” seems to confirm that Apple is making progress on a magnetic connector capable of transferring power and data, which could spell the end of its 30-pin dock connector and even the headphone jack.