Steve Jobs Pitches New Spaceship-Like Campus to Cupertino City Council




Steve Jobs has been keeping extremely busy this week. One day after delivering his WWDC Keynote address, Steve headed back to Cupertino to appear before the city council to discuss Apple’s new plans for their campus. While pitching the construction and design of the mega-structure, Jobs commented that the building will look ‘a little like a spaceship.’

The plan is for Apple to stay in Cupertino on some land that Apple has recently purchased. Jobs told the council that the land holds a special place in his heart as it use to be apricot orchards. By putting a new campus on the plot of land, Apple will be able to place 12,000 employees in a single building which will keep the tightly knit company even closer together.

Steve explains the properties that Apple has acquired around the 4:45 mark in the video above and then imposes an overhead image of the proposed campus followed by a series of projected models of what the building will look like. The circular building features all curved glass of which Apple has pioneered many architectural techniques in its use. To completely change the landscape Apple plans to put nearly all of the parking underground and increase the amount of trees from 3,700 to around 6,000.

Other notable features will be Apple’s use of a natural gas energy center they plan to construct on campus that is cleaner and cheaper than “the grid.” Apple will use instead use the grid as a backup for Apple’s energy center. Of course, the building will also feature great amenities like a fitness center, cafe, R&D facilities and a giant courtyard.

The new center truly does look breathtaking and is planned to be completed in 2015.

  • Stephen Gibson Agnew

    A shining example of why environmentalism kills economies: Jobs has to jump through hoops and absorb unnecessary expenses in order to appease the environmental wackos. Completely inefficient use of resources.

    Beautiful building none-the-less.

  • Euro_MacHead

    A shining example of why stupidity, egoism and short-sighted people will kill the nature and thus humanity. Jobs WANTS to be green. And right so. In his youth there were all apricot trees. Not concrete and tarmac. Trees and grass are ALWAYS nicer than concrete. ALWAYS. It’s not inefficient to be green. Quite the opposite. It increases health and satisfaction of his employees and thereby the productivity. It boosts the quality of living. 

    The only wackos are those who believe that human being are not part of the nature. 
    The only wackos are those who believe that we can continue to destroy the environment.
    The only wackos are those who believe that dollars are more important than clean air and water. 

  • netnerd258

    fuck yeah, that looks like a kick ass building! Now its truly an infinite loop.

  • nolavabo

    Self-contained power supply? Huge underground space that still requires more “parking” elsewhere? Mysterious grey buildings adjacent?

    That’s not a HQ building. It’s a space/time portal that you step through into different dimensions. The ultimate reality distortion field.

  • Hampus

    Yea, if only more companies would spend some extra money to have beautiful campuses like this instead of big concrete jungles :p

  • Stuart Otterson

    So you’re interrupting this as something Jobs didn’t want done? That’s nuts. This totally screams of something Steve Jobs wants for Apple. Everything is pretty much covered by @d1f81b21aae6d858e54ed1a6ddf763f4:disqus , I get the feeling that he genuinely wants apricot trees and all that.

    Nobody is forcing Apple to go through such loops and expenses, they could of built some building complex with no trees if they wanted to and it would of been non-news apart from perhaps the occasional protest that will be forgotten the next day.

    This comes across as nothing other than trying to interpret one thing into something quite different just to suit an agenda. Besides this project will pour a lot of money into the construction economy so far from killing economies it’ll be boosting it.

    Not to mention Apple have 50 billion in the bank this will be a drop in the ocean. They seem quite happy to sit on the money otherwise.

  • Mike Pisino

    Wow.  Not only will this be the most beautiful building in America, but it’ll also provide Steve with a way to travel up into the sky and return to Planet Apple when his time comes.

  • Cristian

    Yes, the building looks good. However, Steve looks bad. He speaks softly, not so many words. I’m not having a good feeling about that…

  • Happy fan

    Steve Jobs is a BOSS

  • Jaimex99

    I wonder what will happen when their power goes out and they use the grid as their backup. Would that cause problems to the grid?

  • itsme nyc

    Yes but he really seemed tired and out of it… :-(

  • Chris

    OMG, he just leaked the iPhone5 specs in his presentation! lol

    In any case … I think the new building is truely magical… It’s going to revolutionize campus building… It’s an amazing construction… It’s unlike anything seen before… It’s an industry first for sure! 

  • Chris

    I agree.. he sounds tired… Then again, apart from his health condition, I’m sure he works hard enough to tire andy guy his age out …

  • rickgoblue

    Wow.  Awesome.  Apple stock will be $700 by 2015!!!

  • MacBit – Edgar

    Why not a floor plan like the contour of the Apple logo?

  • aggarwal_rahul

    new futuristic campus for Apple is a welcome sign! A 6000 trees in the campus
    is something that has to appreciated. A 150 acres land would have surely would
    have deforested but, making sure the trees are not wiped deserves applauds. 

  • cheesy11

    hes running out of stream, hes going to make his mark then go

  • Chris

    do they only have natural gas for the power of the building or also other regenerative energies?

  • Chris

    also, it just feels better to work in a place with fresh air and trees, instead of a grey city

  • Beware

    Is Cupertino in asia ?

  • Sweetestever39

    well fact is it will cost more to maintain the “clean energy” plant that to just use the grid, so they have to burn fuel transporting natural gas to the place or they will dig a pie to the source, whichever way, the grid will be a cheaper power source!

  • Stuart Otterson

    I think it says a lot about Apple that they’d want to spend more just to not rely on the national grid. Apple likes to be able to rely on themselves whenever possible. It’s talked about in this article

  • Stuart Otterson

    Oh and one further nail in the coffin of your assertions… Steve has always wanted nature incorporated with the HQ environment.