Satechi’s new aluminum iPad stand is ready for work or play


Satechi’s new aluminum iPad stand is ready for work or play
Combine the new Satechi iPad stand with the Slim X3 keyboard for an ultralight office desktop.
Photo: Satechi

Satechi redesigned its iPad desktop stand to provide a more stable, hands-free option. The device includes a pair of hinges to offer a wide range of viewing angles.

The accessory maker also introduced a pair of slim keyboards Thursday that can be used with MacBooks or iPads.

Zagg folio case offers the keys to unlock iPad Pro productivity [Updated review]


Zagg Slim Book Go review
With the Zagg Slim Book Go your iPad Pro becomes a 2-in-1 tablet/notebook.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

An iPad Pro is powerful mobile computer. Add a Zagg Slim Book Go and you get a genuine MacBook competitor.

We typed our way through a full review of this keyboard folio case for Apple’s latest pro tablet, so dive in to see if it’s the add-on your iPad has been looking for.

I hated the iPad Pro Smart Folio Keyboard, but now I love it


Smart Keyboard Folio
As a keyboard, the Smart Keyboard Folio makes a great stand.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

I picked up the Smart Folio Keyboard for my iPad Pro a few weeks back, because I was traveling and needed to do some work on the go. I’ve avoided the expensive accessory in the past, because a regular Bluetooth keyboard is so much better — on paper anyway. Even the most basic Bluetooth keyboard offers far more essential features than Apple’s own keyboard case. But after trying the Apple keyboard, I like it a lot. The keys themselves are still awful, but the convenience factor is off the charts.

Zagg loads up 10.2-inch iPad with keyboards and cases


Zagg Slim Book Go and Zagg Messenger Folio
Versions of the Zagg Slim Book Go and Zagg Messenger Folio for the 2019 iPad were unveiled at CES 2020.
Photo: Zagg

CES 2020Those with the 10.2-inch iPad launched last year will soon have significantly more case options, thanks to announcements made today at CES 2020. Zagg unveiled a collection of three keyboard cases, while its Gear4 subsidiary added two protective cases.

Pick the perfect Bluetooth keyboard for your phone or tablet [Deals]


Wireless Keyboard Roundup
No matter what kind of Bluetooth keyboard you want, we've got it!
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Being attached to our computers doesn’t have to mean literally being attached. Whether for phones or tablets, a portable wireless keyboard offers tons of extra flexibility and accuracy.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in these four great deals on our favorite Bluetooth keyboards. Each is already significantly discounted, but using the promo code MERRYSAVE15 at checkout takes an extra 15% off.

iPad Pro case rocks backlit keys in a rainbow of color combos [Review]


Inateck Stellarie KB02006 review
The Inateck Stellarie KB02006 is very useful with a touch of whimsy.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

If you want to stand out in a darkened classroom, Inateck has the iPad keyboard case for you. The outside is professional-looking, and there’s an Apple Pencil slot. But the standout feature is the keyboard backlights, which can be set to more than 100 color combinations.

This affordable case believes in business on the outside and party on the inside. Is it right for you? Find out in our Inateck Stellarie KB02006 review.

Nifty Zagg Flex portable keyboard works with phones, tablets, and TVs


Touch type on your iPad or iPhone with the Zagg Flex universal keyboard.
Touch type on your iPad or iPhone with the Zagg Flex universal keyboard.
Photo: ZAGG

Many portable keyboards are designed for just one device. The new Zagg Flex works with any computer with Bluetooth, including tablets, smartphones, and most smart TVs.

The keyboard comes in a protective case that can also serves as a stand for mobile devices large and small.

Future-proof your iPad keyboard case with ZAGG Nomad Book


ZAGG Nomad Book
The ZAGG Nomad Book is a keyboard case that fits a range of tablets, including the 10.5- and 9.7-inch iPads.
Photo: ZAGG

The ZAGG Nomad Book is a keyboard case designed to fit around range of tablets 10.5 inches or smaller. That means it can be used with every iPad released for the past several years except the very largest.

ZAGG also just introduced the Messenger Folio. This has many of the benefits of the Nomad Book but was created specifically for the iPad Pro 10.5.