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Wall Street analyst thinks Apple will hit trillion-dollar valuation next year


France fines Apple $27 million for intention iPhone 'throttling' controversy
The iPhone 8 may drive Apple stock prices to new heights.
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Apple stock might be down slightly from its crazy record-breaking high earlier this year, but that’s not dampening Wall Street analyst Brian White’s belief that it’s just 12 months away from becoming the world’s first ever trillion dollar company.

In a research note to clients, White refers to Apple stock as one of the “most underappreciated stocks in the world.” We’re pretty certain that’s an invitation for people to buy!

Apple Watch 2 will be 40 percent slimmer, claims dodgy analyst


Apple Watch
The next Apple Watch might be a lot thinner.
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The next Apple Watch might arrive sooner than expected, based on a new rumor claiming Apple’s new wearable will be unveiled in June.

Not only is the new watch ahead of schedule, it may even sport a 40-percent-thinner design, hopefully without compromising on battery life.

Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

Sorry, haters! Signs point to a massive January for Apple


iPhone 6s boasts a new 12-megapixel camera.
Reports of the iPhone's demise may have been greatly exaggerated.
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Forget all the doom predictions about Apple — according to Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White, the company may have just had its best January since 2008.

Although Apple itself has said that iPhone sales are likely to fall for the first time ever in the January quarter, White claims that his own analysis of Apple’s suppliers suggests that things are looking far from bleak.

Experts Predict Larger 5-Inch Display For iPhone 6… Again


How a larger iPhone 6 might look by Martin Hajek.
How a larger iPhone 6 might look by Martin Hajek.

If you switched from an iPhone to an Android-powered smartphone because you felt a 4-inch display was just too small, then Apple may give you a reason to switch back next year. Several industry experts are predicting that the Cupertino company will step up its pursuit of high-end Android smartphones by finally introducing a larger 5-inch display with the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 5S Will Have A Fingerprint Sensor, Better Camera And Rearranged Side Buttons [Analyst]



Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets has been making some zany predictions lately, perhaps best exemplified by his recent claim that Apple’s forthcoming HDTV will be controlled using a Green Lantern like power ring called the iRing.

Almost as if to apologize for releasing a report written so clearly after an all-night bender, White is now making a more sensible prediction that falls in line with other reports: that his sources in the Asian supply chain have told him the iPhone 5S’s killer feature will be a fingerprint scanner.

There Will Be “At Least” Two iPhone 5S Models In Different Sizes [Analyst]


This mockup shows what a family of different sized iPhones might look like.
This mockup shows what a family of different sized iPhones might look like.

Topeka Capital analyst Brian White received some criticism last week when he revealed in a note to investors that he expects Apple’s much-anticipated television set to come with a “mini iTV” tablet and an “iRing.” But rather than going into hiding until the whole thing is forgotten about, White has revealed his predictions for the iPhone 5S.

The device will be available with “at least” two screen sizes, White claims, giving those who might switch to Android for a larger display a reason to stick with the iPhone.

Analyst: You Won’t Control Your iTV, You’ll Finger Its ‘iRing’


It wasn't good enough as a concept for Apple, but since when has that stopped Microsoft?
It wasn't good enough as a concept for Apple, but since when has that stopped Microsoft?

Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets, brings us a crazy new rumor about the much-anticipated Apple television today following recent meetings with supply chain sources in China and Taiwan.

White claims that the “iTV” will finally launch during the second half of 2013, and that it’ll come with a miniature device called the “iRing”, which the user will wear on their finger to act as a pointer. The device will enhance the motion detection experience and take over some of the functions of the traditional remote control, apparently.

iPad Mini 2 To Launch Alongside Thinner, Lighter iPad 5 This March [Rumor]



Third-generation iPad owners became understandably upset last November when Apple announced a new sixth-generation iPad eight months after theirs went on sale. It was the first time the Cupertino company had launched an iPad within 12 months of its predecessor, but it looks like we’d better get used to it.

Rumors have this week suggested that Apple is now looking to update its iOS devices every six months, introducing two every year. And according to one analyst, that’s exactly what’s going to happen with the next-generation iPads.

Dumb Rumor Says iPhone 5S Will Come In Multiple Colors, Multiple Screen Sizes



Topeka Capital Market’s Brian White doesn’t necessarily have a spotless streak of predictions when it comes to Apple, having claimed in 2012 that Apple would reach an average share price of $1,001 by year’s end. He also claimed in January 2012 that Sharp would provide the display for an Apple HDTV in 2012.

In fact, White’s a bit of a crank. So take the following report with a grain of salt: White is now claiming that the iPhone 5S will come in multiple colors, and with multiple display sizes.

Playing The Apple Store Lottery Is The Only Way To Bag The iPhone 5 In Hong Kong


Customers queue for the iPhone 5 at IFC Mall in Hong Kong.
Customers queue for the iPhone 5 at IFC Mall in Hong Kong.

If you think the iPhone 5 is hard to get hold of where you live, spare a thought for those in Hong Kong, where the device is in such short supply, users must play the “Apple Store lottery” to be in with any chance of getting their hands on one. According to one analyst, locals have more chance of winning the real lottery than picking up the Cupertino company’s latest smartphone the day after they order.