Completely Rebuilt Infinidock, Infiniboard, and Infinifolders 2.0 Now Live In Cydia [Jailbreak]


Grant Paul's Zephry (left), Infinifolders (middle) and Gridlock (right) have all been updated.
Grant Paul's Zephry (left), Infinifolders (middle), and Gridlock (right) have all been updated.

As jailbreakers wait with eager expectation for an untethered jailbreak that works on iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, Cydia developers are still hard at work. One of the community’s most popular hackers, Grant “chpwn” Paul, has updated many of his popular tweaks. His most famous tweaks, Infinidock, Infiniboard, and Infinifolders, have all been completely rebuilt and made compatible with iOS 6. Collectively they now form Infiniapps 2.0.

Some of Paul’s other iOS tweaks have also received minor updates, like VoiceActivator and Zephyr.

Has The iPhone 5 Already Been Jailbroken? [Jailbreak]



While we don’t expect a public iOS 6 jailbreak — much less a jailbreak for the newly-released iPhone 5 — for quite some time, it appears as though things could be moving along quicker than originally expected. Noted jailbreak developer Grant Paul just tweeted a screenshot of Cydia on the iPhone 5’s taller display. He’s saying that he didn’t fake the Cydia icon, which would lead us to believe that the iPhone 5 has already been jailbroken.

A4 devices like the iPhone 4 and fourth-gen iPod touch can be jailbroken on iOS 6 already, but A5X devices like the iPhone 4S and third-gen iPad cannot be. Cydia running on the iPhone 5 is an even more impressive feat given the fact that Apple’s newest iPhone sports an entirely new, proprietary A6 processor.

Jailbreak Tweak Introduces iPad-Like Multitasking Gestures To The iPhone




One of the most useful little introductions to Apple’s iOS 5 software are the new multitasking gestures on the iPad, which allow you to use four-finger swipes to switch between the apps you have running in the background. Unfortunately we didn’t get these on the iPhone, but thanks to a new jailbreak tweak called Zephyr, we can add them ourselves.

Jailbreak Developers Release Free And Legal Siri Port In Cydia



Known developers Grant Paul (a.k.a ‘chpwn’) and Ryan Petrich have released a working Siri port for older, jailbroken iOS devices in Cydia. “Spire” will install Siri on older-generation iOS devices, including the original iPad.

Spire downloads Siri directly from Apple’s servers. The only catch is that you will need access to an iPhone 4S and your own proxy to get the port up and running.

Keylogging Spyware Carrier IQ Also Comes Installed On Many iPhones! Here’s How To Turn It Off



The Carrier IQ scandal has broken everywhere since we first reported it yesterday morning. The invasive rootkit is installed on over 140 million phones the world over, and logs everything you do with your device, from the numbers you dial to the smutty pictures you send to your girlfriend.

Yesterday, we reported the story as one proving Steve Jobs right about how Android tracks everything you do, but a day later, things seem a lot less black and white. Carrier IQ’s software comes pre-installed on other devices besides Android, like BlackBerrys and Nokias, and as even the name of the software suggests, seems to be something installed by carriers. And, as it turns out, some iPhones. Luckily, disabling it is the easiest thing in the world, and it logs none of your personal information, unlike the software’s more nefarious Android counterpart.

Watch Siri Running On The iPhone 3GS [Video]


Screen Shot 2011-11-07 at 4.13.52 PM


Famed jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich has released a video of Siri running on the iPhone 3GS. Petrich is most known in the jailbreak community for his Activator extension that brings customized gestures for specific apps and tweaks in iOS.

In the above video, Petrich is demonstrating Siri on an iPhone 3GS. He has also mentioned that he is working on Activator integration with Siri.

Siri Hacked To Accept Custom Commands



Siri’s a smart little moppet, but she can’t do everything for you. You can’t ask her to find you a picture of a dog from Google Images, or see if the guy you have a blind date with that night is a registered sex offender, or really do anything that Siri and Wolfram Alpha aren’t already programmed to do.

The good news is that Siri hacker chpwn has teamed up with GitHub hacker Aman Gupta to figure out how to add custom Siri commands. The bad news is it’s quite complicated, and there’s no way to do it right now for yourself.

Here’s The Reason We Could All Be Waiting A Long Time To Install Siri On Our Older iOS Devices



Over the weekend, we showed off Siri running on a jailbroken iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G thanks to the tireless efforts of iPhone hackers chpwn and Steve Troughton.

Clearly, Siri works just fine on lesser devices like the iPhone 4 and iPod touch, but despite this, chpwn and Troughton warned that we wouldn’t see an authorized release anytime soon. Now chpwn is clarifying why, and it’s just as the Dev Team warned us: Siri on non-iPhone 4S devices require piracy.

Siri Hacked To Run On The iPhone 4 And iPod touch 4G [Video]



This could be fake, but it certainly looks real to us: iPhone hackers chpwn and Steve Troughton say they’ve gotten Siri working on the iPhone 4 and fourth-gen iPod touch, and they’ve got video to prove it. So it is possible. Sadly, though, both hackers say that whatever method they used for exploit is not for public release any time soon, so the rest of us poor suckers will just have to keep twiddling our thumbs.

FaceForward Jailbreak Tweak Revives Official Facebook App for iPad



It was revealed yesterday that the long-awaited Facebook app for iPad was already here — not in the App Store, but hidden away inside the Facebook app for iPhone. We published details on how to install the app on your iPad, but soon after the news spread, Facebook decided to block access to those using the app before its public release.

Fortunately, as is often the case with these things, jailbreakers have provided a workaround — a new tweak called FaceForward that reactivates the official Facebook app for iPad.