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Apple Snubs U.K. Again – iTunes Cloud Services Not Coming Anytime Soon



As much as I love my Apple TV, I’m still rather irked that Apple is yet to offer a Netflix substitute for its U.K. users. It now seems that Apple has snubbed those of us across the pond once again with its iTunes cloud services, which apparently won’t be making their way to the U.K. anytime soon.

When Steve Jobs presented iCloud and all of its wonderful features at WWDC yesterday, the one that really impressed me was iTunes in the Cloud. There’s nothing enjoyable about downloading a song on your iPhone, then having to sync it to your computer and back to your iPad, iPod touch, etc., just to listen to it on all of your devices. iTunes in the Cloud means your new purchases are “automatically everywhere.”

Then there’s iTunes Match: another awesome feature that lets you “store your entire collection, including music you’ve ripped from CDs or purchased somewhere other than iTunes,” allowing you to access your entire library on any of your devices, anywhere.

Unfortunately, however, right now these features are only available to those in the U.S. only, and they may not be touching down in other countries anytime soon. CNET UK contacted Apple for comment, but its U.K. representatives say that there’s currently no information on either of these services for Britain.

Isn’t that a kick in the teeth?

While I can understand that iTunes Match may require Apple to negotiate with all of the necessary record labels before it can enter the U.K., I can’t understand why iTunes in the Cloud cannot be available to all – regardless of where you reside. We can sync our music to all of our devices anyway, all this feature does is makes our lives a whole lot easier.