Siri Hacked To Run On The iPhone 4 And iPod touch 4G [Video]



This could be fake, but it certainly looks real to us: iPhone hackers chpwn and Steve Troughton say they’ve gotten Siri working on the iPhone 4 and fourth-gen iPod touch, and they’ve got video to prove it. So it is possible. Sadly, though, both hackers say that whatever method they used for exploit is not for public release any time soon, so the rest of us poor suckers will just have to keep twiddling our thumbs.

  • TheNickF

    It’s not fake.

  • Dstrickner

    This is the real deal never doubt a developer lol.

  • I<\3idevice

    Apple is only good at getting the best lawyers, they cheated us iPhone 4 users.

  • Dstrickner

    Oh and btw you are welcome, you editors here should really look at twitter more often lol.. 

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    The impatient need to twiddle more than their thumbs.  Apple will get Siri working on other devices in due time.

  • ahmad

    Jizz in my pants :)
    Cant wait for this , could actually add a credit card on cydia just for this

  • larkforsure

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  • Dutch_Razor

    I presume they used the UDID or something to connect, which is why you would need to “steal” one from a 4S?

  • Yacko

     Developers say no imminent public release. I don’t know, Apple code redistribution and illegal authorization seem like stumbling blocks.

  • Asd

    I don’t want to be the one yelling out ‘fake’ – but it seems a little fast compared to my 4S. Siri usually takes a little longer to get back to what I’ve said. Note that in the video there’s virtually no delay between recognition of what has been said and Siri’s reply.

  • Jonathan Badger

    Siri was originally an app for the iPhone 4 before Apple bought it and integrated it for release on the 4S, so I don’t see why this is surprising. It’s not a technical issue; Apple simply wants to keep it 4S only as incentive to encourage upgrading.

  • Asd

    Also, the purple volume indicator on the mic does not move when he speaks

  • Rajat

    this only bug on siri on ipod that mics are not working loudly but great in iphone 4 see this

  • Steve

    Apple don’t want the old iPhone4 users have Siri. Just go to an Apple store and ask a concierge how to buy an iPhone 4S.

  • Hampus

    It was available even for the 3Gs even…
    Well it is possible it’s to limit the amount of users during it’s beta phase, but yea it likely is to give more incentive for people to upgrade and older devices will never get it…

    I’ve been saying all along though that there was no way there was any hardware limitations preventing siri from running on the iPhone 4

  • Hampus

    Well, not really… They never said iPhone 4 users would receive all features in any upcoming OS, there is nothing saying they had to…
    Be glad they aren’t going the Android Manufacturer route and releases a new phone every few months and completely ignores old devices from that point, even the 3Gs got updated to iOS 5, that’s pretty darn good support.

  • Matt

    This is definitely not real. If for once in these videos they could open Settings up and show us that it’s an iPhone 4 I’d be less cynical.  

  • prof_peabody

    If this is actually a real thing, the Cult of Mac should be careful not to promote this, provide links to it or print instructions on how to do it as would be a clear felony in the USA to do so.

  • Jordan clay

    Dude. It is an iPod touch. Just look at it. It is completely plausible that they got it working.

  • John_woo

    fuck siri she is not my wife goto now

  • John_woo

    fuck siri she is my wife

  • Dennis

    I call fake, looke at the siri icon when he speaks. On the 4s, it fluctuates, on this it doesn’t