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Learn everything you need to know about crypto for $25


Get into Crypto with this $25 bundle.
Learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, blockchain and more with this bundle.
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Cryptocurrency is growing every day, but learning how to personally benefit from the digital revolution is difficult if you don’t have a well-informed source.

The 2022 Blockchain Development Fundamentals Bundle can teach you how to mine crypto, create NFTs, and more. And right now it costs just $25.

Don’t lose your crypto gains to the IRS


Accointing automatically does your Crypto taxes.
Take control of your crypto with Accointing tax software.
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It’s tax time, and that can be a stressful thing for cryptocurrency investors. But it really doesn’t need to be. Accointing crypto tax software generates a tax report and helps you manage your crypto finances. And that can help you avoid costly errors that the IRS might pounce upon to penalize you.

Avoid that kind of nasty situation with this crypto-centric tax software. Bonus: Accointing is on sale so you don’t have to cash out to afford it.

Discover the secrets to becoming an NFT, crypto and metaverse millionaire


Become an NFT millionaire with this complete masterclass.
Dive into the deep (and lucrative) end of Web 3.0 with these courses.
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There’s no doubt about it: Cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens and the metaverse are at the forefront of Web 3.0 — and the future of the internet.

If you’re a total noob looking to learn, The Beginner’s Guide: Cryptocurrency Trading, NFTs & Metaverse Bundle is a great place to start. It’s on sale for just $21 (regularly $1,400). And, with seven different courses included in this bundle, that works out to just $3 a course.

Give the gift of knowledge with these heavily discounted e-learning bundles


Learn something cool during Black Friday with these bundles.
For $23 or less, you can learn crucial skills that will last a lifetime.
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School may let out for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean the learning is done! You — and the people you love — can use that downtime to learn something as fun as it is useful. This Black Friday weekend, Cult of Mac’s e-learning sale offers mind-expanding educational bundles for every student, young or old.

Check out these deals on everything from game design to NFTs and cryptocurrencies! Some of these bundles retail for thousands of dollars. But you can get any of these e-learning bundles for less than $23 with code BFSAVE70 as our Black Friday Sale continues.

Tim Cook says Apple is ‘looking at’ cryptocurrency after revealing he’s an investor


Tim Cook at Unleashed event
But don't expect investment advice.
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Tim Cook revealed in an interview on Tuesday that he owns cryptocurrency and sees it as a “reasonable” way to diversify his portfolio. The Apple CEO also admitted that Cupertino is “looking at” ways cryptocurrency could one day work with Apple Pay, or be used to buy Apple products.

However, if it’s investment advice you’re after, you can look elsewhere.

Apple could be cashing into cryptocurrency


Apple could be cashing into cryptocurrency
Apple is exploring alternative payment systems, and the magic word “cryptocurrency” came up.
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A job opening at Apple for an “Alternative Payments” business manager set off a wave of speculation that the iPhone-maker is getting into cryptocurrency.

It’s apparently a change of heart by CEO Tim Cook, who’s on the record as being opposed to privately controlled currencies.

Donate to charity for your chance to win $10,000 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum and more


Now's the perfect time to get into crypto.
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You might have heard a lot about investing in cryptocurrency these past few years. If you’re unfamiliar with what cryptocurrency actually is (or what it does), it operates like most currency — except it’s a digital asset people use for both investments and online purchases.

Apple sees ‘long-term potential’ in cryptocurrencies


Antana/Flickr CC
An Apple Coin? Don't rule it out.
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Could an Apple cryptocurrency be coming? While it doesn’t sound like it’s on the immediate horizon, Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey recently suggested it’s not totally off the table.

It would fit with Apple’s growing embrace of financial services. The company got into mobile payments with Apple Pay in 2014 and released the Apple Card this year. Now, Cupertino appears to be taking a wait-and-see approach on cryptocurrencies.