Gold iPhone X mockup looks absolutely stunning


iPhone X
The 2018 iPhone lineup could be prettier than ever.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Gold iPhones are set to make a big comeback in 2018 and based on these gorgeous mockups, the wait will definitely be worth it.

Concept designer Martin Hajek has busted out a few mockups on what the 2018 gold iPhone X might look like with both black, white and gold highlights dominating the device.

Take a look:

Got wood? You will after checking out this Macintosh replica


A wooden Macintosh with gold keys? Yes please.
Photo: Love Hultén

Love Hultén has created a beautiful replica of the original 128k Macintosh made almost entirely out of American walnut. Known for his craftsmanship in building replicas and concepts of gaming consoles among other gadgets, Hultén has taken that love and applied it to one of Apple’s most beloved products to date. He calls it the Golden Apple.

It’s not too late to pre-order your iPhone 6s for launch day


Order your iPhone 6s now and you won't have to wait weeks for delivery.
Photo: Apple

If you haven’t already pre-ordered your new iPhone 6s, you’ve still got a great chance of getting one on launch day — unless you want a Rose Gold model.

The new color option has become the first to sell out completely in many markets, but the Silver, Gold, and Space Gray are still widely available for delivery and personal pickup on Friday, September 25.

Start saving now for your 24-karat gold iPhone 6s


Want to make the other iPhone 6s owners jealous?
Photo: Goldgenie

The iPhone 6s isn’t even out yet, and already luxury goods companies are preparing to give folks with way too much money the chance to preorder their next-generation Apple handset in 24-karat gold.

Hot off the mark is Goldgenie, which is currently letting customers register their interest in an exclusive luxury box set containing both a gold-plated iPhone 6s and a gold Apple Watch.

How to turn your $399 Apple Watch gold


When life gives you an ugly Apple Watch, paint that shit gold. Photo: Casey Neistat
Photo: Casey Neistat


Lusting after the gold Apple Watch Edition but don’t have the funds for Jony Ive’s $17,000 timepiece? You could take out a second mortgage on the house, or sell a kidney. Or you could do what artist Casey Neistat did and manually turn an Apple Watch Sport into a golden beauty.

Neistat only had $399, so he decided to preorder the black Sport model and then carefully painted it gold. Sure, his method might void your warrant, and it doesn’t look perfect, but it’s better than spending your kid’s college savings just to be as fly as Drake.

You can do it too, just follow the steps in the video below: