Apple Issues MobileMe Refunds Service Extended Free Through June 2012



Today, Apple announced a new service called iCloud which will be available this fall. Apple’s iCloud will be free for iOS 5 and OS X Lion users.  Users that sign up for iCloud will be able to retain their or email address and all of their MobileMe mail, calendars, contacts, and bookmarks will move to the new service.

If you have a renewal pending and it isn’t applied like I did then Apple will issue you a refund, but you have to request it. It isn’t clear if users who recently paid for a renewal will get a refund or not. If you did please leave a comment about your experience with that.

Per Apple via this support document:

What’s happening to MobileMe?
Effective June 6, 2011, if you had an active MobileMe account, your service has been automatically extended through June 30, 2012, at no additional charge. After this, the MobileMe service will no longer be available.

What will happen to the content I have on MobileMe?

Apple has announced a new service called iCloud which will be available this fall and free for iOS 5 and OS X Lion users. When you sign up for iCloud, you’ll be able to keep your or email address and move your MobileMe mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks to the new service.

When iCloud becomes available this fall, more details and instructions will be provided on how to make the move.

Can I create a new MobileMe account?
You can no longer create a new 60-day trial account or start a new subscription using a code contained in a MobileMe box. However, if you have a Family Pack subscription, you can still create new family member accounts.
Can I upgrade to a Family Pack or purchase additional storage?
Effective June 6, 2011, you can no longer upgrade your Individual account to a Family Pack or purchase additional storage for your MobileMe account.
I purchased a MobileMe box and have not used the activation code inside. Can I get refund for it?
Yes. If you have an unused activation code from a MobileMe box, you can submit a refund request.


  • Cgs101

    I don’t get this…
    I understand they’re moving mobileme to icloud but why are they not issuing any more email accounts? will icloud be an email service as well? like yahoo?

  • theguycalledtom

    Sigh, this is going to be a big hassle.  I have a lot of important data kept on my iDisk, much more than the 5gb of iCloud will cover.  My email account is probably 4gb itself.  Looks like the long suffering loyal MobileMe customers are getting one last kick in the nuts.

    I guess I’ll have to move to dropbox or some other hosting service and go back and update all my legacy links that are linked to address etc.

  • Mel Marcelo

    I just paid to renew my Mobileme last week. I had until June 19th to do it…I should have waited!

  • drakemac

    Sucks if your account expired 2 days earlier (See below):

    Chat SupportMonday, June 6, 2011 03:41 PM 
    Duration: 27 minutes 41 secondsSteven:
    Hello, my name is Steven. Welcome to MobileMe chat support. Please give me a moment to look over your information.Steven:
    Hey Drake, I see here that you’d like to know if you’d be receiving a pro-rated refund of some sort for your MobileMe Subscription since it just auto-renewed, correctDRAKE:
    Yes, my subscription just renewed on June 4thSteven:
    Thank you for that information Drake. With the introduction to iCloud, the services will become free. If you do need further assistance with information on your current MobileMe Account, I would definitely visit this website to read about canceling your subscription. Canceling your paid subscriptionSteven:
    Are you still there?DRAKE:
    But if I cancel I will lose all my sync capabilities correct. I see people who’s end date was after today, would be given free extended service until iCloud became available.Steven:
    Everyone’s MobileMe Subscription has been extended until June 30th, 2012 so all users will be able to retain active service till then.DRAKE:
    Sorry, so does that mean if I cancel my new, 2 day old subscription, I will have all the services I currently have until June 30th, 2012?Steven:
    If you cancel your subscription now, the services will become inactive and the data will be removed from the account Drake. If the account has been renewed, it would have to stay renewed until iCloud is officially active.DRAKE:
    So as I originally asked, will I receive a pro-rated discount for 4 months (tentative iCloud launch date) of MobileMe service?DRAKE:
    Are the no allowances for this. I was 2 days off.Steven:
    Unfortunately at this point Drake, if we do cancel the subscription and offer any sort of refund, that would make the account inactive and the data would disappear with the account.DRAKE:
    very unfortunate.Steven:
    It is and I do apologize Drake, if there was something else that I could do for you, I would definitely take the route that would best benefit you. At this point, this is the only option that we do have available.DRAKE:
    Not really. I understand progress, but I’ve been a Apple web services subscriber for over 4 years and this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Lots of money and through lots of changes. Getting left like this is not good biz. But alas, It was only a few of us I guess.DRAKE:
    Cheers to the guinea pig. Thanks for your help.Steven:No problem Drake, once again, I’m really sorry that I couldn’t assist you further.

  • Ahmed shams

    what will happen to iDisk ?

  • rosie

    I just phoned the customer service number and was directed to this website:
    where I initiated a chat to speak to someone about a refund (I had signed up for 60 day mobileme free trial and then paid for a one-year subscription on May 30). After chatting with the customer service rep, they issued me a full refund. No problem at all. He did make it clear that if you opt for a refund your account will be reactivated and you won’t be able to transfer to iCloud once it is available. As long as you are okay starting up a fresh account, they will refund your money (or a pro-rated amount if you have been active longer than 46 days). Easy peasy!

  • Mark F

    It took me a few readings to register the ‘2012’. My anniversary date for MobileMe is in December. So really, I can keep my 20GB of iDisk storage for an extra 6 months without cost. Then a year from now, I would need to find ways of additional storage since 5GB won’t cut it. I’ve seen a short line somewhere that additional storage beyond the 5GB will be offered; price undetermined. As long as it’s less than $99, I guess iCloud could work out to be a better deal. 

  • Dae6

    When trying to request a refund for my MobileMe account (that was renewed in Dec. 2010) this is what I got from Apple Customer Service:

    Advisor [6:09 p.m.]:All currently active accounts have been extended free of charge to June 2012. This article explains a lot about iCloud and the new service:… This site here also shows a bit more on what’s included with iCloud:… that is listed there is all the information we have on this so far. I know this is frustrating to not be able to get the answers to your questions, but I’m sure that Apple will have a policy in place when the new service rolls out. We don’t know how iCloud will interact or replace MobileMe yet so we don’t know what features will or won’t be available. If you cancel the account now, you will not be able to reactivate it ever again until iCloud debuts. Canceling the account is currently the only process in place on refunding fees for MobileMe. We are currently not aware of any credits or plans to issue a refund, which I can definitely understand is very upsetting, especially as you have been a loyal customer. I can also direct you to the Apple feedback page. You would be able to leave feedback on MobileMe here, even if it is negative as we place a high priority on customer feedback and criticism here at Apple, and our products and services evolve as a direct result of it.

  • Admlostsailor

    damn I renewed June 3rd automatically.  I should have just let it lapse a few days.  This is a real rip off.

  • Tim Scotney

    What happens to the company website I have hosted on iDisk? Will it be hosted on iCloud?

  • Icatharsis

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    I don’t get it.  They’ re extending my subscription to a service that they’re going to start offering for free?  I’m I missing something?  Shouldn’t I be getting a refund?

    Is there something that’s part of MobileMe that will not be part of iCloud? 

  • Mac Nz

    What happens to iWeb sites built on Macs and hosted on MobileMe?

  • Pshaw05

    Just renewed my mobileme subscription less than 10 days ago and I get this email today telling me that mobileme is no longer!!!  I called and asked for a prorated refund since I have used the service for 10 days and Apple said NO to any refund.  I am extremely unhappy with this issue!!!  Apple is known for their customer service and care, they should stand by their reputation.  Why should I have to be paying for a service that everyone else is getting for free for the next year.  BOGUS!!!  APPLE I AM VERY UPSET WITH YOU!

  • Bertha Fox-Dominguez


  • OSC

    I with you on that I just got another email from Jobs and company saying (MY THOUGHTS ARE IN PARENTHESIS ):
    Dear MobileMe member,

    We’d like to share some exciting news with you about iCloud — Apple’s upcoming cloud service, which stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to your devices. iCloud integrates seamlessly with your apps, so everything happens automatically. Available this fall, iCloud is free for iOS 5 and OS X Lion users.   (Wow I”m jumping for joy!!!!!)

    (What does this mean for you as a MobileMe member? Well your $99 plus dollars is going to rebuild Foxx Conn Plant in China and sorry we will not give you your money back while everyone else will get it for free!)

    When you sign up for iCloud, you’ll be able to keep your MobileMe email address and move your mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks to the new service.

    Your MobileMe subscription will be automatically extended through June 30, 2012, at no additional charge. That is so nice of them to give us all an extra 30days for a service that is no longer going to be around.  After that date, MobileMe will no longer be available. :(

    When iCloud becomes available this fall, we will provide more details and instructions on how to make the move. In the meantime, we encourage you to learn more about iCloud.


    The MobileMe Team

  • Tony Flow

    Same issue as everyone here has pretty much described. I chatted with Apple and told them I renewed my acccout about a month ago and they are not issuing a refund unless I cancel account completely. Looks like some get a free year and others don’t … Really sucks hope Apple realizes their mistake on this issue and issues refunds for those that deserve it.

  • Manos R

    Just renewed a couple of weeks ago and now I got a mail that MobileMe will be renewed for free until June 2012. No refund is possible! I feel stupid for paying for something that I could have for free (and I am sure Apple knew about this but still accepted payment!). Thanks for treating your loyal customers like this!

  • James Beer

    My mobile me expires next month – phew! Do we get to keep our email addresses when it converts to iCloud? Im not bothered about the iDisk thing as 5Gb is fine, if everyone had 20gb free that would be a hell of a lot of free space Apple would have to provide for its 155million or so users. Swings and roundabouts.

  • Ergener

    Actually that is not a problem if your renewal code is not activated yet they will issue you a refund.. you need to act before June 30th… details:……

    So in other words anyone whose subscription renews after June 6th even if they paid for it already gets a refund and yet get free service until June 30, 2012.. On the other hand anyone whose subscription renewed before June 6th is out of luck unless they want to cancel the service all together..

  • Filipe

    Man, this is very hard to understand. I bought a MobileMe account 40 days ago. So, what’s the difference between me and somebody who bought a MobileMe “box”? No refund in my case. Why?

  • Filipe

    Gmail, do you still want me?

  • Bill Olson

    PEOPLE!!!! iCloud is not currently “on”. So there is nothing to switch to “right now”. In the meantime your MobileMe account is still good and working like normal. 

    Disk space – You are currently paying $99 per year (as I am) for all the different things we use MobileMe for. Much of that is free now. If you use more than 5gb of disk space, I can very much bet that the upgrade to 20gb is going to cost far less than $99 per year. So whatever the difference is will be money in your pocket. Are you really upset about spending less than $99 a year for the same thing, or close to it? If you are, you REALLY need to rethink what this is about.

    I REALLY hope that I never have to convert my .mac emil account to .me. I think “.me” is very pretentious. It sounds like, “Me me me me me”. Ugh. According to what I read, at least for the movement to iCloud, I will be able to keep it as a .mac account. As with everything, that may eventually end but thankfully not yet. I’m just sorry for everyone that creates a new account they will be stuck with .me. 

  • jcfrith
  • Captainrbaker

    I had signed up for MobileMe 2 weeks ago. I contacted apple support after learning about icloud to find out more information regarding what will happen to mobile me. I decided I no longer needed the MobileMe service and apple gave me a full refund of my paid subsciption and closed my account immediately. I was very pleased with the no questions asked refund and am looking forward to using icloud soon.